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Communique "Hunger Games" 11-1-2021

Wanting, having and what you are willing to do for it are three different sides of the same coin, two showing while one does not. –Philip Drucker

Here we are, November 1st, 2021. Am I alone or did this year pass by so quickly it’s difficult to remember where we were this time last year. What a difference having a human being as our president and all of the benefits that flow from having civil servants faithful to the American public and willing to use lawful conduct to achieve our shared goals as a society makes. Doesn’t it?

Why, I dare say that despite the many naysayers who simply cannot see the promise of a better future though our actions today, we are far more hopeful, activated and motivated to seek the truth as essential to our core mission for when it comes to the infrastructure of policy, it is far better to build upon a foundation of mutual trust enabled by verifiable evidence for all who seek the truth.

Enough of the lies, from those who see their mission as so important as to choose unreality and/or at times even fantasy as the basis for bringing about a world that will never be for the simple reason that lies are not real. Isn’t that in a nutshell, the essential difference between “us” and “them”?

One side wishes to rule for the singular goal of acquiring and holding power in a sort of “even the worst Republican, GQP, 3%er, 10%er, Q and/or MAGAt @sshat is better than the best the Democratic Party and their quaint notion of democracy can offer” as the way forward when the fascist insurrectionists all know the way forward is mired back in a time where slavery was thought to be a natural aspect of “the way God meant it to be and indeed, way it is”.

Now you may argue with me that We, the People have come a long way since the days of slavery, and that We, the People fought a war as free men and women not trying to free ourselves, but to free those who were not. This is true.

However, is this a time in history where we should be resting and relaxing on our past accomplishments? Or, can, should or must We, the People again take the initiative and fly the flag of true progress in the interest of humanity and truly transform the world by enacting socially kind, benevolent, and aware laws under which not just Americans, but everyone the world over will benefit from?

For as necessary and honorable as it is to reform American society and once again turn back the fear, harm and hatred inherent in a society that believes in the “proper order of things” whereby one group benefits from the economic and societal oppression of a “different” often mistakenly labeled from conveniences as “inferior” although the “why” behind these myths is often at best obscure, and as we have seen lately, subject to revisionist history, or historical oblivion altogether as part and parcel of the need to seize and maintain power at any cost.

Yet here we are, November. Thanksgiving right around the corner, and with a failed coup attempt in their back pocket, what is it exactly the GQP and MAGA psychos have to be thankful for? That politicians such as Mitch McConnell, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are still willing to sell themselves to the highest bidder? Regardless of the effects of their combined greed has on what is now a very large segment of our population? Regardless of the pain, suffering and misery in far too many cases inflicted on purpose as a “reminder” of who is in charge? Can we all say tax breaks uber alles?

As if misbegotten and unearned wealth is a proper arbiter for what passes as stature, success and even divine intervention in today’s warped perception of what I would label vapid vanity and cruelty as acts of the blessed among us? Remind me, or even better, remind these so-called captains of industry, that what they seek is as hollow as hollow can be.

That to sacrifice the opportunity to make and do better relies on empathy, kindness and a loving, caring heart to make decisions that help and not hurt our brothers and sisters? That condemns those who have done nothing to us other than be born in a place without opportunities for elevation of the spirit, you know, education for everyone who wishes to be educated, economic opportunity for all who wish to prosper and political access for those with the vision and will to well, if you want to make things better for everyone, to make things better for everyone.

What I am asking is a question to which we all know the answer. What I am also asking is this Thanksgiving, why not consider what it is that would truly do the most good for the most amount of persons on the planet. Rather than lament about the wealthiest among us having nothing better to do than shoot rockets into space for their own personal benefit, mostly of a financial nature mind you, we finally do what must be done. End world hunger.

We have heard the word “transformative” bandied about quite frequently as of late. Yet, can constructing more buildings, fixing more roads, bridges and maybe even building a bullet train, truly “change” the world for the better, for good? The answer is no.

To transform is to cause a fundamental shift in not only the actions, the thoughts and values of those wishing to build back better, and beyond. The best way I know of achieving this genesis of consciousness, new way of thinking is to dedicate ourselves to the core mission of making sure no person who wants to go to bed hungry, or their children, has to do so as a matter of systematic privilege, followed by outright suppression as a result of misplaced hatred and rage.

Can we do it? Of course. Despite all the rhetoric, it all comes down to one thing. The logistics are there. Physically growing food and feeding people is in fact, easy. Are there any mysteries here? And yet one great stumbling block remains. We must overcome the minds of those who believe the world relies on the concept of “winners” and “losers”, and competition.

That somehow, the people who work hard and worship the proper God in a proper way are blessed by the gift of prosperity when in fact it is the love of money, fear, jealousy and greed that has tainted their souls to the degree the failure of those who are nothing but less fortunate due to their geographic location and as always, those “in charge” who like the way things are, you know, 21st Century style divine intervention as needing the existence of the “lower classes” to prove they are a member of the elite or upper classes, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

In conclusion, I ask you this year, at the Thanksgiving feast we as Americans will all but surely consume in amounts that would feed several countries for a year in one day, you suggest We, the People who truly believe in the rights of individuals to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that at times requires all of us to come together in the spirit of the common good, to fulfill those societal objects we as a nation can do better collectively than as individuals and dedicate ourselves, at the top of the list, to solving the terrible and debilitating, life ending before it even starts blight of world hunger.

It’s time we stopped worrying about who gives who a fish, particularly when there are no fishing poles to be had, and with fishing line extra, or didn’t you read the fine print? Feed the people, now. Who is with me?

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