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Communique "Hackers" 2-28-2021

The time has come for us to drop the pretense that America’s foreign relations with Saudi Arabia are “complex”. They are not now nor have they ever been. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are the leaders of the western world and we are dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights and democracy. Are we the “world police”?

Yes, and we have been since FDR's 1941 State of the Union Speech that is now routinely referred to as the “Four Freedoms” speech where the goals articulated by FDR, Freedom of speech, Freedom of worship, Freedom from want and Freedom from fear were universal in nature and applied not only to the United States, but to the entire world and beyond.

America cannot, should not, and must not shirk its vision and moral duty to fight injustice anywhere and everywhere it finds it. To do anything less would be to admit the defeat of the American ideal of the denial of any individual right for an unjust cause is the denial of the natural, God given rights of us all.

Saudi Arabia brutal, habitual abuser of human rights of its people and those who have the misfortune to find themselves stuck within its ancient, out of touch and wholly sadistic form of government based upon nothing more than the rights of a family that got to the water first. And this, mostly by killing those who also sought power within the kingdom.

This is where the Saudi comes into play in the previously Arabia. Get it? Consolidation by a bunch of murderous nomads who for whatever reasons were either better and more willing to slice, dice behead their adversaries in a battle for control of the world’s biggest sand box.

The list of Saudi Arabia’s violations of human rights is both heinous and legion. The list of cruel and unusual, well, I take that back, not unusual but commonplace in public no less punishments would make Hammurabi blush. This alone should disqualify Saudi Arabia from being an “ally” or given any “favored nations” status in any meaningful way. They are nothing but a brutal, I’ll be kind and say misguided band of miscreant thugs who should be treated accordingly.

At a minimum, they should be shunned, an international pariah subject to at a debilitating sanction and not coddled by the lame excuse crew we currently call “world leaders”. In my opinion, the recent “hands off” or at least “hands under the table” to the Saudi invasion and attempted genocide in Yemen is a cowardly and appalling response for which no “security interest” or mutual benefit in the Middle East can justify. Sovereignty? Not interfering with a sovereign nation? You know that’s laughable, right?

Let me make myself clear and un-ambiguous if I have not done so already. Saudi Arabia is exactly the type of nation we as Americans are opposed to. In fact, if it wasn’t for North Korea, I would venture there is no greater threat to the safety, well-being and dignity of humanity.

According to Amnesty International UK, Saudi Arabia continues in a ruthless, vicious and systematic way to violate the following top ten human rights. At number ten and counting:

  • Torture is used as a punishment. ...

  • Executions are on the increase. ...

  • No free speech. ...

  • No protests. ...

  • Women are widely discriminated against. ...

  • Torture in police custody is common. ...

  • You can be detained and arrested with no good reason. ...

  • Religious discrimination is rife.

Why do we continue to put up with this kind of barbaric conduct? Why do we continue to look the other way? Why are we dealing with the Saudis in a way we literally do not deal with any other nation on this planet?

See? That wasn’t very complex at all, was it? And except for the fact that is not the way we view the Saudis, there would be nothing more for me to write on the subject. But there is so much more, isn’t there?

As we go forward, please keep in mind this is not a religious issue for me as I do not believe there is any God that allows his children to kill his other children in His name. Period, end of story. This is the wickedness of man borne out of an inability to comprehend the celestial nature of free will.

By the will of our one Creator we are all bound together as one and hence, the harming of one is the harming of all. If death ensues, the universal heartbeat is irreparably interrupted and incapable of repair. This my friends, is in my opinion the true meaning of sin. Thou shalt not kill. See? When Cain killed Abel is when the fireworks began and for which we still have not found an adequate solution for.

See? That wasn’t very complex at all either, was it? I would also like to now point out that the Bible is not always wrong and even if you do not believe its stories to be less than actual events but allegorical in nature, still useful to humanity in its quest for spiritual guidance. I think we can all agree it was a sin when Cain slew his brother, and then lied about it.

Come to think about it, that wasn’t all that complex as well, was it? So, getting back to Saudi Arabia, why are things just so darn complex when I tell you truly, even if there ever was, there is certainly no longer any reasonable excuses for our complacency, much less conspiracy with the Saudis. Why? Well, give me a moment and I’ll tell you.

Getting back to the giant sandbox that is Saudi Arabia, well, underneath it was, yes you guessed it, oil. Not just oil mind you, but fairly-high grade non-sulfurous crude that can be easily refined and easily, inexpensively accessed. And, there was a lot of it, and it was for sale. Whether we care to admit it or not, oil has been the life blood of our American society for the last 100 years. Would we trade blood money for blood oil? Sure, we did it all the time and apparently still do. But, is our continued access to Saudi oil still a valid excuse for our inability to deal with a rogue nation in anything approaching a rational way?

The answer is no and the clock is ticking. Best estimations are the Saudis will run out of exportable oil as early as 2035. Between now and 2035, due to recent innovations in technology, the price of renewable energy, sun, wind, geothermal and possibly hydrogen will be far more economic than any fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas, tar sands recovered through fracking and any number of otherwise disturbing and unnecessary processes the oil industry insists they need to stay “profitable”, as if that’s something consumers in a capitalist society should be on the hook for.

Fortunately, we’re not and a new era of green, or whatever color energy you want to call it is on the way and don’t let anyone tell you differently. For I tell you truly the Era of Oil is at its end. Personally? Good riddance, take you dirty, non-renewable inefficient, dinosaur sludge mixed with paraffin wax distilled to lighter complex molecular structures and shove it up your arrogant, greedy I don’t need this job no more holes.

Now, not later is the time to make the societal break from oil and oil-based products. Now is also the time to begin the break with Saudi Arabia for now that we know the vicious, blood thirsty pack of depraved and without honor jackal’s assassination of Jamal Ahmad Khasoggi, that as a resident was under American protection, was ordered by the Crown Prince and next in line of Saudi succession to the throne, the murderous Mohammad bin Salman, a megalomaniac psychopath if there ever was one.

And so, the maim, mayhem, kill without mercy stone age aegis of the Saudis has now come to American shores. It’s personal now, isn’t it? Not only should we not tolerate such actions and “move on” if for no other reason than to show any future tyrannical dictators in America what we do to the enemies of democracy, and those who would in America, through war, brutality and violence would be king. This we must do.

Is there anyone out there who thinks we should trade even a single American life in return for oil that we no longer need? And here’s even one funnier, in return for some sort of vague promise to protect our lives and interests, livelihoods, and very lives in the Middle East? Seriously? What sucker falls for this one?

Is it not also true that by shedding our ties to the Saudis there would be a very good to excellent chance that by embracing renewable, sustainable energy products as the basis of our economic recovery, we have a golden opportunity to create the best low, middle and high end new and innovative products for sale both domestically and abroad?

As we go forward cheaper energy will mean cheaper products to flood our economy allowing us to manufacture our way back to prosperity while creating an untold number of new and high paying jobs that can only be done in America? WTF!

And all we need to do is the right thing, right here and now. See, that wasn’t complex at all, was it?

PS: We haven’t forgotten about you either Jared, trading MBS a pass on murder if he would bail out your failing properties. Bitch.

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