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Communique "Goddess Help Us" 4-23-2022

Which came first, the liars or the believers? The idolators or the wicked? The pious or pathetic? Those who would feather their own gilded nest at the expense of truth. Those who are kind, compassionate and vulnerable to those who would hide, divide, obfuscate and replace the words of prophet for nothing more than opportunity to denigrate, deflate, castigate, train and tame the masses?

The power to deceive can be as intoxicating as any addictive drug. One may sharpen the senses whereas an alternate chemically induced concoction hints at the promise of a life lived in what passes for contemplation, if not anticipation of the sweet Morpheus dreams of slumber.

Better to stay asleep than suffer the slings and arrows of quiet desperation. Better to toe the line, not rock the boat of heaven forbid question the authority of those who claim to be in the know, claiming first-hand celestial knowledge when the preachers, pundits, money changers and pathetic have no idea what that means.

My point? Rather than employ pharmaceuticals, a far more dangerous and deadly combination of lies, lies and more lies are far more effective at quelling the curiosity and ambitions of those who would think for themselves, even when faced with the hardest of hard evidence to the contrary.

And how are those lies playing out these days? More money in the bank? Check. More hateful rhetoric, less discussion, more dissension and intolerance than in recent memory? Check. More utterly false depictions and descriptions of both secular and sectarian values masquerading as “gospel”? As truth, or necessary repairs and adjustments from time to time to keep the holy, roly-poly and political gravy far less than glory train going?

Truth might be a limited commodity these days, but who is buying? If the taste is somewhat bitter, a spoonful of MAGA sugar with a discriminatory cherry on top will do fine. Forgive me, but I must ask, “Do you swallow?”

Given the choice, would you opt for snake oil, Saudi oil, the prettiest of baubles meant to distract, or suffer to touch the hot coals of humility? To find beauty in broken glass or die trying to turn lead into gold?

What price would you pay to deceive your neighbor? Would you covet your neighbor if your spiritual advisor told you to? Would you forsake your children? Would you own a gun? Would you rather scream from the highest rooftop about injustice, than comfort those who are less fortunate than yourselves?

Have you ever welcomed a stranger into your house that wasn’t the same race, religion, or political persuasion than yourself? Do you believe democrats are evil? Or do you subscribe to the far less than obvious tome that somehow, someway, the GQP is now the party of piety?

Did you go to CPAC? Did you worship the Golden Trump Calf? Did you blaspheme your Savior and abandon the Ten Commandments to vote for a lumpy rotten, slimy half-baked potato stuffed with orange garbage, hatred, loathing and KFC so you could feel good about yourself?

Are you a pedophile? Or do you believe white people who marry children cannot be subject to accusations of child abuse if they are “grooming” their child brides to spend their lives as little more than brood mares before receiving the chance to think, feel or experience not the love of man, but the love of God for themselves?

Would you ban abortion without exception for rape or incest? Is the price of birth greater than a life in existence? Is ignorance bliss? Is it? Is death, dying or the possibility of a pestilence falling across the land worth the “freedom” of not wearing a mask? Do you think the Covid-19 virus is/was no worse than the flu? That those who suffered from incalculable pain and suffering only to later succumb to the ravages of an ancient and unrelenting enemy who does not discriminate a statistic?

Are you a statistic? Do you want to be one? Have you taken Ivermectin or shoved UV rays up your @ss? Do you entertain the notion you are patriotic for doing so? How many of your friends have died? A few, too many, or not enough?

Do you agree with Putin? Are you ready to fully accept your responsibility in what is quickly turning into genocide? If it would help the addled, infirm and incoherent ramblings of a madman who would be King but only in the now far, dark crevices and recesses of this darkened soot covered mind back to national prominence and power, would you let all the Ukrainians die? If so, who wouldn’t you let die?

Do you know what a sunflower looks like anymore? Do you know what the sunflower symbolizes? Or do you choose to shed blood in the name of the rose and thorn? Do you wish for another round of Crusades? One where the forces of the Cross get it right? What would that mean? Would you change the name of Istanbul back to Constantinople to make a point?

Do you know the difference between homicide and murder? Do you have any clue what it means to take responsibility not only for your own actions but evil, decrepit and disgusting thoughts as well? That mercy comes before judgement? And yes, to forgive is divine?

It seems a bit silly, but what would you do for a Klondike Bar? What would you do to keep the façade of crumbling capitalism alive, much less imbue an imperfect and obsolete economic system with an aura of infallibility it clearly no longer deserves?

Have you forgotten what it is to be embraced within the soft, kind and loving touch of wind? The cool rain, the warmth of the sun? When was the last time you looked at the Moon, saw the Milky Way and all the twinkling with light, beautiful stars? When was the last time you felt the soil between your toes or sand on the beach? Have you had sex lately? Or is that still taboo?

My final question for the day is a simple one. What do you want? Take your time. I’ll wait.

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