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Communique "God's Master Plan" 3-11-2022

God’s Master Plan

Has anyone else but me noticed that GQP talking points and Russian propaganda are remarkably similar? Yes, it is not difficult to see the similarities when an America politician mindlessly mimics far less than accurate and obvious Kremlin inspired distortions of the situation in Ukraine.

That’s the easy part. What worries me is the seeming grace and ease with which a just large enough percentage of Americans have openly and freely abandoned the truth as the single most, if not only legitimate source for political dialogue and discourse.

Recently, I had the unpleasant experience of running into a MAGA, who when confronted with even the tiniest bit of reality, offered her “values” as the basis for her position and unabashedly dismissed my so-called “facts”, even if easily verifiable as true, not nearly as important a factor in determining both the winner of our debate, but for determining the future political direction of our country.

For those who do not speak MAGA, "values" is code for religious beliefs, including an

inevitable return to a Biblical themed era of flashy miracles followed closely by the beginning of the end of times. Often "values" include such gems as discrimination as a moral reflection of not only the natural order of things but also God's direct will, women should be subservient and homosexuals deserve their heretical fate.

If you think of it as a practical matter, then "values" becomes a carapace for thoughts and beliefs not often spoken out loud and when they are, roundly dismissed by the public as racism, misogyny, homophobia and religious intolerance.

It is in many ways a reverse Alice in wonderland scenario where the deepest and darkest fears of the human psyche is expressed as not only achievable, but desirable goals and in the oddest of twists and turns, necessary for mankind to achieve its holiest and highest calling.

It is a direct reflection of wishing something true by creating a false catalyst where astonishing

stories chock full of miracles and wonder will make prophesy manifest thereby creating the

Lord's Kingdom here, on Earth.

As problematic as the above scenario sounds, the situation is often made worse by the addition of false prophets, idolatry, misinformation, deception, deceit, misdirection, gas lighting and flat out lies all thrown against the wall in an all too conscious display of seeing what will stick.

If this is you, you are not looking for the truth. You are looking for a bumper sticker or a catch

phrase, that catches people’s imagination and attention. Think about Benghazi, her emails and then pedophiles drinking children's blood in a basement underneath a pizza parlor in Washington, D.C.

It is what gives Q his power of persuasion, MAGA its hypnotic ability to cancel common sense and where logic becomes the tools of if not a mere practitioner of the dark arts, a magician, the Devil himself.

It is why con men, often appearing as evangelists, holy men, presidents, seek out the religious among us and exploit their need to fill their coffers with riches in a futile effort at redemption. The seven sins including greed as well as adultery, lying, cheating, and stealing all become acceptable if they are used by the “vessel” for the right purpose. It is ends over means analysis on celestial inspired steroids.

But here is the catch. None of it is true with the best never being yet to come. Only the next yarn in line of an endless string of even more devious illusions, delusions and mythical accounts, anything to keep the rubes on the hook, to keep the cash flowing into less than honest and illustrious coffers.

I am often reminded of the use of vile and lunatic “alternative facts” a phrase meaning nothing more than one, the facts are not on your side and two, they never will be. However, when the goal is not to explain or confirm, but to find a justification for the continuance of hysterical, often-times comical in nature scenarios of piety and faithfulness, maintaining communal and herd mentality, mob rule, even mindless and uncalled violence becomes acceptable.

Some may go as far as to call these candidly acts of cowardice, sedition, and defeat patriotism. As if “government” in the abstract is in and of itself evil acts of the State if not tethered directly to religious dogma and practice.

Winning an election and taking an “oath” to defend the Constitution is nothing but a ruse. Its only value is to condemn the laws of man and insert the Bible as the supreme law of the land.

How many times did you hear over the past several years some poor misguided soul say they did not care what the Orange Olio Polio Human Hemorrhoid Bi-Polaroid did, no matter how inherently malicious and approaching acts that shock the conscience of the average person, for so long as the Previous Prurient and Perverted Purveyor of Pain and put “religion first’ whether he read the Bible or not, whether he practiced what the Good Book preached, that he did as God commands us to do, they were lock, stock and barrel of rabid monkeys fine with that.

As we watch the unfolding events in Ukraine, a stain on the soul of humanity if there ever was one, and with the world united in opposition to the country Ronald Reagan called an evil empire, truckers continuously circle Washington, D.C. wasting petrol while simultaneously blaming our actual President for higher gas prices at the pump.

This is what passes for legitimate protest in the supposed defense of our freedom for far too many persons who not only should know better, but I argue, do in fact know better, but don’t care, the unreality of their existence having taken hold on their better angels, until there won’t be any angels left to mourn.

These are the Holocaust deniers, the ones who would rewrite history to suit their own personal

wants and needs. They hide in plain sight as the defenders of freedom, yet their agenda is nothing short of a strange brand of autocracy, "cultural" warfare and despotism in an alternate reality where installing an authoritarian upon our democracy becomes the highest expression of the American model of liberty.

They glorify the modern money changers, Rupert Murdoch, Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson for their unabashed acts of greed, selfishness, self-interest and depravity in the name of industry and profit. They wish to build walls in the interest of national security while keeping out the strangers before they can enter our strange land. Theirs is a realm where the golden rule is whoever has the gold, makes the rules. Cross a religious line or two and there you have it, the Prosperity Gospel.

“Gospel” means good news. Yet how do emotionally unhinged rhetoric, sentiment, lack of critical analysis and plain old thinking for oneself make for a roadmap to salvation? The devil being no longer hidden in the details, but on full display behind a podium, spouting hatred, discontent, and disgust among their followers and then, in a master stroke of unbelievable justification, calling it all part of God’s Master Plan.

Sick, isn’t it? Yes, Virginia, it is.

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