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Communique "From Cradle to Grace" 4-9-2022

How is it possible your first breath of air is of greater importance than the last? -PD

I am trying very hard to understand how anyone who claims to love God and follow His commandments can condemn a woman, a young girl, and now, a child to a life of servitude as little more than a “vessel” for purposes related to childbirth.

Other than the continuation of the species, how does denying an individual the right to free choice, to become whatever it is they want and aspire to be, part of God’s plan? Further, and more to the point of this essay, how does that translate into not only allowing but placing the government squarely in the front and center of the bedroom, perhaps the room most deserving of privacy, and worthy of protection from government overreach within the home?

How is it still possible in this day and supposedly enlightened age that with all the hoopla about “individuality” and “freedom” that a large enough section of our population so we should take notice decided the personal loss of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is virtually all but negated by hiding behind a false veneer of misplaced politics, patriotism, religion and what constitutes piety to our Lord?

It's as if a small group of flawed humanity decided there is only one road to happiness, if that matters to them, and of course to salvation and therefore, they, these true believers have taken it upon themselves, as a favor to those not in the know to inform and enforce their beliefs upon the misguided souls among us.

Problem is, their, I’ll be kind and say interpretation of scripture only goes as far as to love the unborn but not the physical manifestation of light now breathing the air beneath the benevolent rays of the sun has somehow “sinned” by the singular act of living outside the womb.

It’s as if a scarlet letter is attached to each baby’s forehead, a large, red “B” for born. You’re on your own kid and in the warped minds of the anti-abortion, pro not life but birth contingent the only way forward is to dedicate yourself to repeating the process.

For most sane persons, this is a nightmare scenario where patrimony is expected to the point of not only allowing but encouraging the “grooming” of children to fulfill their celestial mission by becoming dutiful and docile Stepford wives and then devoted and doting mothers ready to impart their wisdom upon their sons and daughters.

It’s a never-ending cycle that as a practical matter foster and encourages an endless circle of children having children. I suppose it beats having to bear the child of your rapist, or relative, but I find that to be one of the coldest of cold comfort moments I have ever been witnessed to see.

Why do they do it? I can only look to the Taliban for that answer specifically their reluctance to allow females to attend school. Education is the great leveler of all that is wrong in the world.

Through literacy, providing information and developing a basic understanding of the need for viable evidence necessary for critical thinking analysis, the young learn about the unlimited possibilities of the world around them and how they may best achieve their maximum potential, this I believe being the true beginnings of the pursuit of Happiness.

The right to not merely survive this mortal coil but to thrive within its saintly benevolence begins with the right to know. For without access to a rounded, empirical truth-based education, it is impossible to know who we are, where we are going, and I posit much less capable of ascertaining where we came from. It is only through the learning process to begin with that we can translate our knowledge, by means of practical applications, into wisdom.

With wisdom comes the realization that one can and should think for themselves. Questioning the questionable when necessary and disputing those who through acts of what is at times unthinkable cruelty and brutality, by whatever means necessary.

That is why the Founding Fathers identified the natural right of Liberty to include the right to peacefully protest and to present our grievances in a respectful manner to those holding the reigns of power.

As we are a free people, we expect our leaders to sit up and listen. If they don’t the social compact is broken. In America we all have the right to elect and be governed by representatives of our choice but never are we subject to rule by an unjust and unfair monarch, much less by an authoritarian, or fascist regime usually dictated by the whims of a despotic tyrant.

Have you noticed we have been consistently delving into several different value and belief-based systems of social order predicated on allowing “those who know better” whether educated or not, to rule over us? To protect us and to navigate us through the often-choppy waters of life?

Problem is, none of them embody the spirit of the Age of Enlightenment that when applied to the machinations of governance, that given the opportunity to do so, individuals are capable both singularly and collectively of making the best decisions for both themselves and for society in its totality. From day one, this is and remains the promise of America.

Self-determination, free will, and the right to achieve through one’s intelligence, hard work and ambition, to be all that I, you and We, the People can be. This promise is universal in nature and hence even the deprivation of rights from the one is a diminution of rights on the part of us all.

Is it fair to say that given the parameters set out by our Founders not so long ago still work? I believe they do. Religious belief cannot unilaterally change that which is self-evident, that we are all created equal, and that any erosion of this basic principle should not be allowed to thrive in a society that cherishes it’s right to divine, decide and share the truth as our way forward, into a future we have yet to fully imagine, but will build, if not for ourselves, then the next generation. This is the American way and my point being, this path includes the separation of Church and State. I see no reason to change. Do you?

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