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Communique "For Freedom's Sake" 6-20-21

If you don’t mind, I’d like to take a stab at discussing and defining critical race theory (CRT). When boiled down to its core components, I would argue that CRT is little more than a fairly twisted economic policy designed to include race as a determining factor in the likelihood and/or ultimate ability of any given individual to gain economic success and freedom from the all too many negative effects of poverty.

If we accept this premise as at least partially true, the actions of the GQP/Insurrection/Racism Party, having crossed the line on January 6, 2021, and now more than accurately identified as a terrorist organization bent on keeping a significant percentage of Americans indigent and hence incapable of “making a living” that translates to the lack of time, energy and resources to engage in the political process.

Now, don’t be too scared by communist manifesto sounding words, but what I posit is the intent by Republicans to create, foster and exploit for all it is worth a distinctly American non or barely working class of persons with little to no ability to advocate for their cause in the home, on main street or in halls of Washington DC.

You think serfs had it bad? The proletariat? What about this latest edition of class warfare, far more sinister and insidious in nature as it is taking place right before our eyes in this, the richest of all countries the world has ever seen? Again, not to shock those of you who shy away at even the hint of any economic system other than capitalism, that for good, bad or indifferent, tries to promote shared interests in both capital and resources, in return for a fair playing field not only for a distinct or discreet section of America, in favor of somehow, someway making a small cabal of greedy psychopaths, and their slavish lap dogs in Congress, the latest misnomer being the “job creators” somehow entitled to all of the riches yet none of the responsibility of stewardship, social justice or economic equality.

Ask yourself, do We, the People want the government involved in picking winners and losers in what has now become a race toward obscene wealth at any cost? Would you go so far as to discriminate against persons based on nothing more than the color of their skin? On their place of origin and ethnicity? On their gender? Choice of religion in a land supposedly devoted to freedom of worship? Based on the person or persons they love?

If so, then guess what? You my friend are a jack-ass Republican and guilty as sin in your numerous and obvious attempts to prove your “superiority” by any means possible. You don’t believe me? Of course not, but let me count the ways.

Do you believe in comprehensive, affordable health care for everyone if for no other reason than to maintain a healthy workforce and labor pool to draw from? No? Then what is your justification? Poor people who can’t work because they are sick don’t deserve the right to life, much less thrive in the marketplace?

Are you one of those “conservatives” who for some wholly stitched from cloth made of anger and hatred can’t stand the idea of working in an office with someone who may or may not fancy the same hetero lifestyle you do? And please, don’t tell me God cares who anyone sleeps with as an excuse to eliminate the competition from your field of employment. This is as nonsensical as it gets, people. Yet, isn’t this what is happening, today? As we speak?

In its extreme based upon a complete falsehood that includes the unholy use of religion as its authority, the words ‘abomination” coming to mind, for what? Not wanting to bake a cake for same sex couples who love each other and want the rights, just like you, to marry the person of their choice? And perhaps most galling of all, in the name of freedom?

Does it make you feel better than you are able to express your “freedom” through your “right” to hate? To denigrate? To destroy? If so, guess what, you are in all likelihood a MAGA QAnon card carrying racist piece of vile garbage that, and I assure you will never get to heaven by the blatant practice and animus and animosity. It just doesn’t work that way.

Are you one of those “stop the steal” ignoramuses who can’t admit your guy lost? That it is not possible for the simpleton’s reason you can’t believe anyone who is an American would actually vote for anyone other than a stupid, fat slob of an orange creamsicle mess, mean, nasty, bigoted, and uncaring in the extreme?

If so, then you, our modern GOP (if there is still one) believes in shared hatred for those “not-like-you”, are playing a dangerous game of identity politics and yes, you are a racist. Why don’t you just admit it? Wouldn’t life be easier for all of us?

But no, you’d rather play games like “hide the vote” that has led directly to not only a disrespect and disregard for the tenets of democracy, but into a nightmare world where a despotic tyrant would better suit the goals and ideals of America?

I will admit, it must be very attractive to your average coward to install someone in office who will do your dirty work for you, particularly a narcissist sociopath with no comprehension of empathy, rule of law, due process, fundamental fairness, all persons are created equal and all that “quaint” American stuff you have been oh so quick too discard as “unnatural” to the true spirit and heartbeat of American exceptionalism.

Make no mistake, when I use the term American exceptionalism, it is in large part due to our ability to overcome all the trappings of the unknowing and the unwise who would make themselves kings when in fact it is the understanding and acknowledgement that we all have all been imbued with the love, kindness, and compassion of our Creator within us to all help each other along our journey back to where we came, and where we all belong, together, united in our humanity, vision and piety and as one.

For I tell you truly, if you find your “freedom” in acts of anger, rage, hatred and violence toward your brothers and sisters, you my friend are not free at all for if anything I have learned is true of this world it is this. The liberation of one cannot come at the expense of the freedom of another. By oppression, privilege or the silencing of another. At the loss of independence, self-determination or disenfranchisement of another.

For in the final analysis we are one, or we are none and if we are none, the dream dies hidden behind the façade of the righteous who seek nothing more than to rule in hell.

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