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Communique "Empathy For The Devil" 2-21-2021

Here is a question I would like to throw out to my readers. How do you explain the value of empathy to someone who has none? Oh, I can fashion a pretty good definition of empathy. It is the built-in ability to comprehend that one’s actions, good or bad, have farther reaching consequences for not only ourselves, but those around us coupled with the realization that by acting in the common good we can save a whole lot of folks, including ourselves, a great deal of pain, suffering and grief.

If you are right now saying to yourself, but I have empathy, I understand that humanity suffers and I do not want to make yours, theirs or my suffering any worse than it already is, I regret to inform you that you are only half of the way there. Why do I say this? Empathy isn’t merely about causing or avoiding the often-unpleasant realities of everyday life. It is about more, much more.

It is our chance to imitate our Creator who loves all his children without condition and therefore, it is our gateway to the divine. It is our chance to show love and kindness even when we don’t want to. It is our way to acknowledge we are all connected by one universal heartbeat. It is our opportunity to negate our physical attachment to the material world, and enter the realm of higher consciousness.

It is the truest and therefore most direct path to comprehending the difference between the earthbound and the ethereal, the unchanging and temporary, the difference between never and forever.

It is loving submission to the sanctity of life, not some life, but all life, all living creatures great and small. Not only to preserve life, but to treat every entity that breathes with kindness, compassion and importantly, respect.

It is an integral part leading to recognition of the spark of life in everyone, perhaps separated by illusion for the time being, but is a single light to which we will all return, united once again and forever in the eternal flame.

We talk about justice and equity, but neither can exist without the ability to offer mercy before judgment. When you hear the phrase “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”, try to keep in mind that his or her shoes and your shoes are the same shoes, and for better or worse, the pain or discomfort you are causing is also happening to you, to everyone, all in real time. That of course assuming time is real.

Empathy includes the ability to forgive what henceforth could not be forgiven. It is the lynchpin of live and let live, love thy neighbor and do no harm. I tell you truly there can be no true forgiveness of our own “sins” or the “sins” of others without a proper understanding of the oneness inherent in all life.

Unfortunately, we exist in a realm of mostly illusion and earthly attachments that cannot and will not lead to even basic human happiness much less heavenly bliss or ecstasy. We try to fill in the blanks by falling for the if I work hard, or in some cases even if I don’t, and obtain this latest shiny bauble I will be happy. I call this mistaken philosophy the “merry-go-round” of material things that have no ability to “make you” happy. Happy is a state of being. You are, or you are not happy and no amount of external possessions can make you so.

Isn’t it true that for each person who looks to the sun, the very entity that nurtures us, for guidance there is another who would try to find their meaning in quicksand mire of the mundane looking for the rubies in the mud that simply are not there? As their frustration rises, disappointment turns into desperation, want to greed and finally, where there was once a human heart, into an unfulfillable tempest of unrequited love, hatred, anger, lust, fear and finally nihilism?

Do you think I am wrong? Then tell me, what is the one trait, or lack of, of commonality between psychopaths, sociopaths, gang members, drug dealers and serial killers? That’s right. An inability to put the harm they cause before their own agenda, and mind you theirs is an agenda that often includes inflicting senseless pain, torture and killing of another without remorse or regrets of any type.

Then it gets worse. It spills out into the real world and as would any deadly virus it infects the weak of heart, body, mind as well as those of little or no moral character. We have seen how the Gospel of Christ, of love, perverted by those who would have us believe the “Prosperity Gospel” is a real thing. It is not.

Our Holy Father does not favor the rich or wealthy among us. He condemns them to an empty life bereft of the wonder, magic and the everyday miracles that surround us, that indeed, are us. The glitter they see is not gold, it is dolomite, fool’s gold sent to lure those who would be so easily deceived as to miss literally the entirety of all the heavenly rapture that is already here.

Here, as in right here and right now. The road to heaven is not paved with silver or gold, it is here, within us it shines for those with eyes to see, with lips to taste, with souls to feel. For those who know its touch, the feeling of divinity is undeniable. It is pomp, circumstance and splendor all at once, however quiet the initial feelings may be.

Unchecked, it is like all of nature and grows as do wild flowers with all the color to make a drab world sparkle. It is the fresh water from a spring lake for all to drink. It is the field of sod that when plowed and harvested feeds the hungry. We honor our Creator by keeping air pure and water clean. Anything short is an abomination and it is time we started living up to our stewardship on this planet. Make no mistake, we are our brother’s and sister’s keepers.

To do any less is to shirk our sacred commitment to God and this, we do at our own expense and peril. The Earth and the 10,000 things belongs to everyone and no one. It is not a conundrum, it is only common sense and those who seek to separate us from our earthly foundations do so at their own risk for as they embrace the image, the mirage, the delusions of wealth and power they lose sight of all the heavenly glory and invite a never-ending blackness that blankets the wicked and steals the soul of those who still have souls to steal.

Have you ever thought about what makes a man or a woman donate their life to good works? It is the very essence of a soul in tangible form. We call it empathy. It is absurd to posit that making your life better automatically makes everyone else’s life better and yet our politicians flying around in private jets, and our spiritual leaders drive expensive Ferrari 458 Italia luxury cars while people die due to the cold, the hunger and the endless circle of poverty generated by the basic lack of doing what is right by those who can and should do right, not because it is profitable or because it feels good, but simply because it is the right thing to do, and nothing more.

No longer can we or should we suffer their indifference to my fate, your fate, anyone’s fate. It is time to remove those who would do harm to God’s earthly kingdom and his children for no reason other than they can, can in the sense that they are blind, deaf and dumb and feel nothing for those who would do little more than share whatever food and water with them if they were a stranger who came to them in need.

You want to make the world better? Go out and see how your elderly neighbor is doing. Donate your old belongings rather than throw them into a landfill. In short, help somebody who needs help and not those who already have more than enough. Stop the class warfare, stop the caste system. Stop the racism. Stop the hatred and mindless rage that has engulfed far too many people in America.

Do what you can and do not worry about what you cannot do. For the more you change within the more you will change the world without. With empathy as your sword and shield, you are a lion, a lion for good, for change and for justice. Use the true force within you, Luke. Use the force.

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