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Communique "Economic Catch of the Day" 9-24-2021

One of the myths ingrained in American society by the very wealthy and perpetuated by the poor sots who believe their lies is that wanting a level economic playing field on which to compete is not asking for a favor. It’s nothing more than asking the government to stay out of the marketplace to the degree that “winners” and “losers” are not pre-ordained by the implementation of overly burdening and odious restrictions placed upon one tier of our economy while another stratum are either unaffected, or possibly even given a “leg up” in the battle for jobs and wages.

Now, due to unfair and quite frankly socialist corporate subsidies given to already profitable companies, inequity and inequality in the food chain of supply and demand has morphed into an injustice and hence, if not overdue, it is clearly time to remedy the situation.

Where do we start? That’s an easy one. The government must stop giving handouts to millionaires and billionaires and their businesses to protect and sustain not their very existence, but to bolster their profitability, thereby guaranteeing not higher manufacturing and production, but to “bump” shareholder value, resulting in higher stock prices and/or dividend payments and of course, corporate bonuses based upon a false standard of profitability without any increases in workers’ pay or benefits, or any advantage to the public in general.

In this day and let’s call it a second Gilded Age, said funds are going no further to help the economy than to line the pockets of well-heeled big wheels who have lost touch with the meaning of corporate social conscience (as if companies have souls) and overall economic well-being, assuming they possessed those traits in the first place.

Look at the Trump tax cuts. These “stimulators” have proven to be nothing more than a reverse robin hood scheme putting more of our tax dollars where they are least needed. Keep this in mind next time you hear some conservative nay-sayer asks, “how are you going to pay for that?”

Easy. Raise the corporate tax rate. Easy. Take one percent of the military budget and use it for social programs that help individuals who are struggling, not because they are “lazy”, again another myth, but that market conditions have become not by regulations, de-regulation of various sectors in the marketplace.

The facilitating or growing of market share for any business outside of the Post Office is not the proper role of government. Further, it is hardly a feature of a true capitalistic economic system and is, or at least should be, an unwanted and unwise use of taxpayer dollars that first and foremost, if issued at all, should be used to put people, hard working and deserving, in a place to re-enter the job market and build their way back better to financial stability and as we used to do in America, you know, not survival but to prosperity.

Ask yourself, is America rich, wealthy or at least well-off when twelve individuals give or take a Musk, possess 99% of all wealth in the USA? Or are we clicking on all cylinders when We, the People can pursue the American dream, unimpeded by unnecessary and deleterious tax loopholes, invented for no other reason than to further the ambitions of three zillionaires who somehow have the funds and the time to shoot rockets into space?

After 40 plus years of Reagan voodoo economics, aka “trickle down” poverty, aren’t we ready to admit our mistakes? Why are we still unable to see Buckaroo Ronnie for what he was, that being a good story teller who placed us on the road to economic ruin? He promised to shrink government, yet in fact did nothing of the sort.

He tripled the deficit, raised taxes, or initiated tax loopholes and hocus pocus to make tax “incentives” and “breaks” that raised taxes on the middle and lower classes no less than twelve times. In other words, yet another myth we have yet to remove from our national collective conscience.

When will we admit the “welfare queen” or tax cheat or merely out-of-work for no reason of their own but market conditions and indifference are not the problem? When will we realize we are all better off when we are all better off?

That money circulating through our economy often spent by the poorest among us is better than letting millionaires and billionaires park their loot in off-shore bank accounts and therefore outside and off-limits to the nation’s economy that as we speak is desperately in need of an infusion of cash money, player.

Unfortunately, we are living in a time where little value is put on the truth and reality. Where harmful policies are being promulgated on the premise that racism will return us to greatness, that Jesus advocated for a doctrine of prosperity, meaning God smiles upon the rich although scripture teaches us the exact opposite, and the poorest among us for no other reason than being indigent, should not be able to vote.

The Reagan Revolution, a false narrative but favorite conservative wet dream and again, a lie, has run its course and predictably, the results are ugly. The stock market may be up, but the average American lifestyle is going down. Once again, proving that when we favor investment in capital as a means of growing wealth (compound interest) over actual labor, work, manufacturing, and production we are going down a dark road, the only recovery for which must involve direct investments in people, not profit.

My advice? Next time a person down on their luck asks for a fish, give him or her the damn fish and stop with the self-serving lectures on personal responsibility. A hungry person is not looking for a job, they are looking for food. Let’s take that scenario off the table for tomorrow will be another day, but this time at least one more person will have not gone to bed hungry and that my friends, is not only humane, but will furnish a level, however small, of hope that hunger and starvation is not inevitable, and that there are people out there that care. If that isn’t a motivator to strive for a better tomorrow, I don’t know what is.

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