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Communique "East of East of Eden" 4-30-2021

It is an odd week indeed when looking back I and for whatever reasons unknown to me, I was repeatedly asked similar questions that best translate when taken as a whole whether I believed the events in the Old and New Testaments are 100% (seems there is no middle ground for several of my fellow travelers who believe in religious study as part of our sacred journey home) literal and historically accurate, or more allegorical in the sense of stories told to illustrate the significance in living at the crossroads where the solid meets the ethereal.

It is an interesting question and one worth asking. Yet, from a fairly early age, I have been suspicious of the literal interpretation theory as part and parcel of a series of manuscripts, written at a time, over time, describing past events to which there were no longer any living persons left to testify to their accuracy, and very importantly, written not by the hand of God, but by mortals, the likes of which no rational designation of authenticity can be attributed.

Hence, no, I do not believe we are all the descendants of two humans, one made of mud and the other from the mud man’s rib, banished from eternal paradise because they did not want to remain naked and afraid and sought knowledge as their means of escape from the consequences of a lived under abject ignorance, lacking the basic gift of self-examination and hence denied the chance at inner spiritual growth/discovers of one’s inner self as a pathway to divinity.

In other words, I believe that to know oneself is indeed a way, if not the best way to at least begin our journey home and know God. What better method of exploring and understanding our celestial origins do we have if not the conscious study of ourselves as the starting point to know and experience our great and holy singularity with God?

However, I write not to disparage of make light of the value of contrasting and comparing our actions here on Earth against the representations in the Bible, for their supposed fealty in following the words and will of the Almighty, and in gleaning the celestial lessons they can and do teach, cannot be overstated. Something along the lines of do as I do and not necessarily as I say in a manner that for a start, us mere humans might actually be capable of understanding.

Ask yourself, were we or could ever truly be “home” in the Garden of Eden simply because of our physical and temporal existence in the transitory realm of time and space? Could it be our Creator meant for us to stay ignorant and virtually unaware of all things heavenly, forever Earthbound in a gilded cage? Is it even possible that He who gave us the gift of curiosity would punish us for following our true nature?

No, for is it not true that we are born and live our lives trying to take the chaos associated with the unknown and turn it into order as a way to guide our trek (wandering as it is at times) back to our divine beginnings? Keeping in mind my previously revealed skepticism if not our right disbelief in the concept of original sin, it would seem only natural that given the chance, how many of us would even choose to remain in Eden, or would we of our own volition, want, if not need to see what lied to the East? What was at the top of the mountain or beyond the horizon, or perhaps even the next hill.

Was the grass truly greener on the other side? Not likely as we are dealing with events that did occur within the desert (with Eden being an oasis) but, I you, we would want to know. Does a parent chastise a child, sans any negative consequences as a result of being curious? Wanting to know about the precise nature of the 10,000 miracles? Or what are they for, and how they work?

Given this context, isn’t it true that all of science in fact must admit to the existence of a higher intelligence for isn’t it true science only seeks to quantify, measure and re-create the works of another? Isn’t it in fact a mistake to associate the actions of scientists with creation?

Even our Laws of Physics includes our limitation on human originality by acknowledging that we as a species (except in very abstract theory) can neither create of destroy the very matter of which we and our surroundings, no matter how big or far we continue to find our universe to be?

No, that would by absolute necessity be left to a/an/the Creator, who from my perspective existence cannot reasonably be denied except as a cynical conclusion that chaos and all its associate pitfalls, that accidents alone, are the singular reason for our existence.

This, I find implausible in the extreme. Even if you cannot find it within yourself to accept evolution as part of God’s plan” the very idea that we exist as a consequence of hundreds of thousands of millions “happy accidents” is in and of itself unscientific. Honestly, why a theory based upon the absence of intelligence would appeal to the curious spiritual, scientific travelers among us as opposed to intelligent design is beyond me.

Do you ever wonder why we seek to know God? Ask yourself why does an adopted child seek out their birth parents? You do not need to ponder this question to far leaving the inquiry with no matter the reality, good bad or indifferent, isn’t it is better to know than to not know particularly in matters related to who we are, why are we here and importantly, where are we going?

In conclusion, and admittedly non-sectarian, I still believe Hunter S. Thompson got it right when he said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride” to which I would add, keep your hands and feet inside the cab at all times, and do not try to exit until you reach your ultimate destination.

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