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Communique "Don't Try To Reason With Me" 5-17-2021

When last we met, and I was not waxing and waning philosophically about the endless circle of needless violence in the Middle East of Eden we were exploring the recent appearance of alt right now made of racists with a taste for fascism assuming they know what that is what are you talking about talking point for the brain dead masses who blame everyone else but themselves for their own self-created problems, having something to do with the evils of colonialism, or to be even more accurate how these self-absorbed greedy miscreants are now somehow the victims of western European style colonization process practiced upon them as if they were aboriginal natives under siege by invading plague infested possible space invaders.

But the MAGA/Q band of loonies are facing anything but an ancient aliens type experience, or the atrocities their ancestors, you know the real colonists who it is theorized may have spread several deadly diseases including smallpox that the native Americans (not them) had no herd immunity or otherwise and may have decimated up to 95% of the total population.

Further and in addition to their intolerance to European chemical warfare, it is worth noting that at the time of the Age of Discovery when what would become America, the indigenous population was not a bunch of warlike marauders who were nomadic by nature, therefore didn’t know the value of farming the land and were in addition to being either pagans or heathens, primitive and were fortunate to have both civilization and salvation promised to them by their new European benefactors soon to be murderous land grabbers and imperialist conquerors of the worst variety.

Meaning, I still do not have a concrete theory of oppression placed upon the children of the children of the original colonists (OC) oppressors themselves through methods of colonization.

Remember, colonization is a place or a thing and is most accurately described as a system whereby desecration of culture and division among the people is the preferred method toward the acquisition of land and the creation of a second class or caste lower income society for the benefit of you guessed it, the now suddenly upper class or classes and bent on exploiting their ill-gotten land, mineral and labor wealth as get this, as part of the “way” God meant life to be.

But, these are the tools of the liars and deniers among us. If you are a racist, make sure you call the other guy one first. That kind of stuff, derision, debasement, gas lighting, and if necessary a touch of violence wouldn’t hurt every now and then. And now, they themselves, the OCs, the hunters have become the hunted for no valid reasons I can identify, except these deadbeats who fancy themselves and identify with true pioneers and patriots of yore because they lost their job and can’t pay their bills and of course, with no fault or accountability of their own.

Now, if anything, the Cult45 crazy club might have had a semi accurate lukewarm at best shot of claiming themselves as participating in what we can call the beginnings of a second American decolonization period, the first occurring during the years leading up to the American Revolution.

This period of our history is best immortalized in the Fairfax resolves (1774) a letter written by the Georges, Washington and Mason to the British that functions as an extortion letter to King George including the basic demands of the colonists along with a specific warning, “We ‘can not be considered as a conquered Country’ because we are ‘Descendants not of the Conquered, but of the Conquerors.’" And if their demands were not met, they would do what needed to be done, whatever that meant.

What was meant was mostly acts of terrorism often involving the destruction of property and harassment of local officials and loyalists to the crown. The best example being the Boston Tea Party (1773) where the original de-colonists (OD) in defiance to taxation without representation in the form of a heavy tax on tea threw approximately 92,000 pounds of tea, enough to fill 18.5 million teabags with a total present day value of estimates ranging from $1 million to $1.7 million, a small fortune to the average OC or OD of the times.

So, is it fair to say that our Founders were into vandalism of buildings and property? The very kind of tactics the wingnut GQP party now so eagerly attributes as the terrible, random including looting, acts of the Black Lives Matter movement? Keeping in mind is it possible or indeed likely a few of the freedom fighters that were at Boston Harbor that night took some tea home with them for their morning, afternoon and evening cuppa?

And seeing as the revolutionary de-constructors of the time were not looking for validation of their rights as colonists from England, but freedom from the oppressive, tyrannical acts of a government who considered them a notch “below” the average nobility of a terrestrial Englishman, is it not true the BLM movement is by far closer in ideology and scope to the American resistance movement than any thought or actions of the self-appointed protectors of life, liberty and the soon to be American way?

The Proud Boys? The Oath Keepers? Idiots who want to kidnap and execute the governor of Michigan? Who want a civil race war so they Who want to return to the good old days of white supremacy and slavery? Seriously?

It makes me wonder if those morons who insist in co-opting the Gadsden Flag, you know, the one designed by the then politician Christopher Gadsden? Yellow, coiled snake ready to strike, with the “Don’t Tread on Me” motto, know the story behind the flag used by the Continental Marines?

That the colonists much admired the courage and willingness of the female timber rattlesnake to attack and defend her young versus opponents much larger than herself? The snake having 13 rattles, one for each colony? And importantly, had nothing to do with 2nd Amendment rights or, seeing as the Constitution didn’t exist, the right for individuals to bear arms?

Personally, I prefer the “Don’t Try to Reason With Me” flag meme for this lot, but then I guess that doesn’t look quite as good when waving said flag at say, a Capitol Building insurrection? And yes, it was there. Sadly.

But I digress with our shared digression now taking us up to the time of the Revolutionary War with no justification for the recent spate of oppression by historic methods of colonization as applied to a bunch of incels who have nothing better to do than live in their parent’s basement, eating hot pockets, talking about guns and probably their weight and watching endless re-runs of Red Dawn.

Next time, I will attempt to bring the whole shebang up to present day political landscape. It won’t be pretty, but I’m hoping you agree, it needs to be done. Stay tuned. Same bat station, same bat guano crazy channel.

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