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Communique "Don't American Dream It, Be It" 6-21-2021

Today, let’s start with a question about the mental health of a nation. Are you suffering from the lingering effects of the highly contagious, forever mutating into new, quixotic and delusional strains of Post Trump Stress Disease (“PTSD”)?

Are you disappointed, dismayed, and perhaps clinically depressed at the lingering amount of dirty, soulless, “look at me” gaggle of GQP/MAGA/Seditionists and other assorted miscreants who can’t let go of the feverish swamp dream?

The media whores who take endless pleasure in trying to “out idiot” each other in a bound to end poorly death spiral of madness guaranteed to end in disaster, sorrow, fake mea culpas and if some of them are lucky, shorter time than they rightfully deserve plea deals?

Those members of the Congress who have managed by a perverse providence and actively aided by the cowardly, blundering yet ultimately seditionist actions of those in power at the top of the GQP beanstalk so they can continue to profiteer (raising funds on outright lies), then skimming off the top for their own personal benefit?

Redirecting “donations” or even funnier, dark “campaign expenses” fast cars and members of the opposite (or same?) sex above and below the legal age of consent depending on as Trump himself said without a hint of impropriety or decency, if you like them young or not, (Gaetz) paying off mortgages and delinquent country club dues for the neighborhood alcoholic, sex offender and liar (Beer Brett) that they know are nothing but thinly veiled bribes given in exchange for favorable legislation and tax breaks that are now I imagine known upon the Hill as the “business of politics” continually blurring the lines between the “donor class” and We, the People.

While each and every day a new, phantasmagorical tale of monsters, myths and magic emerges as “truth”, “justification” and a “guiding principle” for the GQP Insurrectionist Mystic Cult of Illuminati Lemmings (imbeciles) who can’t wait for the day when, at a minimum, Trump is re-installed as Emperor, False Prophet, Grand Wizard, take your pick, for what are some of the dumbest imbeciles to hit the political scene since the “Know-Nothings”.

Funny part is, the Know-Nothings might have actually known something, particularly if you are favorable to Masonic conspiracy theories, whereas this recent plague of quickly approaching intolerable band of @sshats? Well, they really don’t know anything of any import or consequence.

And while there will always (and I do mean always) be a socio/political, often overly religious pack of supplicants and losers ready to find their redemption in the past, chronicled in books and grounded in a time of miracles, if real, played out centuries if not millennium before, you cannot go back to a time that never was, and here is my point, never will be.

While granting that freedom is never free and does indeed require our constant vigilance, how much time can We, the People continue to afford giving an ounce of our time, and effort trying to convince the oblivious, soon to be without hope among us? Who continue to base their, if I can use the word without laughing, philosophy on conspiracy theories, the stranger, weirder, outlandish, and unreal the better?

So, can we all agree it’s time for us, We, the American people who elected Joe Biden as our president, take a cold hard look at tome of the right-wing nut “prophesies” we should immediately let go of in an effort to stop wasting our precious time and concentrate our efforts on, get this, the future? Yes? Then let me count the ways.

First and foremost, retribution is coming for the seditionists in Congress. Gaetz, Greene, Boebert, Hawley and Cruz will be removed from office and will stand trial for their crimes. I imagine the first indictments, including Roger Stone, will drop this summer.

In 2022 and beyond, despite their best efforts to rig the election (Start the Steal) the GQP will not take back the Senate or the House. Voting rights will be codified into law, Moscow Mitch will not be Senate Majority leader and McCarthy (or Trump, ok?) will not be Speaker. The odds of a Republican validly elected president? I do not believe it to be hyperbole when I suggest we will not see this scenario in my lifetime.

Oregon will not become part of Idaho, Idaho will not become a separate country, and the South will not rise. The SCOTUS will be reformed, and perhaps best of all, Trump, Barr, and the extended family crime syndicate (including Jared but maybe not Tiffany, and I do believe Melania will skate) will be incarcerated, and then broke.

If I am right, then what can we do as we look forward and plan what our better and realistic future might look like? Policy-wise, rewriting the tax codes to ease if not eliminate the wealth gap seems a given. Universal Healthcare for all? Family leave and childcare? Education a fundamental right? Green energy leading the way toward a smart and caring infrastructure? Rebuilding and fortifying the wall of separation between Church and State?

On a slightly lesser scale, but still important, electing Stacey Abrams as Governor of Georgia? How does Governor Beto from the recovering State of Texas, now with heating and air-conditioning for all, sound to you? Can it happen? Of course, and here’s how.

Forget about all the ratings game catastrophe scenarios you see. It’s going to take a while for today’s modern 24/7 media outlets to detox from their addiction to doom and gloom Trump money. In the meantime, we get busy concentrating on things that matter, like Black Lives, and fostering not only by words but deeds, the America we want to see. The end of systemic racism and white privilege including crime, prison and law enforcement reforms. Here’s an idea, rather than defund the police, we re-invent the police in a manner that best suits the security needs of all involved?

How about we stop this sudden idiotic backpedaling on LBGTQ rights by enacting and enforcing laws at the state and federal level? The Church doesn’t like it? Tax them for their political transgressions and you will not believe how fast they come around. Speaking of money, isn’t it also about time we overturned Citizens’ United?

If I may be so bold as to run another American flag up the flagpole, how about a newfound activism based upon a simple, effective two step method of implementation based on putting honesty in action. In fact, why not call it honesty in action? We debate, compromise if applicable (this might take a while too) rejecting hatred and violence as policy as a non-starter and voila! If I may be so bold to suggest, is this not government of, by and for the people?

Well by golly, I do believe it is, or at least a good start at getting back to our world leadership role as the shining beacon of light in the darkness. For all, and this time around, with We, the People included. Anyone up for building a lightning fast rail system before the turn of the century? I’m in. You?

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