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Communique "Dicktraitor" 7-20-2021

I’m finding the recent race into space by three blind millionaires/billionaires see how they run their businesses, they don’t pay a fair wage or health benefits or take any social responsibility for actions while paying no taxes, have you ever seen such a sight in your life as three blind to everything but obscene profit margins not very nice mice/lice?

Where is the Farmer’s wife when you need her to trim a tail, or at least cut the socialist government handouts to corporations, and yes, let’s throw the televangelists in there as well for good measure so three individuals of little to no moral character as far as I can tell get to play with toys for the very wealthy while insisting it’s in our best interest to continue the narrative, gas lighting and deception that obscene amounts of money in their off-shore accounts is a sign of the ongoing greatness and stability of the American economy when the opposite is true.

Keeping the middle class in poverty, possibly sick from the pandemic and at best distracted, is the antithesis of a level playing field, and using our tax dollars to bail out private companies and individuals is allowing the government to in essence pick and choose who wins (political donors) and loses (the middle class and below) that is for all intents and purposes as socialist a government program as they come.

If socialism in the form of welfare checks for the rich and famous doesn’t strike you as “un-American” then how about we take the discussion up a notch. When Benito Manicotti took over Italy, he was very keen to make clear to the world he very much admired and wanted to copy the American economic system that he called “Corporatism”.

His vision for economic prosperity relied on one all knowing, all-powerful dictatorial only he could fix it (Ed note: In 1930s Italy the trains never did run on time) who would be aided in his over the top ultra-nationalist quest, full of hatred, fear, xenophobia, and violence, by the corporations who would in the end cater to his every “only I can fix it” whim, rather than suffer the public shame and possible monetary repercussions of being disloyal to him as the only true representative of the will of the Italian people.

Sort of a what do the people want scenario where all of the Italians were told it was unpatriotic to have any political preferences other than “we don’t know what we want,

ask Il Duce.” He’s our false prophet/savior/drinking buddy/you tell me.

And so, after starting a war Italy could win in Ethiopia of all places, whose army had no tanks and no planes, where most of the Ethiopian soldiers fought with spears and shields, and yes, Italy did win, but at what cost? For soon the reality of Italy’s precarious at best rise to prominence in Europe was short-lived and by the end of World War II, after Antifa, I mean the Allies were through with them, was in complete freefall.

Initially, Italy struggled to rebuild. Unemployment, inflation along with the lack of anything approaching a modern infrastructure forced Italy to fall further into debt as its better established Western European neighbors continued to build what is now the sophisticated European economy, symbolized by both the European Economic Union (EU) and the adoption of the single currency Euro.

Yet all was not lost for Italy and as luck would have it and due to the new reality of Cold War politics, Italy found itself geographically in a place of strategic military importance as a buffer zone to the rising Soviet communist threat. As a result, Italy soon found itself because of its fledgling democracy not only eligible to receive reconstruction funds under the Marshall Plan, but under the protection of NATO.

This combination of advantages allowed Italy to rebuild its economy in a safe and sane manner, free from the pressures of international interference while at home, with Benito Minestrone Phony Bologna hanging by a rope upside-down and headless next to his mistress and then his wife in the middle of an outdoor plaza, his Black shirts disbanded, the previous fascism italiano regime no longer posed an internal threat to economic growth and rebuilding.

Due to further positive developments in world demand for Italian products and services, by the 1950s the Italian job market and economy was in a full recovery mode that lasted until the 1973 oil crisis put a stop to the unabated boom. Today, we refer to this period in Italian history as the Post-World War II economic miracle. The only European country to have a better GDP rate during this period was, you guessed it, Germany.

Today, We, the People of America have unfortunately found ourselves in a situation where perhaps as high as 30% of the voting population either cannot or will not educate themselves to the re-occurring reality of fascism as both a failed political and economic model for success.

But here’s the deal. With tRUMPMoldyMuffinINeedAnIbuprofen&Soda quickly fading from relevance (it’s coming), and with the advent of newer, better, Federal voting standards, the ending of Gerrymandering, the growing job market/Green New Deal, that will boost the demand for American industrial products, with NATO and our European allies now firmly by our side, history tells us we can and will, well, Build Back Better.

We will defeat the Covid Virus. We will punish the insurrectionists among us. Accountability will come for those who deserve it. The so-called extremist Regressive Party and their supposed “militias” will be exposed and dealt with.

Our return to the values that make us great, social justice and equal opportunity for all will, as in the case of Post-World War II Italy, lead us back to prosperity without the need for a made up, fake and quite frankly heretical “doctrine” supposedly the words of a prophet that worships greed above all else.

Who wants to see the Post tRUMP digressive regressive GQP/Insurrectionist/Racist Hatred Machine go down in flames replaced by a nation of good governance based on truthful information sometimes called facts leading to, well, can we call it the Post I Guess We Lost It for Awhile There but Now We’re Back Economic Miracle of 2021 extending until…? However, our work is not done and I leave you with a cautionary note about economics. Forget about all the “scary” words, socialism coming immediately to mind, and get on with finding the right balance of expansion and growth coupled with, yes, justice, equality and compassion.

For in the final analysis, there are only two types of economic models to choose from. Those that work, and those that don’t. Choose wisely.

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