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Communique "Creation Nation" 12-20-2021

As above, so below. These have always been important words for me and as open as they may be to interpretation, I have never doubted that the true meaning depends on perception. In other words, if you believe you are in heaven, you are in heaven. If you believe you are in hell, well, then so you will be.

Is there truly a line between the celestial and the earthen? Is there a mystical, magical, checkpoint some believe must be crossed before being in the presence of our Creator? Or, is it most likely simply a part of our long journey home?

Along those themes, I believe there is no afterlife, no second life as many describe the ethereal world as, so many persons who believe they will be “saved” exists. There is but one life, one death, and one next step but in the long run, we all come from the same place, and it is to this same place that we all will return. No exceptions.

If you are reading this most likely you are currently inhabiting a world built on the concept of physicality, particularly in relation to what is real and what is illusion. You are in a strange land bound by the rules of time and space. You inhabit a dimension of good and bad, right and wrong, of the just and the evil, although nobody truly knows what those words mean.

Contrary to organized religion and its extremely bad habit of controlling the masses through scare tactics and unreal expectations of a greater glory, but only in return for abject devotion to even the greatest of atrocities, if their Creator so demands it. Yet, are these edicts not the mere words of mortals? Was the Bible not written by the hands of men? Several men, and centuries after the events therein supposedly took place?

How does it help us to believe in fantastical stories when, simply put, we know better? Why do we choose to trust in the untrustworthy? The mega preacher who lives in a mansion while driving a Ferrari? A supposed man of the cloth who cannot seem to find it within himself to feed the poor, clothe the hungry and heal the sick?

Why do we choose to protect the unborn at all costs, even the cost of another life, while watching the world, including America fall into the ever deepening and debilitating depths of poverty? All so a Senator or two can make millions from of all things a coal mine employing unsafe, unsound and deadly technologies that should have been abandoned long ago, while he, a millionaire and then some, lives on a yacht? In what is arguably the poorest state in the Union.

Are these the attributes of heaven? Is this what we should expect as the reward of loving kindness from our God above? Is this what we should emulate as we live our lives below? Will you be forgiven for your sins? For your deplorable acts of bigotry, misogyny, religious intolerance, greed and violence against your brothers and sisters and importantly, all of God’s children?

Do you honestly believe that heaven is a place where everyone who wants a gun gets a gun, with a concealed weapons permit, if you so desire? Is this the way to bring God’s Kingdom to Earth? Arm everyone with whatever ever weapon they want in any number, no matter how dangerous and absurd that proposition might be?

How can a violent, horrible and useless death be the way to eternal life? Who in their right mind would believe such a proposition? Who among us has the right to go in public not wearing a mask during a lethal pandemic? What bright mind decided this was “freedom”? Freedom to what? End a life, possibly of a loved one, for the right to wear a red cap that all but screams “stupid”?

We can help the ignorant and the less than sensible of us by acts of kindness, kindness and education. But only God has the right to take a life and anyone who believes otherwise, well, perhaps this is the biggest sin of all and must be atoned for, not through prayer calculated to create a “loophole” but through acts of true attrition, and I certainly do not mean a Sunday prayer or two and large donation to the religious fakirs of your choice.

True repentance involves acknowledging your transgressions and acts of restoration of your victim’s heart and soul, along with their hospital bills if so needed, all done with genuine loving, kindness, and care for no other reason that it is what would bring the realm above to our world below. In short, one must act divine to become divine. There is no other way.

Everything else is a sham, a way for scared, little people to prove their superiority, no matter the cost to all parties involved. You know the likely suspects. Racism, sexism, homophobia, all these schisms meant to create a chain of priority, of entitlement and a list of so-called grievances when the wicked among us sense the end of an empire that cannot and will not stand the test time.

For it is God’s will to love each other. To help each other, to teach and to respect all His creatures, if for no other reason that it is his will that by lifting the poor, the miserable and the needy from their plight is how we grow, as persons, nations and a species, one species.

Isn’t it time we recognized the obvious and acted accordingly? Why dance with the temptations of the devil when we have the perfect example, many in fact, of how to emulate Our Holy Father and not wait to see who “ascends” for certainly none who be of the opinion they are, will not.

Rather, can we turn our blessed and eternal spirit, our ability to do good for no other reason than it is the right thing to do, our faith, trust and hope that to aspire to be like Him, we must change our surroundings, obliterating the imaginary line in the sky between above and below, as the way to becoming worthy of his blessings and grace?

For to do otherwise, is the workings of dark forces leading to sheer madness indeed.

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