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Communique "Children, or Guns?" 12-15-2021

Today, I start with a simple concept. There has never been nor will there ever be any songs written, artwork created, inventions invented or interest in real or personal property worth the loss of even a single precious life.

This includes the born, and the unborn. The young and the old, and the just, the good, the vile, wicked or evil. For denying the sanctity of the individual, the single spark of life, spread out among us all by our Creator is to deny His will, wisdom and the way of the 10,000 things placed upon this Earth.

Once taken, a life, all life, cannot be restored. We can always build another house, buy another car, replace valuables, but when it comes to life, we are but the facilitators of a process we still, to this day do not fully understand.

Currently, we are seeing the effects upon our nation of an extremely toxic strain of capitalism. It promotes not the producers or manufacturers of goods, or the workers who do the physical work for an unfair, unlivable wage while millionaires and billionaires play the interest upon interest rig the tax system games to abscond with yet more money without even lifting a finger.

On several occasions, I have heard this process described as making your fortune while you sleep, as if that was a good thing for society. Turning electronic zeros into millions, then billions then who knows what without the benefit of any benefit to the outside world, unless I suppose you are a banker and earn your yearly bonus for manipulating markets, and if necessary, causing a recession, depression, housing crisis or insurrection, as long as the hedge fund managers all get obscenely rich so they can continue to trade campaign contributions for tax benefits while someone, somewhere, takes their 10% off the top.

It was no surprise when the dotard Ronald Reagan opened the halls of Washington DC and let the wave of “lobbyists” to legally bribe elected and non-elected officials alike with the allure of continuing the seemingly endless stream of light, dark, and often blood money bribes all made somehow legitimate by Citizens’ United.

Without the promise of ethical business and political reform on the horizon, the loop will continue. If we continue the madness of worshiping money makers and political takers, goods will not be mass-produced, services will be undervalued, the specter of too much money, not earned through wages mind you, but printed by the mint, will continue to keep demand high due to the shortage of supply, and negative economic factors, inflation and dilution of buying power, the value of the dollar will continue to rise and fall in ways detrimental to the way an overwhelmingly high number of Americans, you know, main street families and workers live their everyday lives.

We have the right as Americans to speak out. We can write letters, editorials, rent billboards, buy airtime, and take to the streets as necessary. We can assemble and petition the powers that be to hear our words and pleas, and yes, help us, not only to survive, but to flourish, to thrive and to follow the American dream. To be all that we can be, and then some.

This is the American ideal, the spirit of 1776. Freedom in the interest of self-fulfillment and to collectively facilitate a country where our basic natural, human rights are placed front and center as worthy of our communal protection. Yet we live in a society where a great number of our fellow Americans would suspend our/their rights to free speech to stop the “hoodlums” or often thugs, who in truth best described as vandals, perhaps criminals, who are and have always been a natural part of the social/political grievance paradigm.

But these hooligans, no, not terrorists for they are not motivated by ideology, but by want and what I would describe as a strange sense of entitlements, their only offense is against property.

Along these lines, our broken economy can be fixed. Our democracy can be saved by voting out the bums who engage in money laundering for the rich and famous while they use their ill-gotten gains, hush money, to dabble in the stock market using insider information to buy and sell Covid-19 related stocks and financial instruments, while people continue to die. And herein lies our biggest problem.

How did our society decide to equate “profit” at any cost worth the price of a single life? Are we as greedy as we seem? Is in fact, greed good? A driver of our ability to innovate, provide and prosper? Fox News lies, and their viewers die. The GQP lies, and their voters die. Those who claim to be holy among us lie, and their flock dies. For what?

When did we as a discreet group of individuals coming together to practice self-rule and determination decide to decimate those items, programs and ideas of what makes a society great onto life support so a handful of sociopaths can somehow justify with a straight face that their suffering as reflected by most of the wealth in our country in the hands of the few is a sign of success?

I’m speaking of educating the young, the old, or for that matter, anyone who wants to learn. I’m talking about feeding the poor, healing the sick, giving help, not to those who might let a few crumbs, you know, trickle down evading their cummerbund to land on the floor of discarded half eaten scraps left over from the deli plate served during yet another catered luncheon, while children the world over go to sleep suffering from food insecurity, malnutrition and hunger.

I ask you this. How do we continue to trade the lives of our children, our future, by allowing for gun manufacturers to continuing raking in the dough by selling assault styled weaponry to a small, but noisy gaggle of paranoid maniacs who somehow fancy themselves as the protectors of our democracy against the “tyranny” of apparently all governments, great and small, and who are both mentally incapable of understanding democratic principles, following the rule of law, either untrained or at best, woefully inadequately untrained to own a firearm, to the point of not shooting your balls off equaling a “good” day.

This lack of empathy and understanding of the innocent and the guilty and who is entitled to enjoy the greatest gift of all, of life should have stopped at Sandy Hook. Yet it didn’t because somehow the false promise of “good guys” with guns and a ton of dark money prevented sanity from entering the discussion. Columbine, Kenosha, and now Oxford. Children, or perhaps teenagers, shot and killed unarmed children and/or persons their age, or younger.

Nothing will change unless We, the People demand change. Demand sanity, the strength born of empathy and transparency between the business community, our elected officials, the politicians, and us.

The only way to serve, including our Creator, is to commit to lifting the poor out of poverty, healing the sick and honoring the part of God that is not only in some of us, but in all of us. Wealth alone cannot feed the less fortunate, heal the unwell, clothe the needy or shelter the masses from the evils of praying at the altar of material goods over the souls of our brothers and sisters, all from the same maternal womb.

Only We, the People, the point where all powers political, spiritual, or otherwise starts and ends can change the narrative. Only We, the People of America, can set our priorities and agenda on the path to normalcy, if not salvation and put life first. It’s never too late to do the right thing. You are not powerless and you are not alone. Who’s with me?

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Jan 02, 2022

Once again you amaze us with your words! This love for guns is so baked into the DNA of some Americans it will take some time for us to recognize that killing each other is not the way to solve our problems. Jaime Casellas.

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