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Communique "Black Rabbit Hole" 10-1-2021

The recent spate of negative doomsday news regarding the Democrats “in disarray” over the Build Back Better reconciliation bill and thereby threatening the entire “Biden presidency” in the balance has prompted me to wonder why MSM refused to acknowledge that 60-70% of Americans approve of Biden’s plans to Build Back Better thereby putting the “progressive” or “liberal” wing of the Democratic party not on the left fringe but at the center of the American political psyche?

Would anyone like to tell me what exactly is “radical” about passing legislation about healthcare, childcare, job creation, and tax cuts for working families, all issues your average European citizen already enjoys? And all paid for by changing the tax codes so the wealthiest of us pay their fair share of taxes for the goods and services they consume and continue to plunder to create their wealth?

Don’t be fooled by the knee-jerk, speak to the lowest common-denominator rhetoric of the do nothing “conservative” GQP party claiming they are “saving” America from either socialism, communism, or both depending on what day of the week it just so happens to be.

This isn’t socialism, communism, or anything of the sort. In fact, changing the tax codes would undo the years of harm the middle and lower classes have consistently suffered due to the Reagan closing of loopholes in the tax code that targeted those Americans, mostly of color mind you, that needed government assistance in many cases to survive.

It still makes me wonder how Reagan managed to vilify the SNAP food assistance program as a drag on our economy (it wasn’t then and still isn’t now) while allowing the military to literally throw away billions on his signature “Star Wars” Build the Wall in the Sky program that strangely seems to have moved to Israel in the form of our funding their “Iron Dome” defense program as with Star Wars, it would actually work.

Throw in the fact that Reagan was the first president to tax social security benefits, a sort of give with one hand, while the other takes scam that for some reason I still don’t understand why the public then thought was a good idea, but in fact did little but made us poorer as a nation for no reason other than allowing the deficit to skyrocket into unknown territory.

All of this being correctly labeled “voodoo economics” without even a second thought for the possible if not likely harm of switching tax burdens from those who can pay their fair share taxes to the least capable of paying economic strata, and in the process, create a de facto penalty for being poor. Some things just don’t change, do they?

Yet, with all the hand wringing and consternation generated by the Dems having the nerve and temerity to try to craft legislation the old-fashioned way, by studying and presenting different ideas and perspectives on what kind of and how much economic assistance our nation needs to move forward in a fair and conscientious way is proceeding, the Republicans, if we can still call them that, continue to be the party of nihilism, preferring to “save” America from itself even if they strangle our democracy, the basis of American life, in the process.

Come to think of it, can we lose the “conservative” description attached to the GQP’s current agenda of, well, no agenda? An agenda, if you can call it that, that only serves the whims and lack of wisdom of Donald the First, Lord and master of all he can swallow and/or fuck so long as neither food nor female doesn’t move too fast?

Although a bit flippant, isn’t this a good description of a party ready to place the fate of America in the hands (and mouth) of a dictator? A singular leader whose every word and deed are supposedly representative of the collective will of the people?

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to throwing out in this day of tossing around for I guess scare tactics and/or fun what amounts to meaningless terms, I’d go with socialism, communism, and the radical left agenda, that again, is no longer radical or on the left of the dial, over a racist, fascist regime run by a pathological sociopath with only his best interest (see above) at heart (assuming he has one) any day of the week.

When did giving away our cherished rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to a deranged and desperate despot, one who we now know contemplated issuing a nuclear strike on China for no reason other than to usurp power and remain in office, lest he face the wrath of the American court system, become the way We, the People protect our individual and collective freedoms from tyranny?

When did it become “conservative” to ruin the USPS ? Continue to offer apparently unlimited financial assistance to the coal industry? A brain dead, artificially maintained segment of our global markets, for which there are no buyers?

Is it conservative in any way, shape, or form to violate the wall of separation between church and state by offering the likes of Joel Osteen millions of dollars in “small business Covid-19 relief” funds? What exactly is “conservative” about filling the Federal Court system all the way up the food chain to the SCOTUS with politically motivated appointments of clearly unfit, incompetent, and biased justices and judges?

Is there anyone or anything left on the Republican side of the Senate that looks, smells or tastes “conservative”? Protecting the filibuster, a tool borne of prejudice, hatred, and discrimination, to the death of American democracy if as adjudged by the likes of a handful of old white and out of touch “men” to be necessary, as we know it?

Isn’t this more the actions and machinations of a party that worships power for power’s sake? An ideologically suspect, self-centered group of fops, fools and pretenders to a throne that doesn’t exist? A non-existent and in no way holy Grail filled with fear and hatred for an America this is changing, and will continue to change regardless of their last ditch “remember the Alamo” prognostics filled with unreal histrionics including blood drinking pedophile rings, probably Jewish, and most certainly Democratic, that secretly run the world as they shamelessly tell us not to believe everything we read?

Can someone please tell me how a political party, as opposed to a death cult, can call itself sober and the “voice of reason”, you know, conservative, while fomenting and then trying to cover-up with revisionist history the events on January 6th, an insurrection complete with the storming of a castle while threatening to depose by use of the gallows those who do not agree with their “ideology” and skewed definition of what is a patriot and patriotism?

Such definitions including the open and blatant denial of the truth in favor of mere stories, the more fantastic the better, if it helps their case in search a cause they themselves don’t fully understand as based on nothing more than their “feelings” of righteousness and rage further fueled on that infamous day of insurrection by an intentional plot and plan to encourage and incite the irresponsible and dangerous dragon of mob violence?

You want to know where to place the word “radical” if not un-American? If not treasonous? If not a form of mass insanity passing for the “restoration” of American values from a time and place that never existed?

Isn’t it time we change the narrative and put the crazy where it belongs and demand our so-called MSM do the same and stop protecting the MAGA/GQP non-agenda driven by resentment, hatred and violence under a veneer of conservatism? I think it is. What about you? Like My blog? Buy Me a Black Hole?

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