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Communique "Back to the Future?" 1-27-2022

I read the news today oh boy. About a lucky man who should be glad he’s still in the public’s eye as at all, by the name of Bill Kristol. Bill recently tweeted that he thinks Kamala Harris is going to be nominated to the Supreme Court to make room for Mitt (Mr. 47%) Romney as Biden’s running mate in 2024 to create some sort of mythical sounding “national unity for the world crisis”.

Sounds good, but the problem is it’s never going to happen. Why? For this is nothing more than a fairly overt cry for relevancy for a party with an ideology that has led us to the brink of authoritarianism and yet still can’t deal with the fact it was their rush to hold power at any cost that gave us the inevitable slide from Reagan to Bush to the Orange Never Met a Shushy Fund He Didn’t Like Fool on Capitol Hill.

As a refresher course, when Saint Reagan was elected the Kristol Crowd cheered. Never mind the overt racism and religious intolerance, he’s going to renew America’s sense of vitality while removing the solar panels from the roof of the White House, showing his continued support for the fossil fuel industry.

Oh, before I forget, Ronnie also made clear he was no fan of alternative lifestyles or loving the partner of your choice by refusing to fund HIV/Aids research, much less show compassion and find a cure as any human being in the same position would have done. Sound familiar? Using a natural health crisis as a bio-weapon?

Then came W. and they watched. Incompetent from the word go, he let president Cheney install his fondest wish list agenda, that included again artificially extending the Age of Oil, although there were many different and greener, cleaner alternatives available at the time.

I might also drop a reminder about the blatant flagrant public lying that was a hallmark of the Cheney administration where, if I am not mistaken old Dick showed the way one in power could ruin the reputation of a good man, Colin Powell, with little to no remorse or consequences.

Oh, and before I forget, it didn’t hurt that Cheney made millions through non-competitive government contracts handed on a silver platter to Halliburton, his old stomping grounds and a company he still held a sizable stock interest in.

Then came the last piece of the twisted GOP puzzle. And they caved. Open blatant racism and an as warped as they come Evangelical theology based on little more than interpreting the words of a prophet as a means toward acknowledging the supremacy of the White race as an important, blessed, pseudo-sectarian golden tenet of pure hatred meant to bolster race-based privilege and grievances as a legitimate interpretation of celestial design and intent.

Today, we are unbelievably still dealing with this disgrace called MAGA. It’s still as heinous as it was when the Nazis used hyper-nationalism to support their straight outta hell final solution and ultimately doomed cause. If you are not catching my drift, as for those who still drink this toxic blend of lies, deception, prejudice, parochialism, and stupidity (as an excuse, ignorance has left the building) with a steroid chaser, it is still gospel. Sad, isn’t it?

Further, why in the world would sane persons looking at a new era with new rules and an understanding of our connectivity and natural responsibility to care for one another, including by utilizing our government and its resources, when necessary, with kindness and compassion want to go back to Willard “Mitt” Romney?

For those who have forgotten, Mittens was someone who expressed admiration for slave labor practices in China and was an active, if not enthusiastic member of Bain Capital, an insidious group of predators who were all too happy to bankrupt companies without any regard for workers, customers and community as long as they made a profit.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy for groups including the Lincoln Project who through the media are trying to right the wrongs their past adherence to so-called “Republican” values, along with the realization these policies led us to the brink of the death of our democracy as we knew it while staring into the abyss of an authoritarian insurrection and takeover by a completely deranged and despotic madman.

Yet, at the same time, would any amount of Mea Culpas sway you into allowing those who, let’s be kind and say went too far in their misplaced zeal to propagate what is now clearly an obsolete at best and indeed corrosive ideology that has resulted in the return of such 18th and 19th Century standards as gerrymandering, voting suppression along with sowing the hateful seeds of undermining the legitimacy of our government (Reagan 101) and in particular the sanctity of our safe, efficient, and secure electoral/voting process and the peaceful transition of power.

Throw in the economic catastrophes the American public had endured during the last three Republican administrations, the creation of a Senate tainted by the bad tactics of the minority and the loss of any semblance of the desire to legislate, or ability to lead by the GOP, now GQP.

Mr. Kristol, perhaps you could explain to me why in the world we would want a Romney, or any person from the last 40 years of Republicans, and I’ll be kind, political malfeasance back into a position of prominence in what is clearly going to be a democratic renaissance, possibly of the kind not seen since the days of FDR.

In all fairness, I’m sure the once mighty keepers of the conservative standard must be having a hard time accepting their new-found role as “sticks in the mud” of a country ready, willing and now able to move into the 20th Century before the first half of the 21st is over.

In conclusion, if you still fancy yourself a dyed-in-the-wool “conservative” and a member of the now all but extinct party of Lincoln, you can still help. My advice is to find a way to leave the next generation in a better position than the one our children are on a path to inherit.

You know, a world not on the brink of climate change catastrophes, where greed has somehow made it out of being one of the seven deadly sins and into an acceptable, if not desirable virtue, where children with guns are allowed to kill children without guns, and millionaires and billionaires are the recipients of tax cuts that we now know they spend on shooting rockets into space, while back here on Earth, world poverty is still out of control.

For this is the one, if not the centerpiece of American exceptionalism. An exceptionalism, that the Right, Alt-Right, MAGA QAnon racist, 2nd Amendment, civil war fomenting slice of the political spectrum has all but forgotten.

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