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Communique August 12, 2020

By Philip Drucker

Today, my hair is deciding whether it wants to fall out or not. Saw quite a few lost hair strands in the comb this morning. The nurses give me a 50%-50% chance of keeping my hair or losing it. One of the nurses tried to slip the word alopecia by me as if I didn’t know what it meant. John D. Rockefeller suffered from

. He had a set of wigs made that he routinely changed every couple of days to make it look as if he had natural hair and it was growing.

Me? I think I’d go for the bald is beautiful look. Some people say I already look a lot like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Okay, that is not exactly true, and I suspect the results of any additional hair loss on my part would most likely under the best of scenarios put me in the running for the next Dr. Evil look-alike-contest if such an event exists. Do you think there really are sharks with laser beams attached to their heads? Deepest of the deep state paranoia laced conspiracy theories to be sure of which any Q-anon member would be proud to submit as evidence of well, the existence of the deep state.

Funny how this group isn’t satisfied with a plot to overthrow American democracy happening in the open and in plain sight for all who have eyes to see. Maybe if we threw in a hidden pizza parlor funded by the Clinton Foundation on Mars it would catch on. Geraldo, if you are listening…

It must be nice to climb down a rabbit hole every now and then. Can’t say I’ve ever done it myself, but seeing the amount of what I might have previously mistaken for sane people trying to dig a hole to the center of the Earth to find the “Land of the Lost” where cavemen and dinosaurs live together in perfect harmony mostly, so they can say “take that evolution!” and go on with whatever new or better creationist theory strikes their fancy on any given day, except the seventh day, when even the most fervent of alien abduction believers stop to rest.

In my situation, real life is scary enough thank you. I don’t need to make up anything to get my blood flowing in the morning or justify my living in a debtor state leeching from the Federal government to support their unproductive lifestyles while claiming “socialism” is the tool of the devil. Oh, and don’t forget, “Charter School” is code for we want you to pay for our children’s religious indoctrination classes, seeing how that is the way we will compete with the world in the 21st Century. Throw in male domination as a Biblical directive, and you have, Mike Pence?

If you throw in hoarding an obscene amount of money as a sign of “blessed” and you start giving away immigrant children from their birth parents to “wholesome” meaning, white and religious, but only the right religion mind you, families and you have the Anti-Christ, or Betsy DeVos. Your choice.

Bill Barr is a bit easier, if not to take, then at least to explain. Take Torquemada and add in a dash of Rasputin, a drizzle of one or two of your favorite Borgia, a spoonful of chicken fat and voila! Most corrupt AG in history cocktail, perfect for both the Rapture and assorted Happy Hours everywhere. Buffet anyone? Bill looks like a guy who enjoys a good casino buffet, doesn’t he? With salad bar and a conscience apparently optional.

Are these the people we want making decisions for us? A Secretary of the Treasury who made his fortune by forcing bankruptcy upon delinquent homeowners at the end of a mortgage melt-down he helped create? How long will it take to unravel the depths and depravity of his nothing short of a drunken sailor’s foray into our national treasury? The PPP was a joke, an excuse to siphon off billions of dollars into the hands of those who need it the least, but under Citizen’s United, those who contribute to the coffers of those who would be king.

Speaking of mad monarchs, then there is our President, or at least the thing that sits in the oval office creating unfunded and therefore DOA Executive Orders to solve a national crisis, or two or three, of his own making for which there is currently no relief in sight and if not stopped, soon, will end in more deceit, deception, racism, religious intolerance, families being forced out of their homes with the real possibility of having their children taken away by a despotic dictator who wants to turn America into a fascist state of the rich and famous, by the rich and famous, and for the rich and famous. The poor? Expendable. Let them eat coal, or Goya, or something like that.

You let him in and now you know he’s got his hand-picked team of plunderers to demolish the middle class. Hey you! The mid-westerner who works at the air-conditioning plant still waiting for the high paying manufacturing jobs that are never coming back (you can thank Wilbur Ross for that)? Now that you are in helpless and living poverty waiting to be evicted and who knows what else, maybe rounded up by armed “militia” members as enemies of the state for no other reason than being poor?

I told you when it comes to the politics of fear, there is always a next in line. Now it’s your turn. I’m voting for Biden-Harris. My question is, what are you going to do? Double down on insanity? You cannot “own” me, or any other progressive liberal because you already owe your soul to the company store. You lifted 16 tons of pure BS and put it in the White House. Tell me again what you got? Deeper in debt ring a bell? Dumbass.

I do not rail to insult but to hit a nerve, awaken something in you that will cause you to reassess and react in not mine, but your best interest. You see, that is the funny part. I still want to help you. I do not understand how the GOP has equated acts of kindness toward my fellow citizens as part of a “radical left agenda”. Cruel to be kind? There is no such thing. Cruel is cruel. Kind is kind and with kindness it is often its own reward. I know this, why don’t you? Try helping those who need help. Including yourselves.

Stop telling me who and who you do not have to “worry” about. You take all the benefits of this great land and then when you no longer need them, you deny those who were once situated in the same dilemma the right to the same assistance. I am so tired of GOP “I’ve got mine” now you get lost greed in the name of blatant self-interest or perhaps even worse, “I’m only responsible for my family” until of course you meet the younger women of your dreams and leave to start a second life, the life you denied yourself in what? Your previous life? Don’t kid yourself it happens all the time. Ask Newt Gingrich why don’t cha? Left his wife when she was in Cancer treatments. Still revered by the GOP for his Contract with America. The contract that wasn’t even worth the paper it was written on.

Reagan began your slide into poverty. Yes, he did. He raised taxes or the equivalent 12 times. He tripled the deficit and increased the size of government into relation to the GDP, the only reliable measurement that counts. At least he tore down a wall. Today, all you want to do is build one, and a useless one at that.

George W. Bush was your next pick. He lied you into a war, and caused the second (now third) largest economic meltdown in American history. Still want to have a beer with him? If so, you really are an idiot.

I’m not going to directly address you on your behavior toward President Barak Obama, an honorable man if there ever was one. Suffice to say he tried to help you and all you did was kick him in the teeth. Voting for John McCain was one thing, although Megan is really turning out to be quite a bit of a mess, but elevating Sarah Palin to the level of legitimate candidate for any officer outside of snowmobile patrol commissioner in Alaska? Freedom in the form of a Big Gulp? She who quit her position in government to become a reality TV star? Are you seeing where I am going?

If so, in all sincerity, please tell me why you think a cartoon caricature, is the person, or persons you want to lead us? Reagan was an actor. Bush a “nice guy”. Palin threw the front door open and guess who came to dinner? That’s right, the biggest cartoon character yet. A reality star who tells you want you want to hear. Who paints pictures of his opponents as if they were villains in a comic book. He focuses you on unreality with divisive rhetoric, name calling and childish schoolyard bully tactics. He for all intents and purposes acts illegally, immorally and is fat.

This is reality. He can’t run the country. You may as well have elected Colonel Sanders or some other mythical creature. At least the Colonel could put a bucket of chicken where it would do the most good right about now. Trump? He just eats it while you starve while simultaneously telling you to enjoy the stock market.

For whatever it is worth, and I don’t not even want to suggest that I wish this upon anyone, but when you have cancer, there is an overwhelming need to keep it real. If I took a fake cure I’d be dead today. My treatments are difficult and debilitating. Often painful. But that is reality. The Covid-19 virus is real. Please don’t drink bleach because a fake prophet tells you to. Really, don’t.

Still, I/we want to help you. But I need you to do me a favor. Stop voting for cartoon characters with cartoon answers to, well, your quite frankly cartoon notions as to what will solve all our ills. Try believing in science. Try to see the good in everyone. Look for traits we all have in common. There is no such thing as race. There is no such thing an abominable choice regarding those who we choose to love. Ethnic differences merely tell us how other people choose to live. Try to learn from those who grew up in a different environment. And please, please, please stop being afraid of those who are different.

In many instances “they” are as afraid of you as you are of them. Help the person who has yet to adequately master our language. Help the person who does not fully understand our traditions and why they are important to us. Stop preaching and start teaching. We the People will always have more in common than we have in differences, real or perceived. This is the true greatness of America. If you have lost your way, come home. We’ll leave the light on. Oh, and for heaven’s sake vote Biden-Harris in 2020? What have you got to lose?

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