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Communique "America, We Need to Talk" 7-5-2021

America is a place where you can express your highest commitment to freedom by striving to create a more perfect union. By helping each other become the best persons we can, we become better persons ourselves and once formed, the circle of unity grows as we plant the seeds and spread the blessings of self-determination, the gifts of co-operation, and freedom.

When we speak of the Bill of Rights, they are not the Ten Really Good Suggestions, but a recitation of well thought out individual rights we must extend to all for the deprivation of the rights of one is the deprivation of rights to all. One need not look any further than the First Amendment for affirmation of the egalitarian nature of all rights.

Yes, you have the right to worship and follow the sectarian path of your own choosing. Yet this is a blessing that must be practiced and shared in equality, or it becomes the tool of the oppressor. If the government, any government actor becomes entangled in promoting or endorsing one religion over another, the wrong is compounded and becomes a form of tyranny.

We live in a democracy where each and every person is given the opportunity to speak their mind in an effort to have their opinions heard, and if the message is sound, sway public opinion. In this manner, we applaud the seeker, the dreamer, the ones who think outside of the box and see a way to facilitate change for the betterment of all.

Yes, you have the right to self-expression without prior restraint, to speak your mind and if in the right situation, sway the thoughts and opinions of your fellow countryman. It is the American ideal to listen, accept or reject. And yes, that is right, you as an American have the honor to be shouted down by your peer who may, or may not agree with your suppositions or philosophy, much less your “solution” to the “problem” that may or may not in this day and age actually exist.

We have the Freedom of Press as a protected right of individuals to receive information, not correct or incorrect information. The choice of the proper validation or weight, or even the basic truthfulness, beyond, “oh, I agree with that so it must be right”, of the reporting is up to you. Hint: Lizard people are not running the “deep state”, Biden is not a clone, and the Covid vaccinations, except for those who didn’t take them, work.

Yet today, we find ourselves in a world where the pursuit of happiness has taken on a very dark tenor. I speak of the terrible misreading given to the “absolute” right of individuals to carry arms under the Second Amendment.

At best, the Second Amendment is reflective of the right to protect one’s life, family and property rights, including at one time the right to carry arms across state lines to recover runaway slaves.

Further, its sudden attachment to every yahoo who thinks they are a patriot who somehow thinks owning a gun, any gun, preferable a bigger one, makes them an automatic defender of liberty and potential slayer of a tyrannical government is not only misguided, but dangerous and deleterious to American society.

Think of it this way. Under the First Amendment, we are urged to discuss our differences. Under this new reading of the Second Amendment, well, why talk it out when you can magically and as a matter of “patriotism” shoot the carrier of ideas and ideals you may or may not like. You might ask yourself how we got here, but the better move is how do we get out?

Here’s my suggestion. How about We, the People, all re-commit to first and foremost, finding the truth. Not my truth, or your truth, but our truth. We have done it before and we can do it again for it is only the truth that can bring us together as one and for which there is no other way.

A truth attached to a lie will not produce the truth. A lie attached to a lie, and so on and so on, will not produce the truth. I hold this to be self-evident and I trust you do too.

America is a place where ideas and ideals are wedded together and embodied in E Pluribus Unum, or if you prefer from many, one. It is the acknowledgment of both the necessity of equality and an affirmation of diversity as a valuable source of new and possibly better concepts for living. In America, we assimilate what works and hopefully discard what does not. Again, a hallmark of freedom that too many persons fail to appreciate their role.

Each person is but a single voice. Each person is but a single vote. Yet, given the chance to speak freely and given the right of every individual to vote for the candidate or cause of their own personal choice, the result is a land that truly can be said to be of the people, by the people and for the people.

I would argue America is founded on the concept that when the average citizen is given the chance to speak, express themselves, America, a land of both ideas and ideals can and will listen and importantly, change.

This is where the insurrectionists have it wrong. Violence without an actual cause for a problem that does not exist cannot result in change and will only produce a deeper sense of detachment, isolation and as we saw at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, desperation caused by derangement.

As an American, you have the choice to help or to hurt. You can be the facilitators of dreams far beyond our wildest collective imaginations. Or, you can try to hang the Vice President of the United States as part of an effort to install a homicidal criminal in the White House as dictator and effectively turn all of our progress into a story that one day will be known as taking place a long time ago in a place far away, but it won’t be a movie. It will be a tragedy.

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