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Communique "All Roads Lead To Home" 5-23-2021

Does anyone know when life begins? My take is the mere physical presence of a soul trapped within a body on this plane does not mark the beginning or the end of life. It signifies a new chapter in a book that has no beginning and no end. We are not divine because we are born.

If I can be metaphysical for a moment, it is my belief we come from nothing and will return to nothing. However, I do not consider this a bad fate and in fact look forward to the time where there will be no time, no space, living in a state of grace surrounded by all and everything all the “time” and all at once.

We have so many examples or at least hints of the possibilities that lie on the “other side”. Think about light and dark. Dark is the absence of light, yet it is impossible to have light without the presence of darkness. The same is not true of the dark. Darkness exits before and after the application of light.

Dark does not require the presence of light to be dark. It is merely dark, in and of itself. That it exists as a catalyst for light is a miracle beyond comprehension. So why do we fear the dark including those monsters that go bump in the night?

Is it not so the light illuminates what secrets the darkness seeks to hide? What is light without dark? Another miracle not given its due is our ability to illuminate the dark. We were given eyes to see and fire to illuminate what we otherwise could not experience “with our own eyes”.

Then why do you suppose so many persons cannot seem to see what is right in front of themselves while preferring to literally make up stories about life, the universe and everything, when as a matter of empirical observation and beyond into the preternatural aspects of our super-power level capacity to sense that which we cannot see, hear, touch or smell, yet we know it is there.

Why do we doubt what we know to be true? I would imagine the devil is a pretty tricky guy able to bait any number of traps with false and misleading information designed to relegate us to a life of filled with fear of the unknown, when it is exactly the unknown we should be exploring.

If you don’t know the answer, the answer is unknown. I have no problem with the unknown. I find it comforting there is always more to seek, to learn, to know. If nothing else we have also been given the gift of curiosity. It is a blessing beyond our wildest imaginations for it is what makes imagination, and the wonder of discovery possible.

The world, existence, everything is a map. If we listen, we will hear. If we seek we will find. The sad part is how many of us fall for the trap of I believe the Buddhist term is Samsara? The theory that life is all but an illusion and we are destined to spend a great deal` of time frittering our lives away, chasing phantoms that do not exist.

I do not believe this to be true. Who are we to suggest we know what is real and what is not? What is valuable and what is worthless? What is good, bad and evil? Is earthly desire in and of itself truly the bug-a-boo that stands in our way of knowing the celestial? Of knowing our Father?

This is nonsense. Feelings are not good or bad, they are just feelings. They exist for a purpose. Children do not question whether they should be playing with toys or not and here is the catch. Throughout your life, you will be given toys to do with as you wish. If you choose to reject an object simply because it is heaven forbid fun, I feel the greatest of regrets for you.

If you think the way home is through nothing but shame, horror and blind sacrifice you are denying the senses, the “real” being only what we can perceive at any given time. Pleasure and pain, happiness, joy and sorrow all exist as part of the worldly experience.

It is not our “job” to transcend the gifts we have been given. To deny the obvious is to deny yourself the opportunity to grow, to flourish, to live if you so desire the filial life on the path back home.

These are all things I find to be self-evident. What I find far from self-evident is the concept of original sin. It is not a punishment to be here and I cannot believe God put us here on this lifeboat called Earth leaking water and without a paddle. Once again, these would be the conclusions of someone who does not understand or value the sanctity of life.

These are the ramblings of those who believe in shared misery as the way forward. These are the misconceptions of often well meaning, in their own odd way, who would have you do as they do because, well, it’s “good” for you. Yet, somehow, living a life of fear, distraught and often distressed by unnecessary thoughts and predictions of death, doom and agony for eternity has no legitimacy except for those who wish to be damned.

Yes, there are those who believe that all of God’s creatures on this plane are damned. Sinners who except by what I will call instructional, yet unbending and inflexible dogma the world should have long ago abandoned as untenable, prefer their lots to be one of self-loathing with the only “out” the promise of a life after life, somehow magically delivered into salvation by nothing more than a single solitary belief. One way. Sadly, there is no such thing.

Don’t get me wrong, faith is a wonderful thing. Yet, as a practical matter, faith requires the suspension of as much reasonable thought as possible. Faith, devotion, and belief all require a lack of empirical evidence. Yet these are all wonderful things as they require the existence of a better world that awaits us.

That no matter the difficulties we incur on this plane there is grace in all of us that quite frankly whether we in the temporal like it or not, will take us back to where we began, and in my belief, by God’s side for eternity, which in my opinion is merely the absence of time, space and our slavish, but necessary subjugation to light, dark, mass and matter, is and is not, until we finally see the truth.

Duality is an illusion, and we, anything and everything are all one with our destiny intertwined in a predetermined fashion that someday, someway, we return to our as I call it, true or higher selves no longer to the ravages of the earth, air, fire and water, to be beyond the physical and into the spiritual. The dark, and then the light.

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