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Communique 9-9-2020 "Isn't it Time?"

By Philip Drucker

Let’s play a little game I just invented called “Isn’t it time…” where we ask for the most part, rhetorical questions regarding the lack of honest information and moral clarity that seems to be mistaken in Trump fantasy world for displays predicated on an informed, rational decision making process, for showings of individual responsibility, and my favorite, patriotism. I’ll go first.

Isn’t it time someone explained to the Trump brain dead trust that the answer to promoting a more democratic society is putting in place policies and procedures, starting with a free, accurate and fair election process promoting the core value of one person one vote democracy, and not fascism? I know it may be confusing at first as fascism is in a way at least facially similar when compared to democracy as it does reflect a certain one person one vote philosophy. The problem is one person is all that gets to vote, as in the dictator’s one vote is the only vote that counts. But that’s about it.

Fascism is a form of government where the well-being of the state, and not of the people, is reflected in the policies and practices of a single person supposedly dedicated to the betterment, propagation and continuation of the let’s call it collective national identity. Fascism does not promote individual thought, expression or even participation of the individual in political matters, except in a “do as you are told” paradigm where dissent of any kind is at the very least unpatriotic and in many cases, an act of treason.

The United States is also a republic. In a republic, the people agree to have their interests represented by the elected officials of their choice. That is why you will often hear the American form of governing referred to as representative in nature and although we live in a democracy, the people do not vote on every single issue every time there is a disagreement in political policy, practice or direction.

As much fun as rule by referendum might be, for all but the hardcore libertarian, or perhaps anarchists among us, the ensuing lack of meaningful progress and constant threat of a nation always on the brink of chaos would be a, let’s call it a turn-off, too most sane individuals and particularly to those who wish to promote our democracy through representation nation way of life.

The buzz word here is to choose, or as Yoda might say, “Choose, you must,” and requires the ability of the most, not least, or special, or have ID, or provide a street address on a reservation that has no streets, potential voters to participate in the election process. Anything short is a betrayal of our fellow Americans right to vote in a free and fair election process. Remember Poll Taxes? Where you pay a fee, often hidden, to vote? As forbidden under the 24th Amendment? Section 1? Constitution? Ever read it? What would Yoda do? Might as well include it here.

Section 1: The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay poll tax or other tax.

You will hear protestations from those who equate and/or mistake voter fraud for election fraud. There are many who insist it is voter fraud that is the real culprit in poisoning our election process, but, on top of any actual evidence that voter fraud occurs in any meaningful quantity, much less enough to change the outcome of an election, is contrary to the basic principles of a country dedicated to the proposition that given the opportunity to think, act and vote for themselves, the population, acting in total, reflect the will of the majority and hence representative of the people.

Not the government, not our representatives, not the private sector, certainly not of a despotic orange banana republican pecan with rancid butter nut squash colored Kim Jong Putin Maduro tin heart dictator in the making. Never Trump, or whatever, Trump. The choice, should you choose to use it, is yours. That goes for your brain too, cupcake.

How hard is it to comprehend a free and fair election requires respect for the entire electorate where the fundamental right to vote is sacrosanct and should not be sacrificed for, and let me use the MAGA approved term, “a few bad apples” who abuse the system? You, the modern, with it and in the now, proud Trump lackey doodle dandy is already claiming a “rigged” election (meaning he lost) can end this madness. Let us all rejoice in the right of every person, every man, woman and young adult over the age of 18 to cast their ballot without needless interference from their fellow Americans.

The next few years will be critical. We must overturn Citizens’ United and end this charade that money is speech and corporations have a voice. Campaign contributions at best buy more access and exposure for the message, but the message is fully communicated at dollar one. That’s your guy, one dollar, one hundred dollars, one million dollars. Capish?

We must reinstate all the provisions of the Voter Rights Act of 1965 including the pre-clearance of all state laws affecting the ability of minorities in the state of their domicile. Long John Silver Tongue Roberts can proclaim the death of blatant racism and discrimination, but that does not make it so. No, it does not. And quite frankly, he should be ashamed of himself for even suggesting yet another fantasy laden feel good alternative fact (there is no such thing) for those who only want “real Americans” to vote. Yep, fine people on both sides. Right Chief Justice Roberts? Right wing nut and going ever South it is.

We must do away with the Electoral College as it no longer serves the purpose for which it was intended. In fact, it created the exact opposite lunatic minority view president the Founding Fathers were attempting to neutralize. There is no plausible reason of any merit as to why we can’t elect our President and Vice President by counting the popular vote. As I have been known to say, elections should not be decided by pandering to areas on a map covered by rocks, sand, water, cows and trees.

Isn’t it time we put all this behind us and just let We, the People, all the people, every one of us who wishes to participate in this great and still ongoing social experiment called America, land of the free and home of the brave, vote? If not now, then when?

Isn’t it time?

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