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Communique 9-4-2020 "The Birth Of An Abomination"

By Philip Drucker

The Birth Of An Abomination

Yesterday we learned there is literally no bottom to the desperation, depravity and dementia suffered by Donald Trump. Suffice to say of all the people on this planet how did this sick, twisted, and clearly traitorous coward end up as our Commander-in-Chief? If your answer is “God’s Will” you need to take a step back, a deep breath and get a hold on reality, stop dealing in God’s intentions, and question what your role is in this travesty of cosmic proportions. I tell you truly, there is no doubt in my mind about who’s soul is on the line. Trump’s? That ship sailed a long time ago. It’s yours, manna eater, yours.

A small part of me has always understood why Trump got elected. Good people, hurting and scared, who couldn’t make ends meet with their house on the line and limited options, and with no help on the horizon, reached out to the one person who reached out to them, or at least who told them what they wanted to hear. Now, the game is in the 4th quarter, might even go into sudden death election overtime, but a decision must be made and it is a big one.

Asking who America, we, as a people is all fine and dandy, but the better question is who are you? Because, you and me, and everyone else here in the United States of America, is who we are. We are the sum-total of all and everything subject to our laws, societal norms, customs and yes, values. In the spirit of reconciliation, I ask you to consider the following.

When Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” He did not mean the institution of slavery had to end. As an abolitionist, that would have been his outcome of choice, but he was speaking about a return to unity. As, in all slavery states, all the time, or no slavery states, full stop end of sentence. During his campaign, he did not know which way the country would go. But he did know the divisiveness of slavery and the turmoil it brought to our country would have to be resolved, one way or the other.

Unfortunately, the divisions between the North and the South proved too great to solve by diplomacy and a violent, bloody civil war broke out with both slavery and our nation’s very soul hanging in the balance. Eventually, the choice was made. And today, I can’t say we still don’t live with some of the vestiges of that evil and unholy institution, but at least we lie without involuntary servitude enshrined under the laws of the land.

Must we suffer the same fate today? Is a second civil war waged in the name of white supremacy as God’s “natural order and gift to mankind” (yes, I have heard this nonsense far too many times) the way to go? You have free will, is this how you intend to use it? Going out, if necessary, in a blaze of hatred? Or, followed by a return to, what? Separate but equal? Slavery itself? Ask yourself, where do you see this going? And, for what?

In America, our goodness and our greatness go hand in hand. We and we alone have shown the world that when a free people, individuals are left to themselves, they choose good over evil, love over fear or anger, and when other Americans need our help, we rush to provide aid and assistance, banding together as one people, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. These are not hollow words. But perhaps some of us have forgotten for all means for all, or as Lincoln so eloquently pointed out, for if not all, then there can be no true America, and we have fallen, like now. The question is, can we get back up? The choice is ultimately yours, or is it?

Now is the time to consider your choices wisely. Now is the time to consider the burdens, not benefits, inherent in taking personal responsibility for one’s actions for in America, you are not only making decisions for yourself, but for democracy and our right to continue our way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, together, as one.

I find it sad but the truth is no one who should see this essay is going to see it. Why? Because we are divided into two camps with neither side willing to give in. But I ask you, if you are still supporting Trump with all the evidence he is the anti-Lincoln and seeks to keep us split as a nation, cut off and isolated from one another and yes, segregated, again, I ask, for what?

Are you doing better than you were four years ago? Do you feel safer? Richer? Healthier? Chances are the answer to all the above is no. Do you even believe the country is headed in the right direction? How so and importantly in what direction would that be? Racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance all enshrined back into our laws? Because that’s the way it would have to be. A house divided…

If I’ve got your attention, let me let you in on a little secret. Trump is as flawed and inferior a human being as they come. That makes him the choice (there’s that word again) of racists everywhere. Why? Because a man with actual intelligence, grace, understanding, accomplishments is just that. Donald Trump has none of those attributes. In fact, I would offer he only has one. He’s white and anything a white man does is better than anything any person of color or different ethnic background could ever hope to achieve as their actions are not sanctioned as part of His plan.

Too many times have I heard without the “blessings of whiteness” I guess is what you call it, no true actions, good, bad, or indifferent can fully reflect His will unless they acknowledge the “way of things” according to the nearest Grand Dragon of the KKK would have you believe. You doubt me? Watch the 1915 silent film “The Birth of a Nation”, originally titled The Clansman, by D.W. Griffiths, a movie celebrating the KKK as the saviors of our heritage, and yes, our nation. Sound familiar? Confederate statues and “cancel culture” much? Still with us. (Trailer)

Trump is just the latest stain on our county’s history. I dare say his response, or lack of, to the Covid-19 pandemic alone should disqualify Trump from another four years as president for he has failed in his most sacred of all duties, to protect the people of the United States of America from all foreign and domestic threats. In short, to use his best efforts to keep us, We, the People safe.

Right now, the choice is still yours, but I imagine come November, one side will prevail and I have a good idea as to what side that will be. Then, the choice will no longer be yours. It will be made for you, in the name of all that is good and right with humanity, I might add.

In closing, may the greatness and ultimate wisdom of the almighty guide you in these days leading up to the election and beyond. His will done, with or without the salvation of your eternal soul.

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