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Communique 9-29-2020 "Man, Myth & MAGA"

By Philip Drucker

Over the years, I have repeatedly witnessed certain phenomena that I can’t say is uncommon, but depending on the context, subject to different levels of incredulity from outside observers as in “why in the world would any sane person do that?”

The most common form involves TV evangelists and their amazing ability to convince people who have no money to send them the money they don’t have for a crusade that doesn’t exist. This is part and parcel of the nature of faith. The practice of faith requires the suspension of logic, rational thought replaced by an irrational and wholly unfounded belief that something big, then bigger and finally biggest is going to happen to those who through their acts of absolute piety, have been granted the wisdom to interpret the celestial tea leaves and wait for the glorious day they and they alone know is coming. But here’s the catch. It’s never coming.

At least not in the way, shape of form or with the effect the silver-tongued preacher man on the TV says it will. This is the part where the scenario gets a little bit weirder. When the average follower/viewer of televangelists send money without any discernible result the faithful will inevitably blame themselves for it is not the conman on the stage’s fault, but their own.

They didn’t pray enough, long enough, loud enough or with the true spirit of the Lord blazing not quite so brightly enough within their still unsaved souls. And so, they pray longer, louder, then pay ever growing sums of money over and over to show their true commitment and belief that they are at least one of the chosen ones. But here’s the catch. That moment is never coming for if it did, the scam would be over. Forever.

Why? Because those scoundrels would need to produce a miracle. A real one, and as well all in the real, empirical world know, they cannot. It doesn’t matter how much money they have, how many Lear jets they own and always seem to need more of to spread their gospel, a blend of why God has blessed and favors the rich and rewarded them for their service on his behalf. “Blessed are the deal makers” or at least those who do not get caught cheating on their income taxes, or their wives for that matter.

But even then, the average supplicant to the Kingdom of Heaven have always been able to bear far more poverty, humiliation, emasculation and degradation under the general banner of “trials and tribulations” than I would have previously thought imaginable. It would appear garden variety suffering and suffering in the name of a greater cause, the cause being the missing “belief” piece, are two entirely different species of the same animal.

The net effect is a dynamic I can only describe as the greediest, unholiest among us finding, pandering to and then feeding their Prosperity Gospel, often by threats of fear, hellfire and eternal damnation, in an effort to fill the coffers of organized religion, while in what I consider to be as diabolical a scam as there ever was, guaranteeing the money, that if invested wisely in a 401(k) plan or perhaps even an interest-bearing account to protect capital, would lead to a fat or at least a fatter bank account and well, blessed prosperity in this the physical realm.

But here’s the catch. The faithful keep giving their money away for nothing in return and as a matter of practicality will never be rich, prosperous, blessed, or chosen for anything other than a name and email on a list of suckers and losers constantly being sold to the next huckster that can get his or her hooks in you. Here’s the catch. Politicians know this one too.

It is sad that politicians of all ideological shapes and sizes have accepted, perpetuated, and are now thriving from the influx of unlimited political donations and campaign expenditures, money, dark, light, and all points in between, some of it disclosed, but mostly not, a type of institutionalized campaign and election fraud based not on honesty, integrity and ability to do a good job, but on donations of capital from constituents who do not have any funds to donate, but continue to do so, with money they don’t have. I told you we’d get there.

Let’s peek at the current state of the unholy union between the Trump GOP and the for the most part low or no information voters, perhaps even some their pastors told who to support for president, suckers and losers who will vote Ruby Red, no matter the obvious consequences to the health, finances, rights and welfare in general. Let’s see if we can find where the rubber bullet hits the road.

As above, in MAGA eyes Trump can do no wrong. If he is an imperfect prophet, he can always be forgiven for his sins. Besides, if he is a sinner, he sins for us, to protect us through his sacrifice and example from committing similar transgressions of piety and faith. That’s right. Trump bangs porn stars so the converted don’t have to. He needs our campaign donations. $130,000.00 in hush money payments doesn’t grow on trees. Isn’t it the least we can do?

Why, he is so powerful, he can blur the lines between legitimate tax deductions and outright tax fraud. In fact, he lied through his teeth and got a $10,000,000.00 refund check one year and paid $750 in his first year as president. Yes, he lies, cheats and steals from us, but really, he’s doing it for us. Remember Benghazi? Hillary’s emails? Those are the actions and consequences of the wicked, incompetent, unclean and the unholy. That’s why the MAGA Cult 45 will never send money to the Clinton Foundation.

We in the alternate not quite ready for reality TV (soon?) make believe world of QAnon, who know the truth because no less than a serial liar like Alex Jones said so, about Hillary’s deep dish pizza state pedophile ring hidden deep beneath the surface of her “charity” in a basement filled with Washington degenerate elites (Democrats) ready to buy our children from us for their satanic rituals. You know, Democrats, those godless creatures who won’t let us pray in school or proclaim white privilege and racism as part of God’s misunderstood but righteous world order.

Makes me wonder if Trump’s stealing from a charity for children with cancer is yet another of his “taking one for the team so they don’t have to moments?” In any event, it won’t take long for the Trump apologists to find a reason to remain loyal and blind to their fake news prophet. From there, it’s only a hop, skip and an orange jumpsuit away for the safety of blaming Hillary, Barack or Michelle Obama or anyone else who no longer serves in any official government capacity.

Hillary, the evil queen, in cahoots with the Illuminati led antifa mob of ghosts, ghouls and goblins who are trying to give us affordable health care, clean water and air, a rent and mortgage freeze during the pandemic. Family leave, unions, and the right to a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. Better public education, sensible and humane immigration policies. Freedom from want and fear. Freedom of speech and worship.

Freedom from Ted Cruz and Rand Paul style hypocrisy and bile. Freedom from the clutches of the greed turtle and his handler wife. Freedom from all the political GOP lemmings and unashamed liars who having previously tied their political futures as members of the Trump Dumpster Fire Choir cannot seem to find the courage to stop singing of his imaginary praises.

Power without principle or purpose is a harsh and unforgiving mistress. When it comes to Trump, you will find no principle or purpose, conscience or spiritual or moral guidance, empathy, or love for his fellow man, but you will find as many mistresses as you care to look for so there is always that.

In the end, true power comes from us, the people and our best weapon lies in the vote. A vote for Biden is a vote for our future, our humanity, and for a return to a sensible, kind and caring reality free from the demons that haunt those who would save their souls by means of combining theology and politics in a match surely made in hell.

And the devil? Whoever and wherever he may be, is laughing his pointy tailed ass off at the gullibility of those who prize their ignorance and hysteria received from the mouth of an amphetamine junkie conman on the same level as information they could attain from reading the morning paper, but they won’t because that is fake news. What’s that you say Mr. Devil? Suckers and losers? Can’t say I disagree.

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