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Communique 9-25-2020 "Napoleon 45 They're Coming To Take You Away Ha Haaa!"

By Philip Drucker

Napoleon 45 (They’re Coming to Take You Away Ha-Haaa!)

At times like this I find it helpful to ignore the incessant chattering of the nattering Nabob of orange unhinged negativity and concentrate instead on the so many wonderful number of persons, places and things that have not changed one iota since I imagine the beginning of recorded time.

Trump can only win if you let him. He can’t do it by himself no matter how many times he says he can. He and he alone can’t. Yet he continues to lie in what lately would be about apocalyptic tinged, if I’m not elected everything that is going wrong right now, the Covid-19 virus, the civil unrest, the ranting, racism and division of our country will all be part of Biden’s America.

Well, if Mr. I’ll Never Get My Face on Mount Rushmore continues to leave everything as it is, then yes. And once again, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, like Clinton and Obama, will inherit and need to remedy the financial, environmental, and this time existential in a kind of comic relief way, meaningless authoritarian threat mess left by his Republican predecessor.

It’s all happened before, mostly during the Nixon years, the names, faces and players are a bit different, but the Republican Death Cult 45 continues to shrink, soon to be at best a regional party of religious zealots and racists and maybe Doctor Evil, I guess, until they finally fizzle out in a Glen Beck zombie blaze of unearned sanctimony all the while drowning beneath a sea of misguided by misinformation miasma.

This is not to suggest you should in any way, shape or form worry about what is going to happen to these can’t wait to die by ritual suicide, super dumb and very naive faux patriots of unborn children and nothing more, demanding we allow them and their poorly, but somehow divinely chosen yet morally addled, addicted to power and profit carnival hucksters they remarkably still follow to save the world.

They love living in their righteous misery. I have often voiced the opinion these followers of massive and expensive bring out the faith healers guaranteed to bring out the madness in you are rather better off when they are in the minority.

They can sit on the sidelines, bitching and moaning about whatever color suit or who's shoulders are on full display while ignoring the former porn model in the room, all the while knowing the democratic adults in Washington DC will never act on any of the nonsense they propose as virtual gospel, which I might add seems to give them, whether they admit it or not, a warm and fuzzy feeling as in nothing I do is going to change anything anytime soon. Like any child with a cookie jar to plunder or mischief to manifest they love getting caught, scolded and told no.

This election we tell them no. No worries here mate, I’m telling you, they will love it. They will re-calibrate their holier than thou the gays are why we have hurricanes righteousness meters for high and life will go on just as it always has. They’ll go back underground, swap meaningless memes, and Dairy Queen Anon conspiracy themselves silly with glee all day long until the red End of Times cows come home and they are ultimately rewarded for their piety by receiving the word that 99% of what they believed in this life was true, was not. Accordingly, they will all still be here staring at each other while pointing fingers at minorities as the cause for their celestial problems, waiting, as they always do for a day that will never come.

Mitt Romney is another good example of things that never change. In many ways, this time around is a bit more laughable, but it is obvious that Mr. 47% still wants to be president and with his latest inconsistent flip-flop, the Supreme Court nominee vote can go forward while almost simultaneously tweeting about Trump’s now openly no doubt about it I can’t win this election honestly because everybody knows who I am and they hate me revelation that he intends to dishonor if not outright destroy the peaceful transfer of power doctrine, is enough proof for me that we will see Romney 2024 yard signs in well, 2023.

Don’t be fooled. Romney is still as out of touch with America as he has always been and even a group of fellows like those in the Lincoln Project will not be able to propel Mittens to the White House as part of their “return” to traditional Reagan Republican values meaning trickle down voodoo economics and creating the illusion that food stamp recipients and imaginary welfare queens are the “verifiable” problem and cause of our financial woes. Good luck with that fellas, but, just so you know, we’re onto you now. I will ask a favor. Could you please stop short of nominating a Sarah Palin for the position a heartbeat away from the presidency? That was bad and we haven’t forgotten it either.

See how many things are still and will continue to be the same? We’ve seen it all before and it is we, the ones who see the greatness of America in our ability to be strong but sensitive to all who need assistance? Including those who want to come or stay in our country for the simple reason they want a better life for themselves and their children? That are in fact willing to put in the time and effort to work their way through the naturalization and citizenship process? You know, all the requirements of what it means to be a good and contributing member of American society?

Who didn’t lie about their working status? Who didn’t cheat their way to the top of the line by getting a false Einstein visa? Who married into their citizenship? Who had an anchor baby, like Melania, the epitome of the brightly feathered kept woman-bird that will never leave her gilded cage? She’s never going to leave him. You know that, right? Their match made in the bargain basement section of mail order brides catalog will stay the same too. Intact in their disgusting porn star riddled/secret hairstylist boy toy in NYC, loveless union, forever.

That, and all the above, my fellow Resisters, makes me happy. Yes, it does for it reminds me we’ve dealt successfully with these types of issues before, and we’ll do it again. Viva the same old, same old!

Better? Then put your fear back in the drawer of dubious doubts and let’s get back to work. Register, GOTV and plan to take a friend or two to the polls with you. For as in the past, this strategy, our strategy, works. 40 days to go. I’m in. How about you?

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