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Communique 9-22-2020 "Karmala"

By Philip Drucker

This might sound like an odd statement considering all the political intrigue, outrage, and outright nonsense going on right now, but if I am being honest with myself (why stop now?), it wasn’t the day the Democratic Party picked Joe Biden that gave me hope for our future, but when Joe picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully on board with Team Joe, and I believe he will be a very fine president come January 20, 2021, when we tear down the temporary I’m a little bitch walls that currently surround the White House and if necessary drag feet first what’s left of the Orange amphetamine aerosol huffing and puffing addict with a very advanced case of derangement syndrome, out of the Oval Office, for deposit in the nearest historically accurate recycling bin of best left behind but never forgotten lessons in our ongoing saga of pride and pitfalls that have befallen our grand and ongoing social experiment in democracy with representation and ultimately, self-rule by We, the People.

So why Kamala? Let me explain. Knowing it is easy to have 20/16 hindsight, one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest mistakes in 2016 was tapping a let’s be real here, unexciting and not in any way I can think of revolutionary Senator from Virginia, a state Hillary already had wrapped up, by the name of, let’s see, what was it again? Oh yeah, Tim Kaine. B-o-o-o-o-ring!

Change was in the air and did we ever get it, just not the kind of change we wanted. I would never go as far as to say Hillary lost on that pick alone, but if I had to find someone who would not I believe appeal to either suburban women or the college educated white guy, two demographics that surely could have used a shot of enthusiasm, she found him. But that was Hillary from word go. She bet the nation would look to her for stability and she bet wrong. Thankfully, Biden did not make the same mistake.

Not only does Kamala Harris’ nomination represent true, visionary change in our politics, but she is also a fighter and that my friends, is the name of the game. I’m confident I speak for Democrats everywhere when I say where is the person who sees clearly the dire situation we are in and, this is big, do whatever it takes to get the job done and the job is to smash, body slam, emasculate, and/or castrate (shouldn’t take long), in short do whatever it takes to end this waking nightmare once and for all.

Kamala Harris is a career prosecutor and has repeatedly shown she has the right stuff. She knows how to deal with thugs, predators, white collar slime-bags and slugs from every part of the criminal universe. Even those who hold positions of ultimate authority and power. Kamala has seen the egotistical and the arrogant fall from their tower of invincibility. She has seen, heard and caused the click-clack of falling dominoes many of whom will turn on the other in a hot moment to get the first, best and possibly last deal.

My money is on Pence. He doesn’t seem the type who would do very well in prison, does he? Then again, neither does Jared and let’s not even discuss the pros and cons of Don Jr.’s chances of survival in the pen. With that said, his incarceration would make for a fascinating episode of Lock-Up. The point being, Kamala could make all this a reality. She understands the games these people play and will I suspect offer no quarter. None asked, none given. My kind of prosecutor, VP and all-around champion to be sure.

Further, Kamala is a woman and one of color at that. Perhaps one day these will be unremarkable traits for not only a vice president, but a president as well. What we need are the right people at the helm who will take us even closer if not all the way to becoming a meritocracy.

A land where everyone is encouraged and congratulated for being all they can be regardless of peripheral at best, meaningless designations that allow the weak of spirit and mind to rely on “privilege” or the ever popular but still moronic “order of things” and all the fake sciences, revisionist history and abominations performed by those less than human miscreants whose only success in life falls squarely upon causing the failures of “others” not like them.

And so, when Joe and Kamala succeed by winning back the White House and putting our great nation back on a course for the future we can all be proud of, he, but mostly she, will have proven, again, that it is not the gender, or color of one’s skin, ethnic background, sexual orientation or religion that makes a person what they are. It is integrity, inner fortitude, a sense of responsibility, knowing kindness and caring are the tools of the strong and never of the weak.

That moving forward is moving forward with the innate understanding that our personal and collective pasts should never hold our futures individually or as a nation at bay. That we, America, are still and will always be the land of the free, and the home of the brave. And Kamala? She scares them, doesn’t she? Nothing personal, but nobody was afraid of Tim Kaine were they? Kamala? Yeah, they should be. Get on the bus or get left at the station. Next stop? A brand-new nation. With a highly qualified sure to succeed despite their best efforts female of color prosecutor near the top of the food chain who is not going to take your MAGA crap anymore. I’m digging it. How about you?

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