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Communique 9-18-2020 "The Unitary, The Imaginary, & The Ugly"

By Philip Drucker

So, let’s talk turkey today and if by turkey you are thinking I mean Bill Barr, you are right. Basted, flambé, slow cooked over a rotisserie, charcoal grilled, pie on a spit (my personal choice) you name it, he’s currently setting himself as the worst AG this nation has even known, and in fact, he might already be there.

What kind of imbecile who has never himself prosecuted a case in his life calls a bunch of hard-nosed life-long prosecutors “preschoolers”? If Mr. would-be fascist dictator in the making wants to keep his head attached to his neck and shoulders, I can’t say I recommend going after the very people who will soon be going after you.

But this is what you get when you have a toxic mix of Islamophobia, Crusades-era “muscular” Catholicism, in bed and abetted by Evangelical homophobic lunatic Mike Pence and Rapture fan Mike Pompeo all wanting to bring about the End of Times. Living this life in service of the next but be on one level liberating, in the sense that anything these three unwise kings do in this life will not affect their reservation in the Kingdom of Heaven come the Judgment Day.

In the meantime, we are stuck with our highest law enforcement officer in the land who wants nothing more than to overturn the laws of man and replace them with a sectarian form of ecclesiastic law and government that from all outward appearances draws its inspiration from the Spanish Inquisition.

Modernly, Billy pins his hopes on the radical “Unitary Executive” (UE) theory of American Government attacking the underlying validity of three separate but equal branches of government and the separation of powers. In a nut right wing bomb shell, the UE stands for the proposition that the president can do no wrong. His words and actions are “perfect” and therefore, not subject to interference or oversight from those other two clearly inferior and annoying branches of the federal government.

I could go on, but the EU is in the final analysis noting but a somewhat constitutional sounding code word for the imposition of a fascist, one person speaks for the good of all fallacy with this latest version comparable to the 1930s model where Mussolini had the secret police black shirts running amok so the trains would run on time. It was in the not too long run a complete disaster for the Italian people, and here? Well, I not even sure the trains are running on time, or when it comes to AMTRAK, running at all.

The once reliable United States Post Office is suffering a malice laden attack for the singular reason that slower and inefficient mail service might keep our current president and willing participant in the destruction of American democracy, in the White House, or at least furnish Trump the Usurper with a “plausible” basis for his repeated claims that if he doesn’t win, the election was faulty, unreliable, rigged, you name it he’s going to try it, wait and see. My other sure bet? Bill Barr, although no longer a legitimate AG and better compared to the Court Jester will be there, bells on his toady toes and with a matching golden ring through his nose, will be there right by his side.

Strangely, with few surprises left, but maybe still a shock or two, this scenario of an impending, fascist regime, backed by potential violence from the right, is not what alarms me. I mean, fools are going to be fools and sooner or later every fool gets cut. What I do find greatly disturbing is that roughly one third of America is going to vote for this nightmare scenario, for the most part blindly, certainly without the benefit of facts or rational thought, and willingly as a lamb led to slaughter, giving away their most cherished rights guaranteed under the Constitution, to IMHO, the right to be protected by any number of boogymen and monsters that do not exist.

Expect in their minds and due to the constant cult-like propaganda laden scare tactics cro-MAGAnons not only suffer gladly, but seem to be addicted to syringe of “only I can save you” mentality, delivered straight into the main vein by the person who created out of thin air the imaginary fear laden at best conspiracy theory in the first place.

From a tactical point of view, I believe our best get out the pest strategy is to continue to register and get out the vote come November in numbers too large to ignore. It is in fact there has never been a better time to show our commitment and unity when it comes to exercising our fundamental right to one person one vote democracy, as in, and this is big, every vote counts. And for this time around, every non-vote, is as good as a vote for the other side.

If that is so, and it is, it is also only logical, and I hate to say it, but with the stakes being what they are, any energy wasted on converting those persons resistant to anything that even comes close to resembling anything that will shatter the otherwise indefensible bubble they live in, is simply put, not the best use of our time and should be at all costs, avoided.

Not to worry, they won’t go away and I imagine their “collective voices” will get louder and more desperate as we near election day. How far are the zealots among us willing to go is hard to calculate. There seems to be no low they won’t stoop to if they think it helps their sacred cause to be free Americans who gleefully refuse to wear a mask while 200,000 of their fellow Americans have already died from the Covid-19 Virus.

How do you discuss the absurdity of “herd immunization” with someone who won’t admit that the best-case estimates for the lack of any meaningful efforts to halt the spread of the virus are, on the low side, approximately Three Million additional people will die? I can already from personal experience they will tell you the “numbers” none of the “numbers” add up, even though we all know that true statistical information for the Coronavirus is being suppressed, altered, sliced and diced by the Trump administration, but apparently still suited for that afternoon pick-me-up conspiracy theory with a tooth pick in it when you need it moment.

Then should you be so bold as to inquire further about the Covid-19 virus, after the it’s all a hoax, China’s fault, let’s take it out on them, irrelevant meme or two as “evidence” or at least proof that someone as equally brain dead and addled thinks like they do, followed by several personal attacks upon you and your house for eternity, they ask, in I admit in a sort of naive but earnest tone, whether you have cancelled your Netflix subscription or not as if that is the way America will be saved. This happened and I have no doubt will continue to happen right up and until election day.

Don’t fall for it, the MAGAs want nothing more than for you to take your eyes off the prize so they can spend another four years, and then negotiate, for a lifetime of unreality, living in a dystopian future supplied by all the creativity and imagination of a con man that, if he knows nothing else, is willing to “give” or at least tell them he will give, the people what they want, astonishing as that may seem.

Fortunately, we have better things to do, like save roughly a quarter to one third of our fellow Americans from themselves. It’s happened before, and, sadly it will happen again. But for now, it’s up to us to end this round, by knockout or otherwise, and begin to rebuild the trust, prestige and greatness for which America has no parallel.

Damn the torpedo heads and let’s go to work for we have barely begun to fight and this is a fight we dare not lose.

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