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Communique "9-12" 9-12-2021

Sunday morning. 4:38am. The day after 9-11 and all I can think of is why do we as a species still believe that the proper response to death is more death? Why do we believe the answer to hate is more hate? Why do we believe the answer to every problem is to compound the problem with more of the same conduct?

How does one put out a fire by adding more flames to the blaze? Give a drowning man a glass of water? Withhold food from the starving and then telling them it’s in their best interest? Oh, and your starving children? Well, now that they are born, it’s your problem so go get a third job.

Or, you could join our church. We’ll feed and clothe you and your children, but only if you commit your eternal soul to our sickening beliefs that only so many (us) will be saved and therefore some lives matter more than others. All lives matter? They don’t believe that for a moment. I know it, you know it, and they do too.

You ever wonder why rather than complain these malignant miscreants do nothing to make anything any better? Because they would actually have to do something other than sit on their living room couch gobbling down the hate spewing from their television sets as if it were manna from above.

Their inability to take any real responsibility for their actions are always “forgiven”. They call themselves “sinners” yet do not seem to understand the implications of sin, mortal or otherwise.

I once saw a television show where a serial killer was trying to explain to his interviewer that stealing a cracker was a sin on par with mass murder. Sin being sin and all, you know. I’m sure we have all heard such unbelievable justifications for our actions from time to time, but I have to admit this one takes the cake with the hidden saw inside.

Can anyone explain to me why one death is better than another? I ask as I still cannot understand how flying a plane or two of innocent persons into buildings on the pretext of guilt by paying taxes of all things translates to a death sentence when in fact it is murder of the innocent and undeserved under any legitimate interpretation of any religion.

Make no mistake. The events of 9-11 are the acts of cowards that cannot be legitimized as the will of any kind, loving and all knowing God. These are the unfortunate responses of a cult who have the audacity to claim authenticity and legitimacy through acts of violence and terror, as if somehow the threat of future misdeeds will somehow make those who are strong in their faith and true of heart roll over and play dead. Not gonna happen.

Are you one of those people? Before you answer, let me ask you a question. Was the first time you possessed a gun the first time you felt safe? If so, then you are not relying on God for your protection and ultimate salvation. You are relying on a cold piece of metal that was made for one purpose and one purpose only. Destruction. If you feel differently, you are very, very mistaken.

Your fear of man has led you to discard His kindness and loving as the path to the eternal. Every act that extinguishes the light within us is an act against His will. You say you do not believe in killing children, yet, can you tell me when any of us stopped being one of His children?

Is there an age? An act? Is there truly a time where we, as a single race living in the below can claim the right to end a life? Is there truly a time where murder even condoned and sanctified by the state isn’t murder? Can anyone tell me when did this become an act of grace the likes of which we are entitled to perform upon our brothers and sisters, no matter the explanation or reason?

I recently had yet another MAGA idiot (it’s getting tiring, isn’t it?) tell me I had no right to demand anyone get vaccinated, you know, save lives, until I stopped murdering babies. For the record, I do not approve of abortion but am pro-choice, as I believe it is a failure of society that we do not take the steps necessary to allow for alternatives to abortion.

We need to band together and build a social network from the ground up that allows for unwanted pregnancies including adequate information and access to birth control, an adoption system that works, and yes, most importantly of all, stop demonizing the prospective mother for her role when as a matter of the obvious being forsaken for the unbelievable, birth through an incestuous relationship and rapists are given the right to demand they be rewarded for their violation of the mind, body and spirit of the victim.

Yes, that is correct. I said the victim. Let me ask you this. Can you give me another situation in which the victim is further victimized by the supposed “rights” of an even more innocent victim? As in the unborn? To some degree assigning fault is always foolish for it does little or nothing to change the harm done.

But once again, if you accept the theory that God will only save some of his children, I guess in your mistaken zeal to be one of the chosen I imagine you might just blame anyone for anything they might do to take them out of the running.

And so, now you know why we answer hate with hate, death with death, equating the failure to wear a mask and end a pandemic with abortion rights and far too many atrocities done in the name of religion, including flying planes of innocent people for no reason other than you didn’t get the life you wanted and without the promise of a better afterlife refuse to see that we are all one.

Or, you could get off your fat ass and actually do something to help someone. The choice is yours.

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