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Communique 9-12-2020 "Viva La Resistance!"

By Philip Drucker

What is it that makes an entire political party lose their collective minds and opt to go down in history trying to install America’s first fascist regime? Is it money? Fame? Fortune? Legacy? Power? All the above, or none of the above? My answer is none of the above. What I believe to be the driving force behind the GOPs complete disregard for the sanctity and preservation, if not promulgation and continued vitality of our democracy is one desperate, last ditch effort to return America, at all costs to the good old days when discrimination, blatant racism, and yes, slavery was regarded as the true and correct “order of things” as ordained by no less than the Almighty above.

It is a continuation of a philosophy/theology that for true believers transcends any man -made contraption or configuration including the greatest governmental system ever devised. For your average racist, equality is a myth for the weak of mind, heart and spirit. Strength is measured in terms of brutality, the ability and willingness to inflict unnecessary physical and mental pain and suffering upon those perceived to be inferior. Why? It is the natural way of the world. Anything less is a hoax supported by fake news.

To your garden variety bigot, it is an obvious conclusion that one group must reside at the top of a bizarre food chain (hence their fear of cannibals). It is the ultimate “us” versus “them” scenario as in if we don’t take control, someone else will. I must admit for the last few years it’s quite a wall of dominoes we have been watching fall.

Isolation and xenophobia, leading to a false sense of nationalism, leading to very fine people on both sides, leading to Black Lives Matter, leading to unidentifiable roving groups of “government agents” roaming the main streets of America, shooting at citizens exercising their First Amendment Rights to peaceful protest under the guise of preventing vandals and looters from plying their trade. Eventually, that distinction vanishing under a one size fits all banner of “Antifa” or anti-fascism.

Ask yourself, when did anti-fascism become a bad thing in America? We fought WWI and WWII to finally put an end to the rise and threat of a racially charged ultra nationalist deadly, vile and evil form of fascism the world had never known. Notice the transition. Germany, greater Germany (including Austria), a nationalist movement morphing into “the master race” leading to the suspension of rights and systematic oppression of those who by their very existence, would challenge if not wholly contradict the ascension and supremacy of the Aryan race, for no cogent reason, except who they are, or who they themselves claim themselves to be.

Their justification? Once you get by the obvious faux attempts at pseudo sciences, eugenics, typologies, human evolutionary genetics and stilted physical anthropology studies, the only “proof” left is physical domination by all available means, however violent or inhuman those actions may be. I believe the Nazis called it the triumph of the will. Those with the will to lead, will lead, regardless the consequences to both their victims and eventually, themselves.

Problem is, it wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now. Shall we track the rise of the “alt-right” into main stream politics American style? MAGA. Make America Great Again. On top of mimicking a common feature of Nazi culture, MAGA refers not only to America’s at the time pre-eminent position in the world that apparently wasn’t good enough, but an internal, carriers of the flame, who was here first and wiped out the natives, you know, did the hard work, so you Johnny come lately immigrants (there are immigrants and then there are immigrants don’t you know) could come over here and usurp all that we built and then have the audacity to call yourself Americans.

Throw in some racial overtones and some good old anti-Semitism they run the world conspiracy theories, and what do you have? Well, among other things a political party ready to be taken over by the likes of a Trump. A group of “aggrieved” individuals, armed to the teeth in some instances waiting for the “go-ahead” from no less than their beloved leader, who it just so happens is the President of the United States. Instant validation for the militias and maniacs who reside among us, some of which are also armed, ready to fight, and yes, dangerous.

For it is these citizens the leader will hail as heroes, the real patriots, and yes, “Americans”. All other? Why, they argue for a life of kindness and caring, of equality and surrender to those who are not like “us”. They are weak of mind and body and at best will lead “us” into a state of eternal mediocrity. Never, to rise to our full potential on Earth, before of course, we rise into the heavens at the end of time. For, in the final analysis, to be chosen below, is the pre-cursor and proof of being chosen for an afterlife, at His side, above.

This is the curse of forgiveness through His love where no forgiveness is due. Fame, fortune and prosperity are false indicators of the blessings of divinity. They are as hollow the signs of rewards for piety as they come. Problem is, they leave the recipient, caught like a hamster on a wheel always wanting more, for more’s sake, unhappy, unfulfilled and unsure of their reservation for salvation. What now?

A demagogue willing to accept and approve all your worst features, greed, gluttony, bearing false witness, adultery, as not only acceptable but desirable of a race that knows what it wants and is not afraid to acquire it through any means necessary, sounds good, doesn’t it? A real leader who will show you the real way to the promised land, and beyond. Mineral rights included.

And to top it all off? Might makes right. Fascism makes right. Guns make right. Discrimination makes right. Eventually, death, destruction, denunciation and degradation makes right. It is this upside-down world in which Trump and his supporters wrap themselves. That is why I, you, we can’t understand them and why we must defeat them at the ballot box. Why? Because we know the difference between wrong and right and no twisted version of a life that does not honor life, all life, can ever be the true “the way of things”. Racism is not a sickness, it is a sin and we must treat it and its practitioners as gospel for the abomination it is and for the heretics they are.

Be prepared for the next few months leading up to Election day. We are dealing with a cult. A death cult that is out to win at all costs, mostly to be borne by us, not them. Of course, if you are playing winner takes all, loser takes nothing and in this instance the loser goes back to hiding under whatever slimy rock they came out from under in the first place, never to be heard of again, or at least for the near future, where we put the real world of democracy, unity and equality for all back on track, front and center where these values, in the grand scheme of things, above and below, are supposed to be.

Viva La Resistance!

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