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Communique 8-31-2020 False American Idol

By Philip Drucker

It is time. Time for us to let those who wish to worship their false idols to do so from the cold comfort and perceived safety of their favorite rabbit hole. It is time to let them live in their cyber delusional internet world of deep state conspiracy theories complete with cannibals and magical message boards where a messenger named “Q” makes up just enough stuff to be right .0001% of the time and is hailed for his valuable information and insight into Trump’s plan to overthrow the FBI by secretly helping them investigate him (it’s a sham, get it? No? Me neither.) with the help of his favorite cherub, or at least the one who has managed to remain in King Trump’s good graces, Rudy Giuliani.

Let me make it plain and simple. Like yogurt, in this case gone bad. Reality no longer favors Trump. His flock of loser lemmings is, as lemming flocks do, shrinking. It is too small to get him re-elected by itself. There are no hidden Trump supporters who somehow never get polled or interviewed, but are spotted every now and then at the local 7-11 knocking back a Slim-Jim or two with Elvis. Oldest trick in the book. When in doubt, make yourself look bigger than you are. Don’t fall for it. The Trump Cavalry isn’t coming to the rescue on election day. By 11-04-2020, Trump’s last stand will already be in the rear-view mirror of soon to be forgotten memories. Filed under “What Went Wrong?” and “Did That Really Happen?” and color coded red for “Seriously?”

There will be incidents and events deemed worthy of further research and investigation if for no other reason than we do not want to repeat that mistake again variety. Lots of those. But I believe the thread, the glue or the far less than God particles, the fervor or willingness of his followers to suspend all rational belief and thought for the oophorous promise of Making America Great Again, will be the subject matter of a sizable number of scholarly and not so scholarly papers, essays and theses coming soon to a think tank near you.

Another question sure to be raised is “What exactly was it they wanted, anyway?” A good point of inquiry to be sure. I sure as heck don’t know do you? Something about moving our embassy to Jerusalem, starting a space force that looks like Star Trek so we can go to Mars and find Hillary Clinton’s hidden pedophile ring pizza parlor of human edible delights, and draining the swamp only to be replaced by an even swampier swamp than the swamp before. Promises kept!

Building the wall never mattered. It was at best an ineffective and far too expensive way to keep immigrants legally seeking asylum and a better life out. Who knew tanking our economy would do the same thing? With no jobs for the asking immigration slowed down to a crawl. That’ll teach those who would harvest our produce for hours in the hot sun under terrible working conditions a lesson! Oh yeah, and Mexico was NEVER going to pay for it and EVERYONE, I mean everyone knew it. Yet still they voted for him.

Hillary’s missing or deleted 30,000 Emails never mattered. Seriously? You really think anyone except those who think there are messages encrypted in Hillary’s recipe for slamming potato salad sent to Chelsea could give a damn? Of course, I did have a conversation with one Trump supporter who was positive the emails kept on a secreted server somewhere in Siberia all contained or confirmed that Hillary was selling our “your eyes only” high priority military secrets and our intellectual property to the Chinese. Like Trump and Jared did when they sold our nuclear technology to the Saudis. At least Hillary had the good sense not to use Instagram and What’s App as a secure channel to transmit classified information. And then there’s Ivanka’s numerous Chinese trademarks including marks for caskets and voting machines. Yeah, they don’t care about that either.

Sensing a trend her? One rallying cry after the other about matters that without the addition of the absurd, impossible and just downright unbelievable, amount to nothing more than a whole lot of nothing, and nothing more. Who fights so hard to hold onto nothing? And why?

And then there’s Benghazi. A regrettable loss of life at any number is still a regrettable loss of life. No problem there, except I never did quite understand why all the pieces from the blame game fell on Hillary? True, she was Secretary of State, but she specifically requested additional funds for embassy safety that were rejected by the Republican Congress. True, there was some question about the who done it and why part, but this is normal and expected as events continue to unfold in almost real time no less.

The amount of time, energy and money wasted on the partisan and political to the max “investigations” were a complete joke and again, EVERYONE knew it. From day one EVERYONE knew there would be no smoking gun. No trail of deceit leading to Hillary, Susan Rice or Barack Obama (or Joe Biden for that matter). Yet as recent as last week I got an email from a still hot to trot Trump apologist that I, we had not heard the last about Benghazi. Oh goody. Can’t wait. Earth, atomizer, go for it and be proud of the looney tunes lemon yellow lemming pudding for brains you are! And, you don’t really care, do you? No, you don’t.

So, what do the tribe of Trump want? Why is the horrid horde reminiscent of Hagar so ready to suffer through four more years of Despotism, shame, grift, graft, corruption, lawlessness, economic uncertainty and a rising death toll due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, which is real and is really killing people because Trump is still refusing to do his job to protect us from all harm, foreign, domestic, and microscopic?

But there is a far scarier question that will also be asked and who knows, perhaps someday answered? Q: Why were so many willing to give up so much for so little in return? When you get right down to it, for the promise, certainly not as indicated above the actual delivery, of what? What do they want? Do they even know? The wages of worshipping false idols is a price I would think a group of pious, certainly self-righteous members of the congregation would want to avoid for fear of celestial reprisal.

Yet still, they bow and pray to the fattest of fatted and almost golden but closer on some days to burnt sienna, or apricot, calves. Because of this incident, after wandering in the desert for 40 years (allegorical, isn’t it?) Moses never saw the promised land. Neither will the Maganites, may God have mercy on their poor distorted souls.

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