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Communique 8-25-2020 It Isn't What It Is (At All)

By Philip Drucker

While diligently searching the Internet for any insight into the mostly false infomercial at best and nominally referred to as the Republican National Convention (RNC) I came across the following assertion, made by Trump supporters who apparently are still willing to believe Democrats are (A) Godless; (B) Socialist; (C) Cannibals or (D) All the above.

The Democratic National Convention omitted the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in 2020.

In finding the claim “mostly false” Snopes points out although two individual caucuses left out the reference to God during their separate meetings, the Donkey Party apparatus issued no guidance at all on the subject and accordingly, the opening pledge, you know the one viewed by millions? Contained the requisite reference and reverence to the Almighty.

Upon further investigation, I suggest we not fight this battle. If I’m reading what’s left of the Tea Party leaves (in and of itself a satanic ritual) I perceive no point during the time remaining up to the election where any amount of piety, love or devotion to heaven above by the Big Blue Tent Party could even begin to partly satisfy the sycophantic and often bereft of any discernible rational thought or reason currently passing as the Trump Clan’s “Gabba! Gabba! Hey! Hey! One of us! One of us! Litmus test. If you find this seemingly never-ending display of zealous fealty disturbing, do not worry. All it means is you are one of us.

Not surprisingly, we have on our folded hands a collision of faith based economics, the Free Exercise Clause and curiously, taxes. Riddle me this: Why is it after giving large amounts of their hard-earned money to the most peripheral of the illegal, immoral and often fattening of Television Evangelists, the morons in the red MAGA hats have the nerve to complain they don’t have enough money to pay their fair share of taxes? Then adding sea salt to injury, they whine like little bitches the “problem” is the government, and to back off, because they are Taxed Enough Already (TEA).

So now, once again, it’s the Federal government’s fault they are poor, if not destitute and oh, I don’t know, doomed to purgatory for the sin of not skipping a meal and sending the money directly to the Lear jet owning mega pastor of their choosing? Or, was it Martha McSally (R) from Arizona, the one running for Senator on the Why Exactly Am I Doing Here in the First-Place Ticket, who suggested he supporters suffer starvation as a legitimate tradeoff for the opportunity to donate more to her favorite political cause, that cause of course being her? See how the lines are blurring?

Further, if we throw in the Separation of Church and State, it is all but clear to me the legion of mostly lumpy Trump chumps, who see no problem with political advocacy from the pulpit, will fight for the right to have the Pharisee flavor of the month enjoy the benefits, whatever they may be, of their tithings without the inconvenience of paying Uncle Sam his due. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for religious donations. But, I would like to think my contributions would in some way go back into the community, help someone, you know do some good. What does a true man of faith need with a yacht anyway? He should be humble, and lately, keep his pants on when out to sea if you know what I mean and I’m sure you do. I’m just not sure if “they” do.

When I moved to the CV one of the accidental tourist/cultural artifacts I stumbled was Historic Route 99. Before the days of freeways, you could get your kicks driving straight through three countries, Mexico, the US and Canada on historic Route 99. Since the 1940’s, Clark’s Travel Center, conveniently located off the I Love My 99 in beautiful Indio, CA is still in service. Fill it up, repairs, car wash, restaurant available, there is even a laundromat to service all your driving or recreational needs.

There is also a plaque. It is to my knowledge the only plaque commemorating an act of prostitution by a popular mega televangelist for which he was eventually exposed for and summarily defrocked (yes, that is what I mean to say) by the very ministry that formerly bore his name (see above). Money for nothing, un-taxed, and your chicks not quite for free, but close.

Shortly thereafter, Jimmy gave his famous “I Have Sinned” speech. Today, it is hard to imagine Donald Trump giving such a speech. If I were a betting man (I’m not) I would put my money on an “It is what it is” sort of semi-denial, but without even a hint of remorse or guilt.

We live in a dark political age of imperfect presidential candidates, so much so at least one fancies himself the second coming of the Lard, pardon me, I meant to say Lord. Capable of taking the darkest of the dark of campaign donations with one hand while dispensing bolts of faux righteous indignation at the godless Democrats below with the other. His words are pure poison, the constant stream of hatred and vitriol revealing a rotted gospel of racism meant to cause division along the lines of “Thou shalt not build low-cost housing in the suburbs!” He exhorts his already thrice (if not more) fleeced flock to buy yet another gun to protect their homes as he croaks “they are coming for you.”

Sad part is no one is first or second coming for you and that evil you fear? Quite possibly the Beast? Why, he’s already here.

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