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Communique 8-21-2020 "America's Finest Hour"

By Philip Drucker

So, get this. When I asked one of my right but still with us buffaloed wing fringe nut about Biden (always a mistake) she responded there was “credible” evidence Joe owned an island right next to Jeffrey Epstein’s and even allowed his neighbor to house some of his private submarines in a secret beneath the waves undersea grotto of some sort.

I told her I was pretty sure she was mistaking Biden for Dr. Evil but just to make sure she should check for friggin’ sharks with laser beams attached to their heads. When I politely pointed out Snopes has this pegged at 100% false, I was not so politely informed that everyone knows Snopes “leans left”. I told her that was strictly an alty righty view for the simple reason the right/wrongs consistently put out propaganda that has no basis and they get called out for it more often then the left. If you don’t want to be called a liar, then don’t lie. Not all that hard, is it?

There is an alternate world out there comprised of individuals who sometimes band together in relatively small groups that operate on the premise that when it comes to politics, nothing and I mean nothing is as it seems to be. Everything you see is just a story to cover a lie or a distortion of the truth that somewhat strangely, only “they” can see. Black is white, unless it’s not, up is down, unless it’s not, right is wrong, unless it’s not. Why anyone would choose to organize their lives surrounded by and often drowning in a sea of cynicism and morass is anyone’s guess.

Are you by some chance waiting for Ghislane Maxwell to implicate both Joe Biden and Barack Obama in Jeffrey Epstein’s circle of pedophilia? She is. Unless of course the Dems get to her first and she conveniently commits suicide. This despite the numerous obvious and well documented photos/connections between Trump and Epstein readily available for all who care to see.

But remember, these are the false flags, devil in the details, never mind what is right in front of you, let me keep telling the same lie over and over until it becomes the truth. The very definition of propaganda. Joseph Goebbels would be proud, if not elated the methodology he helped perfect is still alive, well, and coming to a private chatroom leading to a rabbit hole of infinite depths near you soon.

I have never understood the fascination associated with falling into and digging ever deeper into a rabbit hole of misinformation. Pulling a rabbit out of your hat is one thing, but this is far more akin to pulling a rabid rat out of your ass. My advice? Better stand up if you are going to do that.

Last night was the fourth and final day of the 2020 Democratic Convention. After three and two-thirds days of various persons, some political, some not so much, some not at all, it was time to see if Joe Biden, our prospective presidential nominee would deliver.

Would he, could be the solid, steady leader we so desperately need now? One dedicated to uniting our fractured to the point of near inertia to the point of allowing a virus to claim so many lives that did not have to be lost? Was Joe ready for the not small effing deal of repairing our broken economy? One that only works for the wealthiest of Americans, and even then, only a fraction of that exclusive and often elusive, if not reclusive faction of our economy? To cut to the straight, no chaser, is he the one ready, willing and capable of fighting for the very soul of our nation?

To put us back on the right Amtrak? Remind us of who we are and that despite the pot holes, recently sinkholes we must constantly learn to identify and navigate around if necessary to reach the promised land of decency, civility and democracy? A president not for some of us, but for all of us? For better or worse? Till the next nasty tweet do we part? In short, bring back our best, our goodness that has always been our not always hidden strength and our one proven path to the attainment, continuation and extension of this experiment into rule by of and for the people? AKA the very essence of American greatness?

I do not feel I overstep when I state by the end of his acceptance speech, the fireworks flying and the car lights flashing among the crowd of mostly masked and clearly social distancing supporters Joe had not only done all the above, but indeed, so, much more. It was more than a moment in time. It was the American equivalent of Winston Churchill and England’s finest hour.

He will never surrender to the season of darkness that seeks to envelope us all while

We the People refuse to be stopped, distracted, or suffer any further disgrace. We will do what we must do, if necessary, one stutter at a time. We will welcome the disinfectant healing light from the sky above back into lives.

By contrast and in conclusion, now you know why they call it going down the rabbit hole. It’s a place you can try to hide from the rays of the sun, but in the end, you still get burned.

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