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Communique "Biden Ascending" 3-18-2021

“Biden Ascending”

If I had to venture a guess, I would think most of you would consider me a somewhat thoughtful person who tries to find and absorb as much information as I can and then try to take a stab at what may or may not “come out of this” in a manner that although the situation may look dicey at the time, it does not mean the eventual impact of current events might end up having a positive effect by leading us to let’s just call it for now the “right” conclusion.

Some might call this giving the benefit of the doubt, but since I have no doubt the GOP is nothing but a bunch of dead fish heads for the creepy crawlers inhabiting the scum covered bottom of the murky waters in a far too long neglected fishy fish bowl we so casually call Washington, DC, I don’t believe waiting for the bad to become the good, and considering the GOP will never be anything but ugly on the inside and out, is the issue.

In fact, I have no doubt the party of nothing more than shared hatred and intolerance for anyone who are not like “us”, us being an odd coalition of greedy bastards who would tell you your hatred of minorities and not their cruel and lacking any sense of equity actions of economic opportunity and hence deprivation of wealth for all except themselves and their donors, while sanctimoniously as all get out and patently untrue assertions that the poor are lazy and get this, unworthy of the Grace of God precisely because they are not rich, well, let’s just say I don’t expect the party of no to say yes to anything resembling good social policy or good governance of, by and for the People.

Yet I find myself both astonished, humbled and hopeful after a mere 50 days of the Biden Administration and the Democratic majority in Congress, you know the ones who are at least for now and the near future making the decisions that matter, how bright the patriotic light of a new day is truly now beginning to shine just over the horizon.

I don’t know about you, and not to take a victory lap, but doesn’t it make you happy to see the soon to be marginalized with a very good chance of having his judicial legacy of installing unfit justices and judges to the federal judiciary undone starting it would appear with the removal, one way or the other, of Associated Justices who lied to Congress about rape, (Brett) and another about her inability to understand the Bible is not the law of the land (Amy), and then, to finish off the conservative majority, the clearly out of touch we’ve had enough of your crazy wife furnishing transportation, aid and comfort to the Capitol Building insurgents, you know, the enemy of the people (during wartime?), Clarence “Hardly Useful and Mostly Harmless” Thomas, all three a few steps away from a footnote to history as the justices who were removed, or perhaps unpacked from the court in the interest of judicial integrity and justice as the Traitor Mitch I Never Met a Dark Money Dollar I Didn’t Like Even If It Means Me Engaging In Money Laundering for the Russian Mob, watches his master plan to take over the judiciary crash and burn and disgracefully at that, into infamy and oblivion. Or, as I like to put it, Don’t Fear the Grim Reaper, he’s just a nasty little bitch-ass punk whose time in the political spotlight is all but over. And then there is his wife. Can anyone say step down or she’s going to prison? And maybe you too? Try it. It certainly works for me.

Then there is the bigger picture. It may sound like semantics, but I never cared for Obama’s “Change we can believe in” slogan. Not that change is not a good thing now and then, and now, but change reminds me of exchange and exchange just doesn’t cut it. For my tax and spiritual dollars, transformation is the way to go. The difference you might ask? While I do firmly believe Obama was a very good president and did challenge and change some of the norms in and around Washington DC, in America, a truly transformative process to governance relies on changing the minds of the average citizen, you know, We the People? And for that, as evidenced by the admittedly one in a million Trump victory, only served to remind us what was “out there” and how much change still needed to be done in order to transform America into a country dedicated to fundamental fairness for all, E Pluribus Unum and yes, a return back to our roots as a country made up almost entirely by immigrants.

It is my belief that under a Biden administration we can continue to add to the foundation Obama provided with the Affordable Care Act of taking care of the people first and I point to the American Rescue Act as proof positive the middle class has returned to the economic priority it was after WWII, you know that time when we dominated the world as the only super-power and all that? And importantly, that helping both the indigent and middle classes with direct funds is not socialism, but indeed sound fiscal policy for a country that wants to re-establish its position as the world leader in economic influence and trade.

To do so, we must first get our own country back on track. That is why Congress must pass and Biden must sign an infrastructure bill, and get the average American employed at good, well-paying jobs with benefits and pensions. After years of Republican attacks upon the unions, are we ready to side again as we once did with the workers and their right to organize? I think we are. U-N-I-O-N!!!

It is also crucial that we fix our current voting system by overturning Citizens’ United and placing back into law common sense campaign reforms to eliminate the lobbyist’s dark money in politics scheme that interestingly and again, is due mostly to the efforts of one racist turtle monger out of Kentucky that has served him to feather his terrarium all these years.

These changes must include the end of political gerrymandering, limitations on corporate and individual spending and a plan whose main goal must be to ensure as much transparency in our politics as possible. Can and will Biden and Co. do this? I believe they can pass such a law, even if they need to eliminate the filibuster if necessary.

I don’t know about you, but no single Senator from West Virginia is going to hold up the process of revamping the FEC into an agency with teeth when the added benefit of not hearing the Q/MAGA/GOP/Parties whining incessantly about a toy, Potato Head, a couple of Warner Bros. cartoon characters and a couple of books, as long as it’s not the Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss that nobody even remembers reading, or at least I don’t.

Cancel Culture? Why don’t we start with eliminating systemic racism and stop promoting the hatred of others as an actual legitimate “policy” goal? How about we cancel a bunch of nutcases bowing down to a false idol/graven image golden calf of our worst president, now former thank the Lord, of all times? Can we? Yes, we can.

If the last election has shown us anything, it should be that when good people show up in record numbers the good guys win. For ultimately, if America is to transform itself into a model of modern democracy, it is We, the People who must transform our thinking, for as we are seeing, left to our own devices, the majority usually gets it right. Not always, but after all, Rome wasn’t transformed in a day, was it?

And so, I leave you today hoping you are excited about America’s future as I am. Let’s all evolve together. Oh, and as for a comprehensive, transformative immigration reform, hey Mr. President, can you get to work on that too? We all know who the real boss is here. That’s right, you.

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