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Communique 3-12-2021 "Shake 'n' Half-Baked Anyone?"

Shake & Half-Baked Anyone?

Over the past several years, and far too many times I might add, we all have experienced the social media phenomena, “not another meme from (fill in the blank)” and silently thought to ourselves I really don’t know what to say to him/her anymore.

Now all of your problems are solved! Because we, or at the very least me, well, there is rally only me, here at the have come up with a shake and bake ready to go pre-made cut, paced and go response sure to help take the stress, wear and tear out of answering the basic can they really be that ignorant at best types of questions such as “where do I even begin to address these ridiculous claims?” And allow you, the Resister to get on with your day watching the adults in the White House deal with problems that actually exist and are not just made up crackpot paranoid lunatic theories (culture wars) that in most instances violate the laws of decency, common sense, Grey’s Anatomy and physics.

Because we here at the know if you are like us/me, democracy minded socialist commies or possibly capitalist at times if need be, who believe the necessities to life, like childcare and healthcare, for those should be, if not at least affordable to the average family where at least one partner works a 40 hour a week job, while fully understanding that corporate bailouts for the rich is about as pure as welfare for rich folks can be, who also understand there never was and never will be anything that trickles down from these bastards, and would rather see your hard earned tax dollars go to programs like SNAP so children do not have to go to bed at night hungry and wonder if come the next morning there will be food on the table, well, this is the just the time saving don’t waste another breath or thought on these CroMaganons Insurrection Party response for you!

So, Feel Free to Cut Past, Copy & Share And don’t mind the MAGATs, or the run–on sentences, it’s far too long and they are not going to read it anyway.

Wow! That’s really ignorant and annoying even for you! Let me make myself clear. Just because a politician, any politician, preferably a woman these days, one whose body you can’t control by calling “abortion” a right to life issue, or a man, and all points in between, of any race, color, ethnicity or sexual preferences, running for, duly appointed to or elected to office and is willing to competently serve is infinitely the far better choice than your gun-toting, death merchant, idiotic, racist, religious intolerant of any person’s beliefs other than your own, homophobic, xenophobic. lactose intolerant, you voted for because, you can’t control you lower emotions and “feel” they are “right” and will somehow magically protect you from the ludicrous and easily debunked fact-free, low calorie conspiracy theories you continue to construct out of the thinnest of air knowing all along these stories, let’s call them are false but you want to “own” the libs including acts of outright defamation against good people like mine and your President of the United States, Joe Biden, a good, empathetic man of God who is not a crook, a pedophile, a “dishonest” politician, as if after your idea of an honest politician was Trump I would care even in the slightest way imaginable who you thought was, all the while maintaining your selfish and at times even cruel practice of refusing to wear a mask as some sort of misguided at best, dangerous at worst political statement (it’s not) all the while maintaining the Amish of all people have it right, that you and your coven are love and nothing more as you continue to watch people die with your main point of justification is “these numbers are all wrong” in a single report in which the numbers are in most likelihood close or in fact are actually correct as they can be given the limited and incorrect information about the Covid-19 virus pandemic shoved down our throats by a propagandized by Trump CDC, so the government is lying to me, and no one by “Q” a fiction character, a puppet that a group of sociopaths looking for attention in all the wrong, but for you because it is you right places dances in front of because you just can’t comprehend the fact there is no “deep state” or any particular or in total persons, places, or things that go bump in the night that you can conveniently claim as a scapegoat for what amounts to your fear of a planet, yes an entire planet dedicated to love, peace and harmony between all persons, with only one race, the human race, and the only way to accomplish this is to eradicate bigotry and eradicate you quite frankly sickening claims of entitlement white privilege as if somehow in a universe unknown to myself and most others similarly situated who know how to read know was not made by white folk alone and that coming over on an old rickety ship named the Mayflower no more entitles you to the claim of being a “true” American than anyone brought over by the Amistad or any other slave ships who are now here having chosen to make a new life for themselves as Americans, upon soil they fought to protect while you and the rest of your cowardly family, yes, you Donald J. “Suckers & Losers” Trump and Mitt Romney come to mind, yet now you now revile John McCain, a true American patriot and war hero, some for generations now having refused to serve, or perhaps once a long time ago did serve in an unjust and unworthy war, for a cause we all wish you had long ago forgotten served as part of a collection of murderous, traitorous, seditionist, white power hate mongers and all around semi-humanoid monsters called the Confederacy, a war by the way you lost, while still feeling it is your right to wave its battle flag, or any other false flag you feel necessary, because a short war fought in vain is such an important and valuable part of your past, history and culture (that you should be ashamed of) and don’t even get me started on your perverse Cancel Culture because I can’t stand to think of life without insulting racist fictional cartoon characters or oil, oil spills and oil based products like plastics in place of merely moving on to a new generation of clean, renewable energy sources because you associate the next generation of power with a “radical-left” agenda, and lions, and tigers and socialism, oh my! when let’s be honest now, you really do not know what socialism is and that is why you constantly confuse one theory of economics, socialism, with communism, and of course fascism and Nazism, because in reality other than line your own pockets first shameless, soulless, and predatory capitalism you don’t know or even care to know the difference between even economic and political agendas, much less how they individually differ from each other, because in your mind it’s not only I’ve got mine so you get yours, and if I can even get more of that sweet sucker cash money into my pocket via the distortion of religion known as televangelism, or by lying, cheating and stealing all of your tax dollars by way of a no better than your average mobsters but in Trump’s case more accurately referred to as a family run crime syndicate, while continuing to whine like little children about paying taxes for far less efficient and reliable services you couldn’t receive in the private sector for twice the price, and oh by the way, how’s that private electric grid in Texas working out for you and your Abbott without the Costello, unless you count Rick Perry installed that looking back, if he couldn’t kill you with a virus he might get a second bite at the poison apple fritter to freeze you to death, praise the Lord and pass the hallucinogens, but hey! you just remember now, it’s never too late to build that beautiful, good for nothing magical wall while patiently waiting through all of the disappointments of the coming of a great event that will return us all to a time of biblical prophets and attendant flashy miracles and so, I bear witness, to you, the witless, hapless or just plain mean, ornery mostly stupid aiders, abettors, part of a conspiracy where one of you goes, all of you goes movement in the service of Satan, God have mercy on your eternal souls, not because you know not what you are doing, but precisely because you do, and it makes you feel good and in the final analysis, feeding your insecurities by bearing false witness to others, isn’t that what really matters? Or, are you really that dense?

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