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Sometimes patience is more than a virtue. It’s a necessity. Situations may change but people don’t. Throughout history we have always had societies full of individuals ready to sell their precious freedom at the first sign of what they perceive to be instability but realistically, is nothing more than change.

Who do they look to? The answer would be anyone who is willing to tell them what they wish to hear. Usually something along the lines of being the only person who can fix it, by hook or by crook, legally, illegally and as is often the case with brutality if deemed necessary.

In short anything that will stop the inevitable march to a better future, for all. In America, the melting pot of the world, “better” is an inclusive process, meaning we all do better when we all do better, no matter the race, ethnicity, religion or gender. The “We” as in We, the People is not built upon an exclusive country club mentality, where success is perceived as a game played with limited resources and consequently, for every “winner” there must be an equal and opposite “loser”.

But the world is rich and plentiful and can provide for everyone, if we would only let it. The goal of America is not to build a ruling class, but a middle class. In America, the goal is to help the poorest among us. Perhaps by providing food, shelter and assistance where it is needed and not by giving out loans that will never be repaid to the wealthiest and then hope it “trickles down” to the persons who need our compassion, wisdom, humanity and our help.

I still remember when Ronald Reagan began his campaign of cruelty to those with the least political power. He closed hospitals and threw the mentally impaired into the streets as they were “too expensive” and well, did not generally vote and if they did it certainly would not be for him.

Next, he vilified the “welfare queen” a bonus two for one shot painting the indigent and usually of color recipient as again, another drain on our economy and hence, too expensive for us to subsidize. All while the old wrinkled white guy kept opening the national treasury to “lobbyists” or as I like to put it, he made good old bribery fashionable again.

Nothing like going back to the turn of the 20th Century as we were heading into the 21st to calm down the “traditionalists”, comprised of those who believed then and still believe now that it was rich, religious racists who built America with everyone else who wasn’t a member of this exclusive club a burden placed upon society that only he could remove.

And how did old Ronnie defend American exceptionalism? He “defeated” and already depleted and falling apart Soviet Union and ruining our educational systems under the guise of being fever dreams of elitists, its goal to turn out persons who might think for themselves and hence, see through his thinly veiled agenda of making the rich richer by taxing the social security benefits of the elderly, as an “entitlement” albeit one that was fully paid for by the recipients during their lifetime.

If this is starting to remind you as the beginnings of the latest round of “Make America Great Again” it should, because it is. Throw in the ignorance, arrogance, and paranoia of a Nixon and voila! We were well on our way to introducing the tenets of a “strong man” dictatorship as our quickest, fastest and most effective means of undoing the kindness and inclusivity, and yes, awareness of the plight of minorities in their historical role of being shut out from sharing in the bountiful American dream they helped create.

Today, after the fall of the once mighty Republican Party, the party of Lincoln having fallen prey to the paranoid lunatics and grifters who simply cannot face the realities of today’s modern, intertwined world economy outlook and view, we are left with one political party dedicated to protecting our precious democracy. This would be the Democratic Party. And yes, this is a time where as good defenders of the republic for which we stand, we must be patient.

Why? If the Trump years have taught us anything, there is no such thing as a quick fix. When guiding a nation, “quick” eventually translates to uninformed, hasty and unwise decisions, politically motivated by a harmful, uncaring and sociopathic need for power for power’s own sake.

Today, Trump is no more. He has no power, respect or ability to change our lives into the chaotic hell he craved as means to his only end, the accumulation of money to validate his ego at the expense of all others with the added plus of assuring his followers that electing a (supposedly) rich, religious and certainly racist dictator was indeed the tried and true, proven path toward American exceptionalism. You know, MAGA? Got it?

Yet now, cooler heads have prevailed. Biden is in the White House, and the Democrats control both houses of Congress and while I agree the danger of an autocratic despot guiding our country remains, we cannot assume the next authoritarian leader of a fascist regime will come from the other side.

For this reason, we must concede that the democratic process is a slow one, and if the democrats adopted the ways of the autocratic GQP, well, there would be no party willing to fight for democracy.

If this were to come true, there would be no party left to defend the vision of our Founding Fathers, that given the opportunity to make decisions for themselves, the masses can and will make the best decisions for themselves, as individuals and as part of a collective dedicated to seeing that America never perishes from this Earth.

I admit there is much work left to do. In fact, probably more than any of us know. But then you must admit that however slowly, our secret weapon, the truth, is coming out and with the revelations of the January 6th committee, we are seeing a little more of the true picture of a planned insurrection by traitors and seditionists coming into focus each day.

But it will be a slow, painful process, but it just so happens to be the very process we need to insure the continuation of our blessed American democracy. I guess it’s true, the waiting is the hardest part. But then again, anything worth having is worth waiting for.

I’m looking forward to 2022. There will be setbacks, but my prediction is the coming year will find quite a few of the orange cranberry potato heads will get their comeuppance, and it will not be pretty, except it might be pretty darn wonderful. Can we wait patiently together? Who’s in?

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