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Communique 2-8-2021 "Trial By Liar"

For the first time in American history, we face the aftermath of a presidential administration so lacking in vision, heinous in scope and devoid of character that a second impeachment became a necessity in what will one day be remembered as but the first step of many taken by our elected officials towards rectifying the enormous damage done to our republic and our democratic way of life.

With the impeachment process complete, it remains the obligation of the Senate to hold a trial to convict with the possibility of additional punishments, mostly remedial, with the goal if nothing else, to assure the American public our representatives are willing to do their job and, if nothing else, protect the American people from a monster who for no reason other than to feed a black hole of insanity and insecurity tried to overturn the results of a legitimate election by inciting an insurrection aimed at disrupting the peaceful transfer of power.

Will the Senate convict? Considering all the relevant events were captured live on video it would be hard to imagine a judge or a jury doing anything less than find Donald J. Trump guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors as proscribed under the Constitution. But conviction requires a 2/3rds majority of the Senate to vote for justice and I, for one do not see than happening and so, the question becomes why?

Come tomorrow, watch closely as you will see the various layers of Constitutional law and interpretation, intersect with criminal law while careening straight into a land of what is best described as political theater. It shouldn’t be this way but right now we have two separate political parties, one of which has no interest in governing.

I can see it now, a bunch of religious brain dead whack jobs sitting in a back room complaining about how hard it is to govern flipping through right-wingnut chat rooms and message boards for the next conspiracy theory to promulgate as actual policy worth discussing, if for no other reason it gives their male, white constituents the unreal belief that the time of white supremacy and privilege are all but over and at any rate will be over soon.

You want to know why? The racist, fascist, religious right went too far. Rather than follow the Bible, the evangelicals are falling prey to their own wholly outrageous, unreasonable and hate filled rhetoric in a thinly veiled and growing ever thinner patch work of man, myth and magic in a manner combining religious intolerance, outward race baiting and blatant fascism into a false narrative based upon what I consider to be one of the saddest and unfortunate miscalculation and lack of understanding of the basic tenets of humanity I have witnessed.

In short, the Q wing of the GOP has finally substituted hate for love as they try to bring about the “great awakening” or “storm” as events predetermined by the Gospel itself. In other words, the only way left to get to heaven is by identifying for scorn, ridicule, destruction, and who knows what else as the true “way” to ascend to the Kingdom of God by rejection of people, persons, and things “they” don’t like, or in all honesty afraid of, but they’ll never admit that, will they?

Fortunately, actions speak louder than words. I’ve picked up something of a nasty habit lately. I’ve been asking the few right wing loony birds who are still talking to me questions about gun ownership, as in “why do you need a gun much less an arsenal of weapons hidden under your bed?”

Why do you voluntarily choose to embrace racism as the “natural” order of things? What do you care if the rest of us would cancel the “culture” of the Old South? A failed rebellion that sought to continue the evil, institution and extension of the vile legacy of slavery as a right of divinity? The Confederacy only existed for approximately five years, yet this is the part of Southern history worth not only remembering but revering and protecting at all costs?

Why do you fear democrats? We are not the socialist, Godless individuals you make us out to be. We are not here to take away your freedom of worship, or belief, but with that said, please remember we are under no obligation to give credence to insane stories about prominent democrats drinking children’s blood in a basement under a pizza parlor in service to a devil known as “Molock”.

Why did you need to invent Q? He’s not real, you know. Why did you feel the fervor and the need to hang Mike Pence? Is it really to “trigger” another era of prophecy and miracles? The End of Times? Why did you feel justified in attacking the Capitol, an act of insurrection and treason, and yes, actions that predictably resulted in murder?

We have all heard the excuses. “Trump invited me.” No, he didn’t he asked you to voluntarily enlist in his armed insurrection so he could hold onto power. You can’t be convicted of treason because you don’t know what it is? Can’t wait to see how that holds up in court.

Now, we are at a crossroads in our battle for the rights of individuals, all individuals to live their lives in peace, harmony and a shared spirit of comity and co-operation. My advice for those who either cannot or will not join us in our inevitable march forward, I would not fixate on the not-so-great awakening, but know this, a time of reckoning is upon us and the flying monkeys are not coming to save you.

The Senate trial and show acquittal won’t save you. It is a political function of government and its interactions with the people. It is a way We, the People can see whether our elected officials are acting in our best interests, to stop the bleeding and prevent it from happening again.

With all the talk about what is Constitutional, yes, they can try him after office and yes, I am a bit surprised I have not heard more discussion over whether even if the Senate votes to acquits, can it still bar Trump from holding future federal office in a separate proceeding? The answer is currently unknown, but in no way, can future disqualification be considered a done deal, regardless of whether the Senate convicts or not.

Assuming Trump is acquitted, can he still be removed in a separate proceeding from holding future federal office under the 14th Amendment? The answer is yes, he can. And importantly, can Trump and his crime syndicate family and his assorted goons be further prosecuted criminally and civilly for crimes both state and federal under the various relevant and appropriate codes? Once again, the answer is yes.

Regardless of the actual outcome of the Senate trial, we are at the beginning of a journey with no end in sight. As the days go by we will learn more and more about the sickening and twisted individuals and their black, depraved hearts of bottomless darkness, disgust and distress. Will that be enough to change the minds of those who would go to hell and back for Trump?

Sadly, I find the truth is only useful to those who hear it with an open mind and an eye trained upon not laying blame, but fixing that which is broken in the eternal hope of a better tomorrow, for everyone.

Lastly, I speak to you directly in asking you to join with your fellow patriots who do not seek vengeance, but yearn for accountability, responsibility and the administration of justice as the right and honorable way to move forward. We must not let our arrogance, indignation, or, yes, our fears lead to unnecessary and unwise acts of retribution.

Tomorrow, we watch while knowing the scales of law, order and justice are not blind, not even to those who choose to close their eyes and therefore cannot see the new dawn rising. I can see it and I think you can too. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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