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Communique 12-6-2020 "Fairest Wheel"

By Philip Drucker

If you are like me, you might be wondering why the average cable news host or hostess is still wondering about the who, what and why of Trump’s motivations. There is only one and it has been painfully obvious from day one and continues unabated to be so. Succinctly put, Trump is a con man with a flair for dramatics. There are many terms connected with such a person of so low character and resulting acts mostly, if not entirely comprising of lies, in Trump’s case to sick and obsessive degree, and stealing.

There are many words for this particularly irksome genus of blood sucking parasitic tick feasting upon the rump roast and gizzards of America. Grifter, con-man, fraud, swindler, chiseler, all appropriate to confidence man in chief. His family and/or associates? Shills one and all to be sure, still might be better described as Trump’s accessory(s) to the crime, flunky, lackey, suck-up, sycophant, lying lions, silver-tongued tigers and boorishly boorish bears, oh my! Oh, and then there is always Rudy. He’s just an idiot, and not terribly useful at that. Back to Trump.

Trump the self-proclaimed capitalist’s capitalist, or at a minimum, anything but a socialist even though I doubt he knows what the word means, is similarly not looking for customers. He never was, and he never will. This would be counter-productive to his scheming, if not simply too hard for him to do. Customers are demanding and require a return in better products or services for their hard-earned dollars. Instead, he does what all good bunco artists do, look for the weak, the timid, bendable, malleable, and hopefully plain dumb, innocent being optional. You know, the mark.

If you don’t think “mark” quite fits the bill, perhaps rube, sucker, loser, dupe, fool and tool all come to mind. The sadder part is due to Trump’s lack of empathy, he does not see anyone as anything other than an “opportunity”. He has no use for or affinity for blood, guts, flesh and bone. He does not see “you” as anything more than the object at the other end of the transaction. All he knows is you have something he wants and he is willing to do whatever it takes to acquire the asset, you know, to win. With you being nothing more than what stands between him and the “precious”.

His motivation is a modern-day version of the search for the El Dorado. Not necessarily gold per se, but for capital, meaning anything that can be acquired and bought, sold, or exchanged for something else, and if a profit be involved, the cycle continues. In a true capitalist system, if no profit is generated, the venture generally ends. But not for Trump. Ultimate failure is just another phase in an internal, sick, twisted and deeply disturbed perversion of I imagine we can still call it capitalism, but without the necessity for competition, innovation or beneficial change.

If we can give Trump credit for anything even approaching business acumen it would be his ability to skip the beginning and go straight into debt, as in skim off the top to support a lavish lifestyle and go into uncollectable debt proceedings, his numerous bankruptcies of casinos, an industry where the house always wins, and it is virtually impossible to lose money, comes to mind.

This is how Trump makes money, add in any one of his several obvious mental disorders, perhaps a snoot full of crushed Adderall now and then, and voila! Call it greed, avidity, avarice, unusually strong cravings for junk food and porn stars, you name it, that’s why, or some combination thereof, why he does what he does. In the wild, it’s called instinct.

For a sitting president, it’s called executive misconduct, dereliction of duty, crime, treason, ineptitude, incompetence, heartless, careless, bigoted, racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic and religious intolerance. Throw in a virtual non-response to a deadly virus, and perhaps we can throw in genocidal maniac.

For the last four years, this is what Trump has done and through the transition, continues to do. Why is he challenging the election results? Simple. His failure to win is now earning more money directly from his followers than when he was in office. Why does he…don’t go there. If it results in more of your dollars in his pocket, he’ll do it.

Surely, we can’t expect him to change now. So why so much worry about what he might, or might not do once he is out of the presidency? Assuming he is not behind bars or buried beneath an avalanche of civil suits, will he run for the presidency in 2024? Yes, if he thinks he can still shake some more coins out of the stupid tree, he will. Will he try to build the wall? Sure. Why not? He knows Mexico won’t pay for it, but if his legion of lemmings keeps the KFC with biscuits, gravy and mashed potatoes train going, yes, he will.

Will he start an extreme tin foil conspiracy laden so far to the right it would make Fox blush communications conglomerate aka Trump TV? If the hapless masses keep passing the big bucks, then yes, he will. Only time and perhaps the stock market plus available interest rates for T-Bills will tell. Will he start an alternative, progressive left wing station to rival MSNBC? No, because that would require finding real news, fact checking and a sense of finding the truth. That, my friends, falls into the “too hard can’t do it anyway” category and thankfully, it is not going to happen.

If we must speculate, we can always play the history game, as in how will future historians view Trump’s presidency? Worse president of all time? That’s a given. My personal hope is that he goes down as the ultimate nattering nabob of negativity who found himself in a position of power and control he was never civically or politically interested in nor capable of performing from the word go. But that’s just me and I tend to be somewhat glib in my categorizations when it comes to prognostications.

He might be remembered as the ultimate con man who tried to bankrupt America for his own personal purposes, mostly money, fame, attention and greed, and almost succeeded. Tried to bankrupt the US Treasury, all the while skimming off the top of any number of hidden slush funds, all the while reserving some crumbs of the embezzlement pie to his Secretary of Treachery for keeping his mouth shut. Bigger target, but same MO.

It is unlikely the next generations to come will remember Trump all too fondly, or given what we now know to be true, a malignant narcissist with a psychological profile that is but a mere additional diagnosis or two at most from serial killer. But come to think about it, seeing how Trump got 73,000,000 Americans who know this to vote for his re-election, how far is your average MAGA mark, suckers, lemmings and losers away from becoming a victim? Feel that chill down your spine? I’ll leave it at that. For now. Keep Resisting. They need us whether they know it or not and we are almost there.

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