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Communique 12-19-2020 "Happy Chemtrails To You"

By Philip Drucker

Do you think Trump knows where Benghazi is? It’s the second largest city in Libya. Do you think he knows four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, died during the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on our diplomatic post (not embassy)? I doubt it. Do you believe Trump on his best day could possibly name the other three American patriots who gave their lives in defense of our international security and great nation? Nope. FYI, they were Information Officer Sean Smith and two CIA operatives/ex-Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

I ask you in all sincerity, is there any chance whatsoever Trump knows the terrorist group responsible for the cowardly attack was the Islamic military group Ansar al-Sharia? That Hillary Clinton was not responsible for the attack? The Obama administration including Susan Rice did not deliberately mislead the country, and to be blunt, there was nothing anyone could do? He doesn’t.

Scary? Not really. Trump is an idiot. He has the IQ of a turnip and the social awareness of a hermit crab. He seems to eat a lot. Other than that, I have not managed to find any semblance of a “saving grace” in the warped personality comprised of desperate, deranged and demented acts of unknowing and uncaring cruelty directed at those who deserve it the least.

The part that I find disturbing is neither do his MAGA leftover lemming followers. Yet today, I saw a meme “Remember Benghazi!” as a MAGA battle cry of never giving up the wholly imaginary, but “good” fight for if nothing else equality for “alternate facts” that were never facts to begin with. Kind of like the Alamo. But then, that would beg the questions beginning with do you think Trump know where the Alamo is? You get the picture and again, it’s amazing to me how many of his Cult45 crazed followers in fact do not know that either. Hint: It’s not in Alamo, Texas.

This is what happens when a “talking point controversy” takes on a life of its own and spawns a second “Benghazi” this one being an imaginary online theater of the absurd, a bizarre bazaar and den of inequity, that to me has always looked like a cross between Rick’s Place in Casablanca, and Jabba the Hut’s hut in Star Wars. I’d say send in the clowns, but they are already here.

Oh, there are a few bits of historically accurate events mixed in with the sewage spewed about the room. This makes for a better lie. Salting the mine with fool’s gold is a proven winner with a recent track record of success not seen since the 1940s. Goebbels would be proud of his progeny.

So, you might be asking what exactly is the attraction of living in a reality where there is literally no reality? The answer is surprisingly simple. In a land of smoke and martyrs, reality is whatever you say it is with no sensible questions asked. It is a land where the physical universe matters not, and recognition by one’s peers, aka “those who know” is the coin of the realm.

Information? Why bother with that when you can have affirmation of even the craziest of thoughts. Whatever your point of view, or lack thereof, there is always room for another back alley or underground dungeon built beneath a building designed by the Masons where if you wait for the Summer Solstice, an all-seeing pyramid with an eye will shoot laser beams at the very spot you must dig, dig, and then dig some more until you finally find the white racist rabbit you have for so long and so dutifully tried to expose in an otherwise never ending battle to save democracy from itself. In the case, by promoting the economic and sadistic interests of a madman who no longer has any interest, if he ever did, in fulfilling the obligations and duties of this most powerful of positions this world has to offer.

Let’s be clear. Trump has abandoned his post as President and importantly, as Commander-in-Chief. He is a loser, a traitor, charlatan, deserter and disaster all rolled into one. What is the attraction here? Lack of accountability for one’s own actions? Like Trump? It’s always someone else’s fault? Like Trump? Greed as gospel? A mixture of malice, fear and vitriol for whatever ails you? Like Trump? A gun will get it done attitude? Like Trump? The right to be free from the actual constructs of society that bind us together as one? Like Trump.

Justification for repeated failures in life? Like Trump? I’ll stop soon. I was never given a fair chance? Like Trump? Oh poor, poor pitiful me? Like Trump? Not much purpose in examining a life where honor, faith, fidelity and personal responsibility is the last thing on the menu. They say you can’t run from oneself, but apparently, you can hide. At least for a little while until, well, you, eventually catches up with, you.

Will the mythical somewhat less than magical city of Benghazi miraculously rise again? Hard to say. For some it has apparently never gone away, but still exists what’s left of the addled minds of those who if they would only let the miraculous disinfecting power of sunlight wash over their doomed from day one sojourn into the deepest, darkest parts of a dark continent that is but a gulag for the wounded souls of those who would be trolls.

Why do I bring this up now? Be assured our victory will result in the restoration of truth and honor to the forefront of American values and the way forward. It’s time to let the echo chamber echo with the howls of those who would rather blame the moon than take responsibility for the darkness they have spread across our planet. Speaking of which, can we start by ignoring the Hunter Biden talking points memo from hell? Yes, we can but if you can’t, happy chemtrails to you until we meet again. Hopefully, not soon.

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