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Communique 11-8-2020 "Bi-Polar Opposites"

By Philip Drucker

“Bi-Polar Opposites”

As many of you already know, or have at least suspected from reading my earlier and often somewhat less than linear brain patterns, I’m not the type of guy that stands around for very long waiting for the crab grass to grow underneath my feet. I am a firm believer there is always something to do. Now, I freely admit I am also prone to putting off virtually anything that can be done today until tomorrow, if not the next day and then the next, if possible. Along those lines, it usually is, and I usually do.

Still, and please do not ask me to explain how, but around these parts, stuff has a way of getting done. Dogs are fed, bills get paid, dogs get fed again with treats, and somehow by the time it’s six o’clock and time for The Rachel Maddow Show, the day was not without its accomplishments, or perhaps if I may be so bold to presume, a few small victories along the way.

Occasionally, but nowhere near as much as I would like, several weeks, months, possibly even years of plotting, planning, and an abundance of hard work culminates in what I call the “Big Win”. These are the types of victories that will inevitably lead to meaningful change, more victories, and more changes. Good changes. Changes necessary for a new and better future for all Americans regardless of individual political party ideology, pathology, assorted phobias, fetishes and affiliation.

In a nutshell, the progressives are never progressive enough even for themselves, and the conservatives can’t wait to make their bones by adopting any number of economic austerity measures that only someone with no heart and a rotted soul could appreciate as an act akin to “we know what’s best for you” when clearly, they do not.

Now, I happen to be a big believer that at ground zero of this mess we call the body politic, between Bernie Sanders, Sarah Sanders and Colonel Sanders, lies a middle ground where if we take the time to respect, listen and learn, rather than automatically reject, the viewpoints of our bi-polar opposites, and they to us, we all might find we have more in common than might have been previously believed. But, today, I regret to inform you, is not that day and here is why.

November 7, 2020, the day Joe Biden was announced as the President Elect of the United States of America, where Kamala Harris was elected as the first female, POC Vice President-Elect in our history, was a Big Win kind of day. Shortly, we will see persons of all shapes and sizes dragged out of their darkness and into the light, dragged out of the White House and into a yet to be unidentified correctional facility, and if necessary dragged, kicking and screaming, into a world where the wise among us know, negotiation and compromise is king. But there is a catch.

In 2015, I went on record as being very cynical about the Clinton campaign. I thought Hillary would win, but I was unhappy with her position on several key issues. The most troubling of which was her inability to address those issues rightfully important to Americans living in the central, breadbasket, rust and bible belt states. Her inability to understand or show any sympathy for the average working men, women and families who through no fault of their own, saw their jobs disappear into this mirage called the world economy which is nothing more than a fancy term meaning we found a cheaper labor force, followed shortly by their collapse of their towns and cities, and finally to the brink of extinction of the only life and way of life they knew. I’d be scared, wouldn’t you?

And so, as is his nature, when a lying, cheating, emotionally compromised with the deadest eyes I’ve ever seen, well, maybe Ted Bundy, he’s up there with Charlie Manson, senses their mark, they swoop and swoop he did all the way into the Oval Office as President of the United States. His supporters cheered while the rest of us cowered in fear, not so much for ourselves, but of the storm and devastation that was all but assured to follow. As it did. For four long years while we watched and waited for common sense, reality, and at least a quantum of decency set in. But it never did. And that is the problem.

For four long years now we have listened to you. We heard your cries of being the “fly-over nation” and that Washington DC had all but forgotten you. You elected your man to bring back jobs, prosperity and dignity to your way of life. All very understandable if not commendable. But this is where you blew it and why we need to talk, and guess what, now you are going to sit down, shut up and for once in your life, listen. You know why? Because at this moment, you need us way more than we need you. So, here is how it’s going to be.

First and of prime importance, we will no longer tolerate your racism especially when considering that MAGA die-hards continue to avoid the reality that you and you alone are ultimately responsible for your own actions and yes, shortcomings. This is a non-starter from the word MAGA. Racism is a fool’s game played by those blinded by their hatred who cannot see the grace, beauty and wisdom in all of us. In all of God’s children.

Let’s try this. How about we focus our attentions on the guys who sent your jobs away? How about if we stop worry about bringing those jobs back and we begin to plan our future economic prosperity together? I mean, do you really care whether your car runs on oil, electricity or sunshine? Didn’t think so. So, make it so. Who’s stopping you?

Secondly, in America, we enjoy the blessings of Freedom of Religion. We are free to practice the faith of our choice while remaining unrestrained by unwanted intrusion for the government. But, my rights, your rights, all our rights must end where in the name of faith, your actions infringe upon civil rights accorded all Americans under the Declaration of Independence as identified and guaranteed under the Constitution.

It is time to rededicate ourselves to the wisdom of those who came before us and return to a more logical and holistic version of the separation of church and state. It’s really very simple. I won’t bother you, if you don’t bother me. Stop the idiotic travel bans, stop trying to build a wall on our Southern Border, stop the unjustified killing of black and brown men, women and children. Help the poor and nurture the sick. If you want to help, then heal. My advice? Heal yourselves by committing acts of love, kindness, caring and sharing. In this manner, every act of empathy, comity and charity is paid back two-fold and then some.

Thirdly, can we all (and I mean all) stop yammering and bantering around words like “capitalism” “socialism” “communism” and yes, even “prosperity doctrine”? Or can we at least get a grip on the difference between an economic system as above, and “democracy” “republic” “monarchy” and “fascism” all of which are political theories and do not have a direct connection to any single economic system? Please? You’re driving me crazy on this one and it is time to move on. Where to now?

No more winners and losers. Just winners. Has this article given anyone an idea of what you might try to accomplish today and every day going forward? Does every day have to be a Big Win day? Or, is today a good day to make either your life, or someone near to you, perhaps a family member, a neighbor or a stranger you may meet on the street today’s life a little better? Start with a smile?

You don’t think my way will work? Perhaps, but after four years of Trump, yours don’t. And we are not going back. And neither should you. Give us a chance to help you. You might just end up with comprehensive healthcare and your Social Security intact. We’re here. Are you?

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