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Communique 11-6-2020 "The Fodder, The Scum & The Oily Gross"

By Philip Drucker

I was watching a video this morning about Trump supporters in Las Vegas who were “praying for justice” in front of the Clark County Election Department. Kind of creepy if you ask me, but here it is.

Keeping in mind I do not consider prayer terribly different from meditation, sending healing light or moments of quiet reflection or contemplation, all acts meant to bring a sense of calm and order to an otherwise chaotic world, I wondered if given the chance, what questions would I ask them? Although I admit it would be tempting, I would not inquire as to the state of their apparent fragile and tenuous at best grip on reality.

However, “Are you crazy”? is usually not the best of conversation starters and for the most part would do little more than make an already potentially volatile situation even worse. Now, assuming they are not armed, as the introduction of a firearm into the equation is a serious deal breaker, yes, you are crazy and I’m out of here, terminating the interview event, I would first and foremost ask if any of them voted. I would be willing to bet none of them did before presuming all of them did, and if some of them did cast their ballot, was it in person or by mail? My first and best guess being the latter.

My next wholly logical and practical query would be “have you been tested recently, if at all, for the Covid-19 virus? As I have been fond of saying lately, no mask, no glove, no love, a response in the negative would also result in the premature ending of the encounter post haste. Call me a cynic, but my health and life are far more important to me than any insight gained into the MAGA mindset.

If you listen closely, you can hear one of the demonstrators "We give our hearts to you in the name of Jesus…" that leads me to reasonably believe they believe Jesus would have voted (in person on election day) for Trump. Truth be told, I don’t think it likely that a Jewish POC from the Middle East with clearly stated socialist tendencies would tow the MAGA line, but hey, I would chalk it up to God works in mysterious ways and leave Christ’s theoretical party preferences at that.

After fighting off the natural urge to further delve into whether they consider themselves a cult, if they have heard of Jim Jones, and do they like their Kool-Aid laced with cyanide, LSD (peyote?) or both, I would get down to brass tacks for here, we have the combination of religion and politics that at first glance is a bit hard to fathom for I am of the opinion the prayer groupies and Trump supporters in general have no real interest in having votes, “legal” or not, counted and accurate election results announced accordingly. Because they will lose.

I know it, you know it, and they know it too. Stop counting? Trump is behind in the polls and would lose. Keep counting? Clark County is a democratic leaning district and if all the votes are tabulated, Trump will almost assuredly lose. Sounds as if someone is stuck between a Rock of Ages and a hard spot and barring any last-minute miracles (don’t hold your breath) the presidential race is over and by the grace of God, Joe Biden will be our next president.

Here is the reality. There is no viable path left for Plump Trump Get Off the Stump to reach 270 Electoral Votes. He is on track to lose the popular vote by a whopping 5%. His legacy will be that of a failed, one term presidency. The future for him and his family looks bleak with jail-time, loss of property and payment of restitution all real possibilities.

His last gambit is to discredit the vote by claiming without a shred of tangible evidence voting irregularities and fraud. Problem is whenever your criteria of fraud is any vote not cast for you is somehow fraudulent, these assertions don’t usually get very far, or at least not in America. Without adequate proof, the myriad of lawsuits Trump may file will go nowhere including any actions submitted to the US Supreme Court.

Will Trump drag his feet all the way kicking and screaming out the door? Yes. Will the final shame at the end of his presidency be his refusal to honor the peaceful transition of power? Yes. Will his supporters still believe he was the “chosen” one and the election was stolen? Yes. Will the MAGA Cult 45 still believe in the unbelievable? Will they still vote against their interests?

Will they still be the same racists, misogynists, xenophobic, homophobic and religiously intolerant greedy SOBs that continue to misconstrue both scripture and the US Constitution for their own benefit? Of course. None of this started with Trump and it will not go away after he is but a bitter memory of what can and did go wrong when the US lost just enough of its own mind to elect a madman bent on destroying the very institutions of government we will now be able to employ, honor and repair? Count on it.

I think perhaps I will pray tonight. As an eternal optimist, and after thanking him for Joe and Kamala, if he is so disposed, could he possibly give Trump one last chance at redemption by giving a concession speech that gracefully admits his defeat at the ballot box while at the same time urging his followers to let go of their hateful ways, that Trump’s is not the way of the righteous or holy, to drop their weapons, and start the healing process by uniting as one nation behind Joe Biden? In other words, for Trump what would be the speech of a lifetime? No? Probably not. But if the other side can pray for a miracle, why can’t I? And, why can’t you? Who’s in?

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