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Communique 11-1-2020 "Build Back Better"

By Philip Drucker

I’ve always wondered what it might look like if an incompetent madman drunk with insecurity, immaturity and unfortunately power tried to steal the soul of a country. I’m going to go ahead and check that box. What remains is a nagging question I believe must be answered. Why are so many people willing to let him do it?

What is the benefit of exchanging a well-established, greatest country on the planet democratic republic for a corrupt, bordering on vile fascist state consumed with dividing the country through hatred, fear and exclusion before inclusion? I mean seriously, if you are a Trump supporter, what exactly is it you want? Do you still believe giving tax breaks to the wealthiest among us while you pay more in taxes helps you with your mortgage?

Are you eating better? Sleeping better? Does what appears to me to be an inferior quality pillow, Mr. My Pillow sold to you by an obvious con man help you rest your weary head at night while you ponder the misdeeds your savior hero committed that day? All day and every day?

How many men, women and children do you know who have either been infected or died from the Covid-19 virus? Did you have fun not wearing a mask? Does your blatant disregard for the safety of others still fill you with an overwhelming civic sense of pride and patriotism?

On the “bright” side, I bet you never knew how well you could sleep at night knowing the official policies of the United States of America allows for the separation of children from their parents at our Southern border while placing in cages, or misplacing entirely innocent children as a scare tactic? Do you like having the psychotic sycophant Stephen Miller as your own personal Joseph Goebbels? Does it make your day to see more pain and suffering from immigrants who want nothing but a better life for the families and themselves?

How is the prospect of losing your healthcare sitting with you these days? Have you caught on that virtually everyone on the planet at one time or another has been ill, sick or dying and have a pre-existing condition? Did you know contracting the Covid-19 virus and assuming you don’t die qualifies as a pre-existing condition? You know that Mercedes the CEO of fill in the big pharma company of your choice, you know, the well healed big wheel who paid for it by saving the shareholders money by denying coverage to those who could not afford or even qualify for healthcare, and then lost their lives? Is that helping you out any? Hint: If you are not a CEO of a big pill company, it’s not.

Do you believe capitalism to be a game of winners and losers? Harmful to the environment if necessary, not so a corporation can make a profit, but to garner more profit? Starting to miss clean water and air? With our record temperatures, is it getting a little hot out there? Has it sunk in yet the polar ice caps are melting and it is not a good thing? Can we get real that climate change is real? Or is that still a Chinese hoax as far as you are concerned?

Do you believe in democracy? Do you even know what it is? If you vote to enslave yourself are you still free? Or, is it most likely you have chosen to cast aside your responsibilities as a citizen in a free society? Ask yourself, would you rather have someone else make your decisions for you and your family?

Would you go so far as to believe a lie over the obvious right in front of your face truth because you “want it” to be true? Even though you know it isn’t? In short, are you more comfortable living in a fantasy world so long as someone is there to assure you your suburb is safe from “them”?

Do you believe in the First Amendment? Or should legitimate protestors just stay home because eventually looters will show up trying to take advantage of the chaos and a few buildings might be damaged or perhaps burned, a few pairs of tennis shoes, a shirt, hat and energy drink gone into the night never to return? Do you put the rights of store owners and small business persons to protect their property over life?

Do you believe the Second Amendment includes the right to arm your teenage son with a long rifle, an act banned under state and federal law, before driving over state lines at 4:00am so he can quite predictably end up shooting two innocent and unarmed citizens? Do you believe the Proud Boys are a “well-regulated militia”?

Do you believe Trump should be able to steal the election? That you don’t care how he is elected so long as he is “re-elected’ or in the alternative, remains in power? By whatever means necessary? That power for power’s sake is all that matters? That you prefer a society where race matters? Let’s be honest here. Isn’t it true the only thing Trump has left for you is your shared hatred of people neither of you “like”?

Do you believe it is always someone else’s fault? Someone, for some reason, or perhaps no reason at all is to blame for your inability to hold down a job or pay your mortgage or rent? Maintain a kind, loving and steady relationship? Child support blues got you down? Whose fault is that? Or, should I say whose fault is your lack of happiness due to today?

If so, then you might just be a Trump supporter. Immature, unwilling to take responsibility for your own shortcomings. Incapable of contributing to the common good and selfish as all get out. You know who you are and if you don’t, if you are still prone to “knee-jerk” reactions to the words liberal, progressive and compassion, for once in your life, would you get off your high horse and try to listen for once? Maybe leave out the ad hominem attacks before you even know what we are going to say? Just a suggestion, you closed minded bigot.

What are you going to do when on election day you realize Trump is not going to win the popular vote, the electoral college or pull off the idiot junta who can’t shoot straight coup of the century. In short, what are you going to do when reality finally catches up with you? And, you are still flat broke and stupid?

Oops, did I ruin your day? Well, then I guess it’s my fault this time around isn’t it? Grow up.

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