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Communique 10-26-2020 "You Don't Need A Ouija Board To Know How The Senate Will Vote"

By Philip Drucker

“You Don’t Need a Ouija Board to Know Which Way The Senate Is Going to Vote”

Today is a day where I urge every American to consider what Amy Coney Barrett’s (ACB) appointment to the SCOTUS means. She is an out of touch with reality, zealot skank who finds religious justification for what most persons, religious or otherwise, would consider and quite rightly, acts of adultery and possibly even prostitution.

Unless I am misreading the rather obvious and ominous signs ACB has left as breadcrumbs for her supporters, she has every intention of using her position of power on the Court to bring about the “Kingdom of God” on Earth while somehow casting the deciding vote to keep the blasphemous practitioner of all seven deadly sins on a near daily basis as the titular head of state he has shown himself to be and via the vessel of Providence, leading us forward into newfound but far less than innocent new incarnation of the Rose Garden of Eden.

I beg for her forgiveness as ACB clearly does not understand she is trying to bring a warped, dark ages inspired version of a dystopian sectarian theocracy to a land of individuals who believe in religious freedom and the right to worship whoever, whatever and however (with a few social restrictions) as a basic tenet of their God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Perhaps as the result of a lifetime spent witnessing, promoting and performing acts most of us would consider at least borderline child molestation, and I’m sure always without question or even hesitation for fear of retribution, ACB it would appear is suffering from what appears to be a form of PTSD or other similar disorder often suffered by those who are the victims of illegal and often unnatural acts on and off the battlefield.

Does anyone but me at least find it odd that we are appointing to the SCOTUS a person who freely admits she would do whatever her husband tells her to do? As in, “Honey, what I need you to do is vote to keep Trump in power, get rid of social security and overturn the ACA so we, the good the righteous and the worthy can again deny persons with preexisting medical conditions can one more be denied coverage, leaving them with no chance at a dignified retirement, and, oh before I forget, overturn Roe v. Wade because Jesus wants back alley abortions. Got that sugar plum? You will? That’s my girl. Praise the Lord! And someone get me Mitch McConnell on the phone he’s going to want to be the first to hear this.”

My point is this. The goal of every cult and what I would term illegitimate religion, the goal is to first erase all traces of individuality and independent thinking and replacing it with a “group think” but let us do the thinking for the group mentality that if you are committed enough, you will find your reward, whatever that might be, if not in this life then the next. FTR, probably the next. This is not the American way.

In American we are the children and the beneficiaries of the Ages of Enlightenment and Reason. This is a necessary prerequisite for a nation of government of, by and for the people. Judging from her Senate Confirmation Hearings, on top of lying her way through 3/4th of the questioning, the other 1/4th she conveniently didn’t remember, and on top of promoting “originalism” a form of judicial constitutional interpretation requiring at a minimum assistance from a Gypsy medium, tarot cards or a Ouija board or some other method to connect with the dead, ACB appeared unconcerned and uninterested, perhaps even annoyed at the prospect of anyone expecting her to be even marginally engaged in ascertaining empirical truth based on objective analysis, actual history, relevant judicial precedent and common sense.

As frightening as this may seem, my gut told me that ACB’s only interest in becoming a member of the Supreme Court was in facilitating a set of preconceived items on an agenda that would replace rational thought with old fashioned fire and brimstone. It was good enough with Moses theology without so much as an acknowledgment that Moses never did see the promised land. And thankfully, neither shall see. Because we as Americans don’t want or need her to lead us to anything. Why because we are already there.

In America, we are a nation of individuals capable of making decisions for ourselves and if necessary, joint decisions with our fellow countrymen in pursuit of a better way of life. Our ability to protect our rights to live our lives without undue interference, if any, from the government is accomplished in great part by separating church and state. The continuation if not expansion of this divide is essential to preserve our way of life. ACB simply does not “get it.”

America is not a theocracy and to do so would be to abandon one of the essential building blocks that makes us capable of such goodness, kindness and greatness. The ideal that we can all live together in a secular society, one in which no one religious faith is respected, or rejected, over any other is a gift from our Founding Fathers of a profundity of immense proportions.

An ideal that unlike Europe, allowed America to flourish as a nation without fear of descending into sectarian battles, intolerance, resentment, God’s righteous vengeance (which never is) and yes, violence along lines of religious practice and preference. ACB and her ilk? They love Muslim bans and I would venture a guess would be happy to facilitate a modern search for the Holy Grail leading of course to jump starting the Crusades in an all-out effort to bring about the capture of Jerusalem and thus triggering the End of Days. That or preventing a safe medical treatment for the termination of an unwanted pregnancy for mostly poor women who of their own volition, and I might add free will, would choose to do so. All in good time I suppose, all in good time.

In the meantime, what we are already starting to see are violent acts taken against persons practicing their secular rights to free speech mostly in the form of public protest that I assure you are being taken by persons who would not do so without the express blessings of their Lord (voices in their heads), or at least a religious figure preemptively absolving them of all sin for committing acts of what amounts to murder, carnage destruction and collateral damage.

Why? Because God is on their side and they are doing nothing more than facilitating His will and as we all know, His will must be done and here’s your get out of hell free card to prove it. FTR this is sick, demented thinking and a clear abuse of all that is good and holy on this planet.

How do you suppose these so-called “militias” justify the kidnap and torture leading to a fake trial and execution for her “crimes” of a sitting governor who did nothing but try to help the citizens under her care weather a deadly pandemic? This is fair game and punishment for making a bunch of cowards hiding behind their guns wear masks? For asking everyone to practice social distancing? Payback for closing barber shops and nail salons? C’mon man, that’s crazy with a capitol C.

We do not need to replace the Constitution with the Bible or any other religious text. By replacing RBG with ACB are we not in essence doing just that? It’s one thing for the minority to win one over the majority every now and then, but the question has become what happens in a representative democracy when a minority of the minority starts making decisions and enacting laws and policy, including the illegitimate installation of an unfit religious nut case on the Supreme Court, a move that could impact the way the majority live their lives possibly for generations?

Or, to put the issue in a slightly more constitutional framework, what happens in a Democratic Republic when our elected officials are no longer even pretending to act in the best interests of the people they swore an oath to serve? What happens when greed, ambition, and power for power’s sake are the motivating factors behind the decisions being made and facilitated in Washington DC?

What happens when graft becomes the coin of the realm? A nation where bizarre and out of touch with reality millionaires and billionaires can buy religious intolerance by the pound of rotten flesh in the form of a Supreme Court Associate Justice who has gone on record as saying she can see an America where abortion is a crime punishable by death?

Do We, the People want to live in a nation where members of the LGBTQ community are vilified and Lord knows how, punished for being who they are, a land where something as simple as holding hands in public could result in a stint in the blockades or even hanging?

Do We the People want to live in a land where religious retribution for even the smallest of infractions, perceived or otherwise, takes precedence over kindness and caring? Over loving our neighbor as we love ourselves? Over welcoming the stranger to our land as one of our own? Over promoting a gospel where blessed are the peacemakers and maybe, just maybe the meek could inherit the Earth?

In closing, let us do what in America is still the right thing to do. Let us turn our thoughts, prayers and send bright healing light ACBs way. For if you are like me, the best way to show someone the meaning of empathy is to go first. ACB, the spiritual ball is in your “court”. May you be given the wisdom of Solomon to see your way to a better, kinder, and gentler way of life for it would in the long run be best for all of us. If not, then you will have to go. And you will. For we are still the Resistance and we will resist this unconscionable mugging upon our country. Count on it.


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