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Communique 10-25-2020 "Nuts!"

By Philip Drucker


A one word tweet in response to a symphony of stupidity about to see the final curtain drop. Simple, yet elegant and not without a hidden meaning. The perfect response to a pair of out of touch with reality bullies who for some reason do not seem to comprehend the end of their schoolyard reign of terror is just around the bend, and about to break the no self-reflection at all, magic smoke & mirror on their wall. For when the truth is revealed and their freedom repealed, they will still be left wondering who it was that squealed.


I say to the future pigs in a blanket at a banquet for the public who will seek and receive compensation, if not outright vindication, for their years of posturing, processing and promoting an image of health and well-being without anyone ever seeing who was pulling the strings behind a mannequin who would be king but made of bright lights and lizard’s skin, soldered together for what can only be identified and tried as the singular reason of razzle dazzle take the money and run while the public is temporarily blinded treason.


I say to the true enemies of the people behind the peephole, but not for much longer for as we speak for ourselves, the destitute and the weak, the truth is being revealed. Slim Jim Beef Jerky Jared, the Prince of peace between friendly nations, yet more than pleased to promote malnutrition as a popular opinion and a viable option to adoption, or any other emotion of devotion, the existence of evolution or camaraderie and good will between ourselves and our former allies across the ocean. Thank you for indulging me. Let’s get down to business.


The secret, but expansive meaning resides in a review of history for it was during World War II at the beginning of what would come to be known as the Battle of the Bulge in the Belgian Ardennes Forest where the Nazis would make their last one night or any night grand stand. It was mid-December 1944. The war in Europe would soon be over. In a Hail Mary, throw whatever we have that’s left at the Allies effort to somehow turn the looming tides of devastation, disgrace and defeat Hitler commanded what was left of his troops to attack the allies and break through their lines and somehow save the Reich from certain defeat.

As the German forces moved forward, the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army were occupying the strategically important city of Bastogne. Out manned, outgunned and running short of essential supplies including food and ammunition, the 101st Airborne found themselves surrounded by Nazi infantry and several armored divisions. The 101st Airborne chances for survival did not look good. On December 22, the Germans sent an ultimatum to the American commander Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe demanding an “honorable surrender” within two hours or face the consequences.

General McAuliffe’s reply to the German Commander was a simple, yet elegant and not without a hidden meaning one word response.


In what was described as the “fighting talk” or soldier slang of the time, a reference to “Nuts!” is best described as “You are crazy if you think we are going to quit now!” For future reference, there were several other fine examples of “G.I. Lingo” the American Commander could have used including:

· “Blow it out your barracks bag!”

· “Put that in your mess kit!”

· “That’s for the birds!”

· “No dice!”

· “Beat me daddy eight to the bar!” (probably not, it’s slang for excitement or accomplishment)

Also worth a mention, it is from the slang of the 1940s where the terms “G.I. Joe” for general enlisted soldiers, “Joe” for coffee and Vote for Joe Biden originated. Not really, but I thought I would throw it in. Don’t forget to vote!

The proverbial gauntlet thrown down, the Americans dug into their positions hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Amazingly, the Division held Bastogne until re-inforcements from the US Army’s 4th Armored Division arrived to save the day.

The Battle of the Bulge raged on for several more weeks inflicting heavy casualties on both sides. By January of 1945, the Germans were forced to withdraw leaving all roads straight to Berlin. Germany never again launched a serious military offensive. Beat me daddy eight to the bar! (there we go, much better).


By comparison, The Lincoln Project’s usage of “Nuts!” to the Kushnerds becomes the equivalent of “You are crazy if you think we are going to take our Billboards down!”

It also expresses several additional truths that should not be downplayed or overlooked. 1. They are bad guys 2. The Trump Family is running out of Hail Mary’s to throw. And 3. Come January 20, 2021 and once removed from the leverages of power, we can in the words of 1940s G.I. Joe, Deep Six the Awkward Squad of Jared’s Little Short Arm and his Six-and-Twenty Tootsie as we no longer need suffer the Ear Beater’s incessant Beating of Their Gums while still trying to sell us their latest Latrine Rumors and the Ham That Didn’t Pass Its Physical. Got that? Roger Wilco. Over and Out.


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