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Communique 10-23-2020 "The Big 'What If I Told You...'"

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

By Philip Drucker

“The Big ‘What If I Told You…’”

As we head into the home stretch of the 2020 election cycle I would like to offer a “What if I told you…” or two for your weekend ponder party. Pity, ponder or party on Garth!

What if I told you there is no such thing as the silent or quiet Trump supporter? This was a mythical creature made up during the 2016 election cycle for purposes of 1. Screwing with the polls and 2. Making it look as if there were more of “them” than there were of “us”.

It was one thing the first time around to confront the possibility there were voters who having not recently had the opportunity to vote for the racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, fat orange pig in a pond scum sucking bottom dweller of their choice would be ready, willing and able to come down from their own personal dung mountain of hate, vitriol and non-tolerance to vote. But that didn’t happen then and it is not going to happen now.

If there is a person or group we could call the “quiet (as if that is ever going to happen) or cloistered and very good at avoiding pollsters Chumps for Trump out there, it would be a suburban woman, or a college educated white male for whom the allure of a glittering 401k pot of fool’s gold waiting at the end of a tainted Randy Rainbow was too tempting to pass up. It’s not like casting a vote for a racist makes you a racist, right?

This time? The early polling numbers culled from actual ballots cast suggests the previously at least likely or leaning democratic party voter is now in full voice and throttle voting for Biden if for no other reason than to make amends for their previous let’s call it a lapse of reason and let’s also call it a chance at political redemption. I believe we can all agree that “Yes, I did vote for him the first time, but not the second” sounds a whole lot better than what would amount to another blinded by the dolomite light moment of Stock Market madness motivated by temporary insanity.

BTW what if I told you voting for a racist does make you if not a racist, an aider, abettor and accomplice to acts committed by a racist and you are looking at your own “Individual-1” conspiratorial moment in the sun, or shadowy, at least shady and clearly on the down low with you still basically in the dark about life choices and experiences, as your case may be. But, if you are still planning on voting for the Bigots United Racist Party (BURP) don’t tell anyone I told you so and you might once again slither between us as one of the silent yet deadly voters of apparently no moral conviction much less any true character among us.

We’re counting on you to do what you know is the right thing to do. It’s never too late to do the right thing. Please don’t let us, or yourself down. C’mon man! You know I’m right. Oh, and FTR, on the evidence provided by the early ballots cast alone, I think it is abundantly clear and safe to say there are indeed more of us, and by us I’ll draw the line at the sane and rational, than there are of them, the what I will call desperate at this point but still ultimately destined for doom and defeat, so let’s put this baby, meaning this large marge margarine and not real butter orange tinted crying balloon baby monster child to bed, for good. Amen.

What if I told you there are many solid reasons to vote Blue having nothing to do with the economy at all but will influence the way we and possibly our children’s children and their children live out our lives and inevitably identify us as part of the American dream?

What if I told you not to unduly worry about the possible nomination to the SCOTUS of Amy Coney Barrett? Is she a religious zealot? Yes. Should a person, with such open hostilities to the LGBTQ community, this being sold as part of her “quality” of character no less, and indeed indicative of her “fitness” for office on full display for all who wish to see be nominated to the highest court in the land? Of course not.

You say you want a better definition and/or example of ACB’s full frontal stupidity on display? What if I told you the Red dress she wore during her confirmation hearing was not so much a dog whistle as a “I’m the type of judge you want assuming we are all good with turning the Federal Court system into a one big but fun Salem hang them by the neck unless they sink to the bottom of the pond and drown, or at least stone the stoned devil weed users for goodness sake, kind of institution bent on protecting the religious rights of the inception begins at birth, I know you are a baby killer but what am I? Moral Minority also known as the religious and well beyond far out alt right?

Did I mention these jokers who are fine with teaching religion in our schools but only if it is their region being taught, are as we speak, actively trying to bring about the End of Times and are convinced re-electing Donald’s Inferno and Snake Oil Emporium of Earthly Wrapped in Bacon Delights Trump will help facilitate Armageddon?

Now, granted that if we are talking about a dystopian future full of apocalyptic events, Trump would be the better facilitator/candidate over a Joe Biden who it just so happens is a devout Catholic who goes to church even when he is not looking for a photo-op, but for some reason, just doesn’t compare to their lying, cheating, adulterer involved in the mass murder of thousands as part of his biological warfare quickly leading to the genocide of his own people savior and messiah who for some reason this crowd covets as the “right stuff.”

But what if I told you that even if Amy Chop gets appointed to the SCOTUS, she does not know where the Ark is located and even if she and her ilk, Clarence Downtown but Still a Clown Thomas and Sammy the Heretic Funny Shaped Car Bumper Fish Alito declare the First Amendment Establishment Clause as null and void and fiat the Bible, and not the Constitution as the premier law of the land, it will not work. Why? Because although we were a nation founded by mostly Christians, we have never been and will never be a Christian (or any other religion) nation.

What if I told you we are still an ongoing, grand social experiment if not in pure democracy, then at least in the viability of a country based on the rule of law, and a social compact of mutual respect between the people and their representatives, the defeat of tyranny and yes, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for all.

What if I told you our Founding Fathers were for the most part a group of deists, believers in a monotheistic God, but hell-bent on the separation of church and state as a prerequisite to their vision of good governance, of the people, by the people and for the people. What if I told you we as a nation, cannot go back to what never was and never will be? That, if we did install a theocracy, the America and the greatness of all those patriots who came before us, will be gone.

What if I told you it is important to remember that Congress makes all the laws and the president, a real one, enforces those laws as is his Constitutional duty. Including the laws that define the SCOTUS? How many members? Congress. Term Limits? Congress. Judicial impeachments and similar proceedings? Congress. And guess what? Even if whatever is left of the SCOTUS objects, the Court has NO enforcement powers of its own and the executive branch is not beholden to them as a matter of law. In short, the SCOTUS by design is as toothless an institute as they come. We only follow their rulings, well, because we all choose to do so.

What happens if we don’t? What if I told you the answer is nothing? That Congress can still legislate and the president can still enforce those laws. That’s it. Period. Finished. End of Times if Amy is appointed? It may be the end of the SCOTUS as we know it, but for us true Americans, that would just be us continuing to follow the wisdom and will of our Founders in continuation of one of the main reasons we are great and always will be.

A new beginning, or at least a new chapter in what remains the greatest experiment into self-rule and democracy the world has ever known. Yes Amy, it is true we Americans have the right to the free exercise of religion, as well as the right to be free from government favoritism or endorsements of any one religion over another.

Lastly, what if I told you if We, the People, through our elected officials in Congress and the Oval Office want your bitch ass gone, we as Americans who cherish our freedoms will be happy to slam the door on your squeaky little flat earth head on your way out, hopefully in silence, not likely, of reality, and back into the cold arrogant, nightmare world of ignorance and intolerance from whence you and your cult of out of touch with reality losers first came to be.

Before I forget, while you are there, if at all, would you let Brett know we haven’t forgotten about him and how during his confirmation hearing and much like you I might add, he lied while under oath and he’s next on the list for removal from office? I Thank you in advance and while you’re at it, would you please remember to tip your bartender and if necessary, waiter? I hear Brett’s a lousy tipper. Shocking I tell you, shocking.

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