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Communique 10-2-2020 "What Happens When...?"

By Philip Drucker

Is it just me or does anyone else out there feel just a little bit safer today? Without any intentional disrespect to the president, his wife and staff all of whom I do hope and pray will have a quick recovery, I’m wondering if this is the moment where Americans everywhere are ready to take the Covid-19 Virus on with a new sense of urgency and unity? Could this be the end game, albeit a sad ending to a sad story of money, power, intolerance and greed? Or, is it possible, just possible that the price of unreality as policy buck stops here?

Let me speak openly and plainly for just a minute here. Trump is 74 years of age, is overweight, has cholesterol and heart problems, and is pre-diabetic. This certainly puts him in the high-risk category and his recovery will likely not be two weeks of isolation then back out on the campaign trail as if nothing happened.

It is hard seeing the second debate going forward as scheduled and as the inevitable number of infected persons in and around the White House, and specifically Trump’s inner circle begin to rise, a newfound respect for science will emerge. Masks will be on, and fake quack theories mostly beginning with “herd” and ending with miracle vaccines ready for use right before election day will be out. Simply put, the United States as a single unit may finally come to its collective senses.

Admittedly, some of us are already there but we need everyone on board for this to work. Some will join while others may still reluctantly drag their feet to the table. Some will remain beyond our reach. But a real opportunity for success through co-operation is there and we should grasp it while we still can for in this wacky world we still live in, you never know what new and possibly profound news cycle might bring.

Again, I mean no disrespect, but imagine a political landscape, even over the next few weeks without the daily dog whistles filled with hatred, promoting for the most part racism, fear and loathing as official policy along with an ever more increasing drum beat for cancelling the results of an election to the point of turning our democracy into a, autocratic, regressive, suppressive and ultimately brutal version of what is best described as Mussolini’s 1930s style fascism.

No more misdirection and deception, gas lighting or boondoggling. No more fake news or allusion to hoaxes every time reality doesn’t fit the official party line. All of this, part and parcel of a day, soon to be an everyday, without Trump, his crime family, and the incessant circus parade of sycophants who will no longer have access to bow, pray, scrape, and if necessary, physically kiss the ass of the supposedly anointed but in fact false prophet they have mistakenly pledged allegiance and alliance to.

Without all the pomp and circumstance, bread and circuses previously provided by Orange Julius Caesar Trump, his vulnerability clearly exposed, will it be enough to put an end to the Cult 45 lemming mentality? Will it put the kibosh, or at least slow down the QAnon-a-maniacs from turning into a dark and devious corner from which there is no redemption to be found? Just the emptiness, silence and shadows of an imaginary deep space where conspiracy theories about the deep state pass for actuality, trapped in world from which there may be no escape?

What happens to us when the country is no longer susceptible to the whims of an arrogant and out of control narcissist bent on control by division? Who claims to only represent those who worship him? And for the blue states that don’t? Nothing but petty retaliation tactics that amount to nothing more than hollow rhetoric and empty threats? What will happen when Americans, despite our many differences, turn once again to one another for help and assistance to heal the many social and spiritual wounds we have all sustained by having to endure a seemingly never ending barrage of cruel and callous actions of a madman who is so lacking in empathy as to be a contributing factor in the deaths of over 200,000 Americans?

What happens when we finally have a leader who wants to lead? Who seeks to re-unite us by weaving back together the ethnic and cultural tapestry of true American greatness, the threads of which Trump and his band of plunderers and thieves he surrounds himself with have been purposefully and with malice pulled mercilessly to the point of unraveling into another Civil War? What happens when Black Lives Matter? When racism is acknowledged as and condemned as the tools of the weak minded and would take us back to the days of the black codes, of Jim Crow and yes, back to the time of legalized slavery? What happens when the Proud Boys stay home in their basements for good?

In short, what does it mean when We, the People are once again left to our own devices of democracy and self-rule? When we again are capable and willing to hold our elected officials accountable? When the Senate Majority leader does his (or her) job? When the dilatory effects of Citizens’ United and the dark money that continues to skew our elections dries up and when those in positions of power and responsibility once again follow the Constitution and not the whims of a tyrant because he might “tweet” at them?

America needs to rejoin its true allies in the International community. We need to rededicate our world views to promote peace, cooperation and once again be the pillars of democracy we once were, and can be again. To stop promoting the agendas of dictators and despots, and to provide for economic and religious freedoms the world over? To live free from the ravages of poverty and without the specter of institutionalized fear?

It is time for kindness and compassion to come back as our guiding principles and we, yes, we must lead the way. Please, join me on our restorative, holistic journey by first offering our thoughts, prayers, assistance and renewed commitment to put an end to the pandemic while doing all we can to help the 34.4 million (plus two) currently afflicted by the Covid-19 Virus regain their health, vitality and happiness.

In closing Let me remind you that the biggest of changes often begins with the smallest, perhaps even microscopic level of events. A president inflicted with a deadly virus, cured by the selfless efforts of the many, unconditional in their love, without precondition or to seek accolades or remuneration. No reason necessary other than it is what we as Americans do at times of crisis. We don’t run or cut from danger, we run toward it and We pull together as a team and help those who need our help, no questions asked.

Let’s make defeating the Rona yet another example of the goodness inherent in America, and while it can be repressed it will never go away. It is in our spirit and our souls. It can never be taken from us and it is, in the final analysis what did, does and will continues to make us great. And so as of today, I feel just a little bit safer. You?

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