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Communique 10-12-2020 "Here Is What We Do About It"

By Philip Drucker

I wonder if ACB realizes just how far from the Founding Father’s original intent for the separation and balance of power her presence on the nomination floor of the Senate represents. I feel confident she does not for if she did, she would withdraw immediately but that is not why she is there, to fulfill the promise of a free country, now is it?

No, her goal in life is to bring the Kingdom of God, from the heavens above to us poor and unsuspecting losers and suckers below. I can sum up her legal and indeed life “philosophy” if you can call it that in one sentence. Mama knows what’s best for us. Anyone who watched or read her opening statement knows I’m right. Anyone who goes back and looks at her decisions knows it’s true.

In a she really is crazy nutshell, her entire judicial career has been an effort to install someone who believes in the Handmaiden’s Tale as a future utopia, will at a minimum do anything and everything in her if confirmed to the SCOTUS now terrifying power and, just so we are clear to overturn Roe v. Wade and finish the work the right wing religious lunatics among us when the idiot Reagan appointed Antonin Scalia to the bench.

You see, Scalia, like Moses, or at least he probably thought so, never lived to see his promised land. He went to his reward chipping away, but never overturning the central tenet of Roe, that every woman, rich, poor, has a fundamental right to have an abortion. That it is part of a woman’s right to privacy. That decisions about familial matters, involving when and if to have a child, including the right to contraception and yes, to terminate a pregnancy reside within the individual, most likely in consultation with her doctor, and certainly not with the Supreme Court. But, and it’s a big but and like I said, when it comes to ACB, mama knows best. But she doesn’t and we must act.

If you are asking yourself what can I do, you can do a lot. First, I, you, We the People must vote in the Biden/Harris presidential ticket, keep the House and win the Senate. These are all within our grasp, but if and only if we vote. Register, GOTV and arrange to take a friend or two to the polls with you. This is the recipe for success and yes, my friends there is a big beautiful same-sex marriage cake at the end. It also happens to be the way the Founding Fathers intended our country to be.

Are you ready? In a land of laws, the people’s will be best facilitated by the legislative process under which our elected officials make and execute the laws and not by the decision of nine non-elected and unaccountable black robed figures who still want us to believe in a magical fairy tale called secret deliberations in the backroom filled with dirty money, handpicked by the Federalist Society who believe among other weird things an alcoholic rapist belong on the bench, and clearly has now become the very antithesis of democracy.

Oh, the rooty-tooty fresh and fruity punch line. Yes, almost forgot. We need to by way of the legislative process, our elected officials, enact and enshrine a series of statutes into Federal Law protecting a woman’s fundamental right to an abortion as well as her right to decide, to choose, for herself, the right to have a child, and when not. Now, a democratic takeover of the presidency and Congress is a necessity as mama clearly does not know what’s best.

Has the SCOTUS always been on the wrong end of the law? I would not fault you if you thought so. The last 35 years or so have been in many ways a disaster for our democratic process. It would be hard to pick a single worst decision for the Roberts Court. Shelby County v. Holder, the case rolling back the voting protections from the Voting Rights Act and thereby allowed and continues to facilitate racist state legislatures the right to openly practice their racism at the ballot box because, as Chief Justice Roberts himself wrote in his opinion there simply isn’t enough racism left in America to justify the continuation of certain key practices under the very law that led to the single biggest decrease of voter suppression in our history. Father doesn’t always know better either, does he? And for my campaign money, Shelby is only the runner-up.

The winner for the category of worst decision during the Roberts years goes to Citizens’ United v. FEC. Although, I do have to admit a case that said the best way to prevent more dark money in elections is not through sensible election and campaign laws, but by eliminating the “dark” from the equation and thereby allowing more clandestine financial incentives of all kinds into the mix is the American way to go. Gutsy as all get out, and I must admit to this day, I think we are all to blame for accepting such an absurd decision by an absurd court that thinks corporations, you know, an imaginary device we use to make profit and cheat on our taxes, have rights to free speech.

The opinion was authored by the recently retired Justice Kennedy, the last of the somewhat centrist swing votes to sit on the Courts. His legacy, although curious, will in my estimation is best described as Crazy Uncle Anthony doesn’t know best either. See where I’m going with this? Maternity, paternity, and all other types of insults of condescension have no place in our government. And yes, by taking back the White House and the Capitol Building we can legislate the religious intolerance, hatred in general and corruption away.

Will the President, assuming he is still coherent, a 50%-50% bet at best, be advised and have the consent of the Senate, unlike Merrick Garland, mind you, to appoint ACB to the highest court of the land for a life tenure? Perhaps. We’ll know soon enough. Will Biden and Congress expand the Court as is their right under the Constitution? Will there be judicial impeachments all across America at all levels of the Federal judiciary? Including the Supreme Court? My best guess is yes. But none of this happens, and way worse will, if we do not retake what has always been ours.

The right to democracy. The right to have every vote cast and counted followed by our elected representatives facilitating our will, the will of We, the People. Not the will of a corporation, not the will of Mitch McConnell, and certainly, not the will of the raging orange maniac we find ourselves saddled with for a few more months or so. If we vote.

In America, under the social compact, We the People do not agree in any manner to be ruled by a monarch, a Mussolini-like despot or a king. We consent to be governed, but only in return for legitimate representation in the form of a government of, by and for We, the People. Anything short will not do.

As Americans, all Americans, we are entitled to and deserve this kind of deference and respect from every branch of our government. We can have our shared, bedrock traditional American rights placed front, middle class and center stage again. To live free, own your own home and make our ways as far as our talent and ambition will take us in our God given right to pursue happiness.

In closing, let me assure you there are more of us than there are of them and this alone should tell us yes, we can for when it comes to knowing what’s best for us? It’s not them, we do. If we vote. I’m in. You?

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