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Communique 1-30-21 "QAnus"

If you are like me you are watching what’s left of the Republican Party descend into political and spiritual madness. Rather than give up the unreality of their and I’ll be charitable and call it philosophy, the crazier by the day little weasels are doubling and tripling down on reverse racism, economic hardship and stress and even more extreme and unbelievable conspiracy theories.

In short, they now live as a kind of visible on the surface support group that does nothing but promote and reaffirm ever more off the rails and completely fashioned out of nothing but thin air. In other words, they exist and find other poor and possibly misguided souls that theirs is a worthy cause and will eventually, be proven right.

Problem is it’s not and they won’t, but they keep on going, for the only true defeat will be if they and they alone ever stop believing in the dream. How do I know I’m right? Easy. Because if all their shared beliefs were to come true it would lead to the genocide for several groups, some with laser beams, some not, that would in no way solve any of their problems what-so-ever.

Why? You cannot cure a lie with another lie, no matter how attractive those lies may sound or be. The most accurate example of this mind set is our friendly neighborhood heroin addict. Once addicted to the very singular thing that is causing all the physical and social destruction in the first place, the only “fix” would be more of the same toxic but somehow magical potion that is at the very base of their misery to begin with.

The only true cure would be to take the hit, get off the drug and move on. As simple as that is, it is the last thought on an addict’s mind. Anything to keep the H flowing. And when I say anything I mean anything. We all know the stories, we all have watched cable TV shows like Intervention.

Now, we have a generation of political junkies who are hooked on The Apprentice, who suddenly as if by a miracle, the star of which was thrust into the political spotlight just in time to save the fantasy from crumbling. Hey, it’s a lifeline and when you are on the way down, deeper still into that rabid rabbit hole of children eating cannibals who also have laser beams in space, any and I do mean any support, even better if you mix in a bit of good old religious salvation thrown in for good measure will do.

Want to phone a friend? Fifty-fifty? Ask the audience? One person from the audience? Why go right ahead. That’s how they roll when playing Who Wants to be a Homicidal Maniac and Traitor to Their Country? Oh, and the Shaman guy? Yeah, I probably wouldn’t ask him for any advice. But they will, and do.

The most troubling aspect is when violence enters the mix. Up and until the events at the Capitol on June 6, 2021, most persons did not know very much about the QAnus movement and considered them odd, perhaps even annoying, but certainly non-dangerous. Now, all of that has changed and we are learning on a nearly daily basis just how minacious and murderous they are.

They destroy property, beat protestors they don’t like, and kill, yes kill police officers and all apparently without any sign of remorse. Anything to stay addicted, anything to maintain the bubble. And now, anything to keep the glorious revolution alive. Anything. And let’s keep it real, they have taken over and are the Republican Party.

The GOP has become a menagerie, a crazy quilt or perhaps an alpha better do it my way or else soup of Q style “inside” conspiracy theorists, racists, religious zealots and hungry for a power lunch or two politicians who seek to wield authority for its own sake and of course, their ego. This is not a good combination plate so to speak.

Right about now, you might want to ask yourself if this is the kind of discourse that is proper much less necessary to debate in the halls of congress? Or, in the White House? If nothing else, the last four years gave us across the aisle our answer and we voted en masse to oust the lunacy. Them? Not so much. But then, why would you expect anything from a confederacy of donut holes who believe their 2nd Amendment Rights are more precious than their own children’s lives.

More guns mean more bullets. More bullets mean more chances for individual acts of destruction. By unnecessarily arming the general citizenry and even suggesting more guns on campus is the solution to school shootings, the rocket scientists in the at least for a little while longer Party of Trump (don’t worry they’ll eat him alive too) are dooming their children to more acts of violence and death as a mathematical certainty.

Factor in “friendly fire” and the inevitable “collateral damage” due to ordinary accidents and mistakes and the stark truth of a dark and nightmarish world emerges. They don’t care. We have all seen and heard audio and videos of parents calling their own children “good soldiers” and participant in a “cause” greater than themselves. Don’t kid yourself. This is sick and disturbing behavior.

Who in their right mind calls the shooting at Sandy Hook a “false flag” operation and then hunts down and harasses one of the survivors from the Parkland Shooting? Who tries to sneak a gun into the Capitol building? Who truly believes the election was stolen?

Who would hang a vice-president for following the Constitution? Who is waiting, with glee for the end of days? And who in their right mind tries to “trigger” events signaling the end of the world as we know it? I don’t feel fine, do you? And again, always keeping in mind the propensity of violence of the other side, they do. And recently, they are in congress and who the hell knows where the hell else.

And so, we do what we have always done. Resist. If you are like me you are tired of always having to clean up their messes. Tired of using just a sliver of an ounce of common sense and move to stop them before they do more harm. Why is it us who must be the adult in the room? The answer is because we are adults in the room.

Growing up, getting married and having children in and of themselves do not magically transform you into an adult. You could very easily have all those things and still be an infantile, slob, wreck, hot mess of the best excuse this planet has produced for the protection and perhaps even expansion of abortion rights.

Adulthood is about love, caring, and taking responsibility for making life better. When I speak of “life” I am speaking in the abstract for I believe one of the attributes of a well- trained mind is knowing the difference between not only good and bad, right and wrong, but better or worse in general and application.

What I mean by that is if you can’t make you and your loved ones lives any better except by making someone else’s life worse, you’ve got a serious, possibly violent and if so, ultimately deadly personality crisis and need to get help. Now.

If you are this person, hope is not lost as it is never too late to do the right thing. Never. The good, kind, loving and caring thing. The choice is, has and always be yours to make. Choice is terrible thing to waste. If you are this person, the only thing I can do is ask if I may help you? Can I? For if you want my help and are at least willing to listen, I will. Always. Just ask and I promise, it’ll be better this way. -PD

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