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COMMUNIQUE 1-20-2021 "Greeting On Inauguration Day From The Chemo Lounge"

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

By Philip Drucker

I find it curious yet somehow fitting on the day Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated as our 46th President and Vice-President I find myself in the Chemo Lounge getting my routine infusions. I could write it off as mere coincidence, but as my readers know I do not believe in the supposed randomness of events but that everything happens for a reason.

The reason? Could be as simple as “life goes on” but I don’t think that fully expresses my feelings on this, a cold and rainy day in California, in a hospital waiting for my treatment. What I’m experiencing is a mixture of hope and healing.

Yes, it will be good to be cancer free again, but it will also be a gift to as I heal, watch We, the People of the United States of America along with the rest of the world heal the wounds the as of this writing extinguished Trump crime family, goon squad of hangers-on and associated scum suckers so maliciously inflicted upon our still great nation.

The last four years were tough. The unnecessary amount of hatred and greed, the level of incompetence and corruption, all with evil intent that for my money places Trump, squarely as the first and hopefully last serial killer, or perhaps genocidal maniac, brought to the hallowed halls of the White House.

As we look back, we will discover Pol Chicken Pot Pie Trump’s very high crimes, felonies and misdemeanors were nothing more than the work of a psychopath feeding a morbid, misplaced sense of his place and purpose (if he actually has one) in the world resulting a twisted knot of never proper or appropriate conduct for the occupant of the Oval Office.

As with all presidents, admittedly some more than others, we put our trust. We trust they will honor their Oath of Office and honor their commitment to protect us, the people of America from all threats, foreign and domestic and guide us, in our shared pursuit to leave the next generation a world that is better than four years ago, or, in the shape in which we found it.

Clearly with Captain Crunch Trump with Poison Berries at the steering wheel, we find ourselves in a deep and scary, often depressive dark place, the good news being there is literally no place to go but up. Up, from the bottom of a swamp for which there is no discernible bottom.

It may require scratching and clawing our way back up the world’s food chain but rise we will as we have always done and will do time and time again without any other reason than this is America and we are Americans. It’s what we do.

America has always been at her best when facing challenges, the more “impossible” the better. Usually our immediate concerns are not self-inflicted, but no matter the cause, we will furnish the cure. Speaking of realistic cures, I find it no mere happenstance that the number one challenge facing us is addressing the Covid-19 epidemic. On a sad note, today was the day we hit the 400,000 lost souls mark, most of whom, quite frankly, did not have to die. Of course, we all know who is not going to take any responsibility for that. However, this time around I don’t reckon anyone is going to bother asking before sentencing.

It is no mistake President Biden (how I loved writing that) has identified four crises he intends to address with executive orders or legislation within the first ten days of his new administration. His top concern being the implementation of a coordinated, comprehensive and wholly realistic distribution plan based upon correct and existing numbers of inventory and oh dear me, simple, scientific principles.

As we cure the nation, the rest of our nation’s ills will begin to recover as well. Biden’s other three crises, related to the economy, climate change and racial injustice will all become realistic goals to address and attain. It seems so unbelievably obvious, but America is only healthy when the people are healthy. Not when the stock market is up and certainly not when corporate profits are banking record profits and then receiving PPP small business funding as well.

Our economy requires productivity. True productivity can only be achieved when the people are employed, with good, high paying jobs available for anyone who wants to work to support themselves, their families and follow the American dream. Again, America is only prosperous when the people are prospering. I am looking forward to the return of the middle class. How about you?

Speaking of healing, my nurse is here so I’m off to see the Doctor. OK, I’m back. Today is a good day indeed. All of my vitals and bloodwork results are well within acceptable range. My presence of cancer marker is up slightly, from 4.4 to 4.6, but taken in context along with my imagining, I’m still eligible for surgery sometime this spring.

Now, my goal is to keep on the program, and do my part to Make America Healthy Again. MAHA. I kind of like that, no red golf hats though. I’ll be glad to see them gone, so tacky and unnecessary, what with the traditional white hood being so iconic and honest, and still available to those who want one if you know what I mean and I’m sure you do.

The next of the four Biden crisis points is tackling climate change. Rejoining the Paris Accord will be a great way to fight for our planet and ease our transition back into our new and I imagine eventually improved status in the International community. It will also be an excellent chance to re-establish our commitment to the scientific community.

On top of keeping us and future generations alive, our renewed commitment to fight the harmful effects of global warming will help usher in the new green deal safe and renewable energy evolution and solutions. New cars, airplanes and trains and the end of the idiotic and insulting braindead Trump missives claiming windmill noise causes cancer. They don’t but pollution does. I still find it hard to believe the last administration thought removing clean air and water regulations was a great way to grow the economy. Isn’t it time to admit America isn’t rich when multi-national corporations and a handful of individuals are rich?

Aid to small businesses, this time not including religious cornball TV evangelist hucksters and My Pillow Guy (what was his name? I’m forgetting already and it sure feels good) will to help mend both our national economy and local communities as well.

No more dilatory tariffs and easy to win trade wars we never won with China along with taming and hopefully eliminating our ever-growing debt, deficit and trade imbalances will stop dragging down our economy and importantly creating new opportunities and capital for economic recovery, this time to include job creation and growth.

If we are lucky, the words “hoax”, “alternate facts”, and “fake media” will all disappear from our daily dialogue, and if we are really lucky, the elimination or at a minimum devaluation of propaganda faux news outlets including but not limited to Fox, OANN, Breitbart, Infowars, and crossing my fingers killing any appetite or demand for Trump TV.

Lastly on the Biden short hit list, is racial injustice. Where do we start? I would suggest we begin an intentional and serious effort to rid our law enforcement agencies of any and all persons who believe part of their mandate is to aid and abet the white supremacy movement, or for that matter, display any discriminatory intent and actions against any persons, or class of persons based not on what they may or may not have done, but who they are.

This has always been somewhat of a mystery to me why we would single out of all institutions, law enforcement, granting them a license to discriminate. I know of no other federal, state or even private employer who is allowed to promote discrimination in the workplace.

My advice? If an agency is aware of such conduct, they voluntarily remove the offensive participant from their ranks. In other words, fire them. I would place a bet the remaining good marshals, sheriffs and officers will be more than pleased to carry on with their noble roles as the protectors of society. I’d bet on it. You?

So, like I said, today is a great day to be alive. Good news on the outside, good news on the inside. In fact, I already have a great memory to share. Keeping in mind I do not give no mind to coincidence, Joe Biden’s oath of office took place at 9:00am PST. This is the exact time my infusion appointment was scheduled to start.

Trying to balance the two competing interests, I got out of the car right after Biden began the oath ceremony. Then, as I entered the hospital waiting room, I heard a fairly large round of cheering and applause. Biden had indeed finished his oath, was now officially the 46th President of the United States. It was then I knew, as my healing continued, the healing of a country had begun.

It was a wonderful experience and way to begin the new reality we are all about to enter. I don’t know about you, but for a guy sitting in a chain hooked up to a chemo bag I feel pretty damn fine.

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