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"74,222,958 Lunatic Fringe Republicans Can’t Be Wrong” 5-21-2022

Is it just me or are an alarming number of GQP lunatic fringe seditionists trying to bring back the Lee Harvey Oswald look? If so, what does it mean? A return to the good old days no doubt, but reflective of what?

A time where cold war politics was all the rage? When The FBI would “fix it”? And if J. Edgar couldn’t, the Mafia did? When movie stars sang Happy Birthday to the President, and both singer and recipient ended up with a mysterious death? Never quite to be solved, to this day.

Back to a generation where the peacemakers of their time, where patriots for justice Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy put their lives on the line every time the spoke at a public event and paying the ultimate price for their commitment to social justice and their convictions to speak the truth.

Could this new fashion trend be a conscious, or unconscious attempt to return to a time steeped in nostalgia for a simpler life? One existing before the hippies decided they didn’t want to die in a far-away country killing or being killed by persons they did not personally know for an ideological belief system that did little but line GM’s corporate pockets?

Was this the rise of predatory capitalism? Where war was now but a means of attaining profit for a handful of sociopath CEOs? Shortly followed by exploding Pinto gas tanks and the rather than change the design, litigate for no other reason than it was cheaper?

Does anyone still remember the Dalkon Shield scandal where women were knowingly given defective IUDs in preparation for filing bankruptcy? Despite overwhelming evidence of permanent harm from doing so included complete and irreversible sterilization.

Talk about a war on women!

Who ended up their man? A crooked, alcoholic serial liar with authoritarian tendencies. Sound familiar? It should for today, other than turning the volume up to 11, isn’t this where we are at? Or did we never leave at all?

How did we get to 11 on the Spinal Tap amplifier? Certainly, any inquiry would include the impact 9-11 had on our collective American psyche for no longer was the war on terror being fought over there. Now, it was here.

Predictably, we reacted badly. We went with two oil men who then went after oil. Plenty of crude in Saudi Arabia, but that wasn’t written in the sands, so we attacked Iraq. A nation our President had a legacy bone that needed to be scratched, and we knew had no real nuclear capabilities to fight back. Perfect target if you ask me, especially if you own Halliburton.

Of course, we still had to deal with the devastating effects of the junk bond housing bubble, including greenhouse gasses and climate change, and overall, rapidly deteriorating water and air quality. Hard to forget when we are still grappling with the lasting reminder of lead poisoning in Flint, MI.

And so, with the damage done to our reputation as the leader of the free world and little else, the two oil sluts, after being installed by our Supreme Court (didn’t think I’m forgetting that one, did you?) we moved on.

Or at least, most of us did. For there was still one shocker that regardless of the pain, misery, suffering, lying, cheating, gaslighting and false narratives We, the People were forced to endure, the pendulum started to swing back and we, the “liberals” did the unthinkable.

We elected Barak Obama, the black guy.

Let me state plainly and for the record. The rising number of hate groups and a newfound proclivity to violence is, was, and will continue to be a major cause for concern until we fully confront once and for all (if possible) the color of not a person’s character but their skin as the ultimate, stop right there and go no further arbiter of who can, should and never be allowed to place their hands on the levers of power.

The funny part is, it’s hard to argue with someone who has nothing to say. Do you remember some of the nonsensical, outlandish arguments made against our POTUS? The “birther” scandal? He is a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood? BO can’t be a true Christian as his middle name is “Hussein”? It goes downhill from there.

Since that time, the intense hate and irrational feelings/fear-based rhetoric has only gotten worse. Now, it is a metastasized cancer within a significant percentage of the population influencing their every move, none of which includes any nod to rational thought as a factor for consideration. Why? Because there aren’t any. Hate, fear, rage, based on nothing is indeed, nothing.

Doubt me? I have personally heard more than one member of the religious/alt./ racist to the core state loudly and proudly, they get up every morning with one mission. Hate. Find it, create it, spread it, hate. Who, what, when (always) where and why all conveniently supplied by the supposedly fair and balanced legitimate political discourse by the Fox Ministry of For-profit propaganda.

Now, we find ourselves in a quandary of voting rights and wrongs based on nothing short of redefining who is an “American” and who is not, based on virtually any criteria except who is an American and for the most part, blood.

Yet America is not a country of bloodlines, titles, property rights by ascension. We are a nation of territory. If you are here or were born outside the USA but subject to its jurisdiction, you are an American. Remember the fuss over “anchor-babies”? That’s right. Blood and soil, baby.

As an aside, is it just me or are you getting a bit fed up with claims of superiority based on “superior jeans”? “Get a brain! morans”, and “White Powder”. Seen “We will over comb” but still waiting for “We will over dumb”. Any day now. Now that I’m thinking about it, Liberty over tranny would be funny.

The point being? We don’t have to be smart to win, we must remember who we are, where we are, and what we are going to do about it, now. Comments?

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