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"Immunize the Herd"? Part II

By Philip Drucker

If you are feeling there is something special, or different, good, bad or indifferent about this upcoming election you are not alone. Question is, what exactly is it, this feeling of impending doom, or change? I argue for the latter. It's not that I wouldn't attach words as doom, gloom, agony, misery and morbid obesity with the possible, if not probable outcome, short of an extinction level event, as the inevitable results of the foul smelling, malodorous and fetid tangerine and sour pickle cream porksickle getting elected again.

But I don't believe the unmasked idiot is going to win, not in anything resembling a fair election, anyway. And even if portable outhouse Andy Gump Trump did JerrySpringerNaziRig the results, I'm fairly certain SS code name Mogul will be dragged away, feet first, kicking and screaming, by an all too happy to oblige Secret Service (SS).

If this were already destined to be an unusual election, the additional ramifications, calculations, and complications due to the COVID-19 Virus have upped the stakes exponentially, as in the Corona pandemic spreads that way, and that's why it's so darn dangerous once released into the public at large. Dig?

Once released into the wild, We the People had to rely not on our do nothing "I take no responsibility at all" flatulent joke of a president as in past pandemics, but upon any number of state, city and local authorities to, in a nutbombshell, keep us safe. Have they? Some have done better than others. The ones who respect science and scientists, you know, people who actually known what they are talking about, have predictably fared a bit better than the dead as a door knob political wonks who think a virus cares about your party affiliation have.

Yet, in America, the wealthiest nation on the planet, it has all come down to any number of let's call them "lower-level" officials who are now calling upon us, the 30+% of out of work consumers to save the profit margins of Amazon, a company run by a kajillionaire, or at least a soon to be one while he denies his employees adequate health care coverage. So they can work for him. In close quarters. With or without masks. To fall ill, and possibly die so your upscale other side of the tracks (the good side) can continue to ask Alexa insanely insipid questions regarding the name of the band that performed "that song" from the Rocky franchise. It was "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. Sorry about the ear worm.

Here is where it gets real. So real it's going on as we "speak" and no one, and I mean no one knows exactly how or when this pandemic is going to end. Right here, right now, politicians are asking us under a thinly veiled guise of the blackest of veneers to volunteer our very lives under the false premise that we can somehow save America and bring it back to economic prosperity simply by going to work. By eating at a restaurant or shopping for a new pair of shoes you don't need. During a crisis. A contagious plague of sorts. Where 100,000 have already died (under reporting of numbers). And you, indeed anyone, could too.

Here is where is gets really, really real. Our politicians know some of you will go out, get sick and die. I know that. Now you know that and yes, they know that. In fact, to some degree, they are counting on it. Here's the stark existential reality question to ponder. Do you want your state, county or local officials making life or death choices? By re-opening retail stores while the death toll rises? By relaxing masking and social distancing restrictions for seeming no reason other than to make it easier to shop? Or eat? Or play the suddenly Russian Roulette Wheel at your local casino?

How can our supposed elected officials and now being asked to lead leaders, whose one overriding mission in life is to protect our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, our health safety and welfare, do just that if they are actively engaged in a seamier, seedier and yes, greedier than it sounds triage aka "immunizing (culling) the herd"? All of this, in the name of economic survival and future prosperity in the richest and most powerful country this planet has ever known?

Is it possible to protect one life by taking another? Perhaps, but whose life, which life, will be sacrificed or saved? Importantly who will choose to make these life and death panel thank you Sarah Palin decisions?

I don't know about you, but I believe our politicians, all politicians must stop at life and in all but the most extreme of situation, life alone. Protect my life over the economy. Protect my life over the profit margins, yes profits of the rich, wealthiest among us for they are sociopaths who have lost their way. Money has its limits. It can't buy you love and now, I feel very confident it can't save your soul or even your sanity.

What I am asking, somewhat politely, is that every elected or non-elected official, politician, potential leader, take a pledge and affirm their duty to protect life first and worry about economic issues later. To put it another way, life and lives over livelihood. Full stop. If you are going to make a bumper sticker put it in caps. It would look like this: LIVES OVER LIVELIHOOD. Remember that. It may save your life.

This is not a red or purple or pink with purple polka dots matter. All colors and political persuasions matter. It is consistent with views on both the left and right side of the political color wheel spectrum.

You don't approve of abortions? Great choose life and don't have one. You believe the death penalty is a fair and just application of justice under the law? Not so great. Learn mercy comes before justice and choose life.

You want me to go to work, or shop, or play or ride a bike or, let's cut to the chase, spend my money so you can howl like a twelve-year old about your 1st Amendment rights to get a haircut? Seriously? How about, before I ask you to choose life, first, you get a life? Before I ask you not to choose my potential death, or endanger my life, our collective lives, by your reckless and selfish at best intentions?

Before you answer, let me ask you this. Are you willing to literally put your own life at risk to sustain an economy where 99% of the benefits go to a handful, maybe twelve fat cats, half of which are named Walmart, or whatever their family name is. Walton, it's Walton right?

Is America wealthy when a tiny fraction of the population is capable of building multi-million dollar mansions with rooms they will never use? Or is America rich when We, the People are capable of following the American Dream? The right to own a home, get married, raise children and leave them with a better world with a better tomorrow than the one we came into? This is not happening right now. No, it is not.

We are leaving the next generation and possibly the next with the bill to pay for our stupidity. Yes, our collective, shared stupidity. The most egregious of which is believing the impressions, thoughts and conclusions of the stupid are as valid as the thoughts of the learned and wise. They lack critical thinking and are therefore based on fantasy, misplaced faith and fairy-dust wishes. Science will always be science even if it doesn't comport with Biblical interpretation or Harry Potter. Have you ever heard the saying "A lion does not concern itself with the thoughts of sheeple"? Now you know why. Sheeple are stupid. Don't be a sheeple, stupid. Do something about it.

In these overtly unequal and inequitable economic times, perhaps, it is the best of times for all of us to assess and redefine what would be the basic building blocks of economic opportunity and expectations for success for all? A new Bill of Economic Rights perhaps? Is there going to be a Part III discussing what this BOER might look like? Are there vintage WWII era planes flying above as we speak? Why, yes, there are. I live in a curious place. Yes, I do. Hope you are having as good a Memorial Day as I am. Time to go watch the planes. Fireworks tonight at 8:00pm. Don't be late.

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