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"Hutchinson's Comet" 6-28-2022

After giving her revelatory testimony during Day 6 of the January 6th Committee Hearings, Cassidy Hutchinson may go down in history as one of the most important whistleblowers of our time and a political astronomer who left no doubt about who was the sun at the center of the Insurrectionist’s solar system.

It was Trump who supplied the force of gravity that kept all of the planets in orbit around his insidious plot to end our democracy by threatening to end the peaceful transition of power, at first by corrupting the Electors certification process and if that didn’t work, by any means necessary, including direct, on-site facilitation of and exhortations for violence.

By exposing Trump, as half-witted as he is, as the “mastermind” mob boss pulling all of the strings, Hutchinson laid out his puppets, pawns and players at the highest levels via her description of the Organization Chart from Hell, Trump assembled to carry out his evil, twisted, illegal and immoral criminal enterprise.

When history looks back, we will have a genealogical chart, connecting the dots, all of which will inevitably lead back to not only Trump and his immediate family, but his now extended lineage of shame. Liz was right.

"Tonight, I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible: There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”

Every transmission needs conduits to transport its content. While we tend to associate a conduit with pipes or tubes for carrying electrical wires, or water (a sewer system does come to mind) communications also need a channel to pass along their information. For at its most basic, something which moves something else along.

In politics, we have candidate surrogates, news networks and pundits. For presidents we have press secretaries. These are the ones we see, and perhaps over time grow to trust that what they are saying is at least remotely true.

It is equally true there is a soft underbelly of underlings within the dark matter making up a significant part of politics yet hidden from our eyes. Some refer to these operatives as part of the “deep state”.

There is no reason or need to cast a thinly veiled, often paranoid in nature, cryptic warning on the events that led up to the January 6th attack on the capitol building. Did I mention that as it does not generate its own content, as with all social media, Twitter is a conduit?

I found it illuminating during today’s testimony, that it was one of Trump’s Pence disparaging tweets that caused consternation for so many of those caught up in Trump’s fast unfolding welcome to my nightmare scenario.

“Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!”

Of course, the capitol building was still under attack and the mob was chanting “Hang Mike Pence” so there are those little backdrop details to consider.

Perhaps it was the realization by his various underlings, henchmen, sycophants and parasites that despite Trump having been warned about the potential for violence before the events of the January 6th coup and the ease with which Trump not only dismissed but encouraged open warfare, begins to reveal the true depths of Trump’s depraved indifference to human life.

What an unnerving anti-epiphany it must be to realize the President advocated for the removal of metal detectors knowing his supporters were armed because “they’re not here to hurt me.”

This is a clear indication that Trump appreciated the possibility of violence, yet not only chose to ignore it, but did what he could to increase the likelihood of and level of serious bodily harm, and death, but chose to escalate the threat level as the next step in his blind quest to retain the presidency, at any cost, except his own.

What internal agony it must have caused within those in the conduit pipeline to bear witness, and in some obscure way, contributed to the madness playing out in real time.

What does one do when faced with the reality of an angry mob calling for the hanging of the vice-president? For lackey and lickspittle supreme Mark Meadows, nothing as his lord and master has already cast judgment and he, Trump thinks Mike “deserves it”.

“And Mark had responded something to the effect of, ‘You heard him, Pat, he thinks Mike deserves it. He doesn’t think they’re doing anything wrong.’

And to make matters worse, he, Trump, didn’t think the MAGA mob salted with hate groups leading a prearranged “spontaneous” coup attempt wasn’t doing anything wrong. So he gave up, leaving Pence to his fate.

It is easy to see why Hutchinson referred to Meadows as “inert”.

The impression I was left with was one where any number of persons, some in higher places of authority, knew there were serious, at times life-threatening events taking place on January 6.

In another of today’s bombshells, we learned in light of Trump’s clearly deteriorating mental state, invoking and then removing the president from office under the 25th Amendment back on the table.

What we eventually saw was a bunch of hand-wringing and CYA “resignation” tactics that again, resulted in nothing more than a series of never-ending, don’t rock the boat, dereliction of duties.

On what I consider a side-note, there was also hearsay evidence of Trump losing it in an SUV, grabbing the wheel, and then trying to strangle secret service agent Robert Engel for refusing to drive him to the Capitol. Is it true? At this point, does it matter? Can we now upgrade Trump from a sociopath to a “lunging,” “hands on the clavicle” psychopath?

Speaking of enablers, can you imagine being in a car with the Tangerine Tantrum Queen when he starts screaming “I’m the f---ing President. Take me up to the Capitol now.” Brrr…

As for allegations of wanton ketchup vandalism of the White House by means of throwing his lunch at a wall, I will reserve comment, or as is actually more likely, forget about the incident in its entirety.

Of course, Giuliani asked for a pardon. Of course, Mr. "things might get real, real bad on Jan. 6” Meadows asked for a pardon. Seems virtually everyone involved wanted to play the get out of jail free lottery on this one. Is it a tacit admission of guilt?

The hearing ended on a sombre note with a rather pointed and explicit warning related to the ongoing nature of the threat to our democracy and focusing on what is best described as evidence of active witness tampering. DOJ? Are you receiving?

And then there was Cassidy Hutchinson. A brilliant comet streaking across an otherwise cold, dark, hostile and unforgiving universe populated by craven cowards who, as it turns out, are not the sun but a super massive black hole from which there will soon be no escape.

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