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Did You Know Sha Na Na Played Woodstock?

By Philip Drucker

On April 11th, 2019 I began writing a column for the called Phil Drucker Rants. It was born out of my cancer era Facebook posts mainly about the horrors associated with cancer and having nothing better to do but lie in bed and watch Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the Orange Cheeto We Must Defeato on the telly trying to take my health insurance away. Smack dab in the middle of my treatments. Fortunately I got to watch John McCain give the turtle-faced Kentucky fried racist and senator from Hell the thumbs down. Thank you, Senator McCain. U still my hero. I'd name a boatload of boats after you.

You can purchase a copy of my e-book with the impossibly long and sales killing title, "A Resister's Diary of Redemption or How I Survived the Destruction of Democracy, Volume I here.

For those of you who pay attention to dates and like math (I don't) you may have noticed Phil Drucker Rants celebrated it's one year anniversary earlier this year. To mark the occasion, I was promoted from Staff Writer to Columnist with a concomitant with my new status-quo in life salary raise! In fact, they DOUBLED my salary. Of course, zero times two is still zero. Do you think I should have asked for TRIPLE my salary? I'm still thinking I sold myself short.

Still, life is a series of trade-offs and I for one, in the interest of writing what I want, when I want (sort of) and gratis editing services, will make that deal, calling it a bargain any day of the week. Typical topics for discussion are the Constitution, history, politics, music and my favorite, memories. You see, ever since my chemo, my memory has been somewhat re-arranged or perhaps re-deranged, depending on your POV.

Alas, it is true I can't walk from one room to another without forgetting what it was I went into the room for in the first place. Lots of lists and sticky notes galore have ensued with no loss to health or home, yet.

If you are still reading, below is the link to my latest Rant, lovingly entitled "Did You Know Sha Na Na Played Woodstock?" They did you know, or didn't know, as the case may be. But now you know. This Rant is in the memory/music category and yes, it is a true story. It's nice when you are old enough to embarrass yourself with stories of your youth without really caring. Just sort of a documentation of sorts, really.

If you like what you read, please note on your right of the Rant is my archive of articles, mostly lost particles, hardly nautical, but somewhat like barnacles clinging to the hull of a dry-docked ship, waiting in vain for the tide to come in. But it never does, does it?

Enjoy at your own risk. For like our inglorious ignoramus of a hippoPOTUS who apparently needs way more nappy-time than he is getting I take no responsibility for intermittent burst of unexpected allocutions, emotions, demotions, demolition, rescission, and accidents due to running with scissors. As always, enjoy with care.

Namaste. Be that inner spark of life you have always wanted to be.

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